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Описание товара

1) Put the words in the correct order to make up a sentence (a statement, an imperative, or an exclamation).
1. pass/salt/me/please/the.
2. only/she/the/person/understands/who/is/me.
3. Boston/was/in/Jack/lived/since/born/has/he.
4. to/a/took/station/get/to/way/long/it/us/the.
5. isn’t/more/my/living/any/married/us/sister/near.
6. girl/what/is/a/beautiful/she!
7. students/there/ten/are/there.

2) Put the words in the correct order to make up a question.
1. remember/you/trip/our/do/Brussels/to?
2. long/lived/New York/in/how/you/have?
3. advised/the/police/accident/who/you/tell/about/to/the?
4. listening/the/are/students/what/to?
5. married/last/they/get/did/month?
6. husband/is/man/which/your?
7. be/lawyer/do/a/want/a/you/to/or/businessman?

1.Fill in the blanks with It or There
1 … is a lot of snow this year.
2 … is a mistake in your paper.
3 … is far from my house to the station.
4 … is hard to say what’s wrong about it.
5 … is very strange be hasn’t come.
6 … is still very early and … is nobody to be seen in the street.
7 … is usually a stamp on the envelope.
8 … is so cold outdoors today.
9 … is another solution to the problem.
10 … it necessary to think it over.

1.Fill in the blanks with the appropriate forms of the verbs Be, Do or Have:
1) Where … you come from? I … from the Netherlands.
2) It … raining … you got an umbrella? – No, I …
3) How old … Jerry? – He … 45. He … look his age. He looks younger.
4. What … your job? – I … a musician. – What instrument … you play? – The flute.
5. … Mr. Austin married or single? – He … an old bachelor but he … a girlfriend.
6. … you ever seen a UFO? – No, but I … read a book about aliens. It was fascinating.
7. … you enjoying your holiday? – Yes, we … . It … fantastic!
8. … you drive? – Yes, I … got an expensive, fast car.
9. The contract … to be signed on Monday.
10. I … to wear a crash helmet when riding a bike.

1. Choose the appropriate pronoun to complete the following sentences.
Example: 1 – I;
1. Paula and (I/me/ours) haven’t received the invitations.
2. Jason saw (they/their/them) arrive at the horse show.
3. Between you and (them/me/us), I’m planning to join the math team.
4. (Our/Ours/Ours’) is an age of complexity, contradiction and challenge.
5. I’m going to the shop to get (me/myself/mine) some tennis shoes.
6. They say that their new house (themselves/itself/himself) is nice but the garden is very small.
7. There are more than six billion of (us/ours/ourselves) on Earth.
8. Let (he/him/his) have a say.
9. Yesterday we had supper with the neighbors of (our/us/ours).
10. The suit is too heavy for (me/myself/oneself) to carry.

1. Complete the sentences with the Singular or Plural form of the given nouns. When necessary, choose the correct word in brackets in some of the sentences.
1. fruitWhere (is, are) the …? (It, They) (is, are) in the fridge.
2. vegetableThere (is, are) a lot of … on the table.
3. informationThere (is, are) a lot of … in the Internet. You may find anything you need.
4. dataAll the … (is, are) in the contract. Read the contract attentively.
5. furniture All the … in the room (was, were) antique.
6. chairHis room was almost empty. He hasn’t got even (a, some) … .
7. clothingHer … (is, are) always tasteless.
8. clothesWhere (is, are) the …? (It, They) (is, are) in the closet.
9. coinI need some … for the vending machine. I want to buy a can of soda pop.
10. changeDo you have any …? I need (it, them) for the vending machine.
11. aircraft Modern … (is, are) very convenient.
12. airliner … (is, are) passenger-carrying aircraft.
13. mailToday’s … (is, are) in the file.
14. letterDid you get any … today?
15. policemanA number of … (was, were) searching the house.

Дополнительная информация

1. hairIrene’s … (is, are) straight and Sara has (a, - ) curly … .
2. hairBrian has a white cat. When I stood up from Brian’s sofa, my black slacks were covered with short, white … .
3. coffeeWe’d like two cheese sandwiches and two …, please.
4. coffeeI don’t drink (a, - ) … . I prefer tea.
5. glassI wear … because I’m nearsighted.
6. glassIn some countries, people use … for tea; in other countries, they use cups.
7. glassFramed paintings are usually covered with … to protect them.
8. iron… (is, are) necessary to animals and plant life.
9. iron… (is, are) used to make clothes look neat.

2. Choose the correct form of the nouns to complete the sentences below.
Example:1 – friend’s;
1. Where are you going to stay in New York? – At my …

2. Where is … newspaper? I haven’t read the latest political news yet.

3. My … library is very rich.

4. We usually buy fresh buns at the … opposite our house.

5. These … papers in mathematics were rather difficult.

6. Phil is on business abroad now. We hope to see him only in two … time.

7. Should a … child be able to read?

8. We are invited to … wedding. The ceremony will take place on Saturday.
Jack and Susan’sJack’s and Susan’sJack’s and SusanJack and Susan

1. Choose the correct combination of articles to complete the following sentences.
Example:1 – c;
1. …car burst into flames but … driver managed to escape.
a) A, ab) The, ac) The, the

2. … new study group has been set up by … United Nations.
a) A, -b) A, thec) The, the

3. If it hadn’t rained last Sunday we could have taken … children to … Zoo.
a) the, theb) -, ac) -, the

4. There’s been … extraordinary improvement in computer design over … last 20 years.
a) an, -b) -, thec) an, the

5. … vase is definitely not genuine, but … very good imitation.
a) The, -b) The, thec) The, a

6. Tourism has grown at such … rate in … last twenty years that it has become … problem.
a) -, -, ab) a, -, thec) a, the, a
7. Before applying for … job, she attended … course on … Word Processors.
a) a, the, theb) the, the, thec) the, a, -

8. … letter is from abroad. There’s … foreign stamp on … envelope.
a) A, a, anb) The, the, thec) The, a, the

9. … summer I spent in … USA was one of … best in my life.
a) -, the, -b) -, the, thec) The, the, the

10. It’s … great pity that … exhibition was cancelled at … last minute after all your work.
a) -, the, -b) -, the, thec) a, the, the

11. … English spoken in the USA and … Australia differs from … English language spoken in Britain.
a) -, the, -b) -, - , thec) the, -, the
12. Today most people all over the world are obsessed by … television. They are criticized by some experts for … amount of time they spend in front of … television.
a) -, the, theb) the, an , thec) -, the, -

2. Fill in the articles where necessary.
1. Choose between the Present Simple and Present Progressive.
2. Choose the appropriate adverbial of time.
3. Open the brackets using the Present Simple or the Present Progressive.
1. Choose between the Present Perfect and Past Simple.
2. Choose the appropriate adverbial of time.
3. Open the brackets using the Past Simple or the Present Perfect.
1.Read the text carefully
2. Mark the statements below as True or False.
3. Write questions to these answers.
4. Choose the appropriate Russian equivalents for the following English phrases and sentences.


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