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Выберите наиболее правильный ответ:1. The government im

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Ситуация 1.
Выберите наиболее правильный ответ:
1. The government imposes import quotas on goods because:
a) it wants to encourage export,
b) it wants to increase the prices for them,
c) it wants to protect the home manufacturers
2. If the quota is absolute
a) the foreign companies can not export any goods,
b) they can export all goods that they want to export,
c) they can export up to a certain limit
3. The revenue tariffs
a) protect the home manufacturers,
b) raise money for the government,
c) make foreign goods very expensive

Ситуация 2.
Выберите наиболее правильный ответ:
1.The tasks and goals of a branch consist of:
a) manufacturing products,
b) handling the red tape in the foreign country,
c) marketing and selling the product.
2.Some subsidiaries are independent of their home management because:
a) they work under the laws of a foreign country,
b) the parent company officers think that the on-site managers can make better decisions,
c) they have tasks different from those of the parent companies.

Ситуация 3.
Найдите русские эквиваленты английским конструкциям:
А. В соответствии с другими базисными условиями поставки
Б. Именуемая в дальнейшем
В. Общая стоимость оборудования, запасных частей, инструмента …
Г. В комплектации
Д. Цены твердые и не подлежат изменению
Е. Цены по позициям указаны в приложении 1.
Ж. Заключили настоящий контракт о нижеследующем
З. В полном соответствии с технической характеристикой
1. The prices per item are specified in Appendix 1
2. In full conformity with the technical characteristics…
3. In accordance with other basic conditions of delivery…
4. Hereinafter referred to as…
5. The total value of the equipment, space parts, tools…
6. The prices are firm and subject to no alternation
7. In complete scope of supply
8. Have concluded the present contract for the following…

Ситуация 4.
Используя список сокращений, перестройте приведенные ниже фразы.
1. Would you please ship goods C.I.F.?
2. For the attention of Mr. Jones.
3. Please, send a quote for model number 24H/K.J - Error. Please send a quote for model number 24L/KJ.
4. Send your message now.
5. Did you receive telex number 9? Shall I repeat it?
6. The telex machine stopped. Please repeat your message number 64.
7. Reference your telex number 21 - Error. Reference your telex number 20.

Ситуация 5.
Дополните предложения правильной идиомой в правильной грамматической форме:
be dead against something
make a dead set at someone
a dead loss
a dead end
cut someone dead
dead right
Пример: Have you been able to persuade your father to buy a computer? No he ______ the idea.
is dead against
1. I had difficulty in finding the way. I took a wrong turning and it was______.
2. Why won´t Mary speak to me? She simply ____ in the bank yesterday.
3. You warned me that I´d be sorry if I bought an old car, and you were ___. I´ve paid a fortune in repairs.
4. Mark can play the violin beautifully but he´s ____ at anything practical.
5. David behaved badly during the meeting. He ___ Andrew without any provocation whatsoever.

Ситуация 6
Заполните пропуски соответствующими идиомами в правильной форме:
draw money out
pay (money) in
make out a cheque
open an account
a crossed cheque
an open cheque
a current account
a deposit account
a joint account

I must tell you about a customer who came into the bank this morning - a strange old fellow, wearing a cap and a shabby raincoat. He said he wanted to __1__ with our bank. From his questions, it sounded as if he had a bank account before, so I explained to him that with __2__ you can __3__ whenever you want, but with __4__ you have to give a week´s notice.
He seemed confused, so I showed him a cheque book and explained how to __5__ — he had obviously never signed a cheque before. Then I explained the difference between __6__ and __7__. I also asked him if he wanted one signature on the on the cheque or whether it would be __8__ to

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