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Описание товара

1. Прочитайте и письменно переведите текст
The Disney Story
The greatest cartoon-maker in cinema history was Walt Disney. He produced his first (black and white) Mickey Mouse cartoon in 1928. It was an instant hit with both children and adults. More cartoons followed, including `Flowers and Trees`. Then three years later Disney created his second cartoon superstar –Donald Duck. By this time he had his own studio and a large team of cartoonists. These were the people who helped to draw the thousand `cells` for `Snow White And the Seven Dwarfs`.
A magical mixture of fantasy, comedy, music and colour, `Snow White` was a landmark in a cartoon history. It was also a huge hit with international audiences, who demanded more full-length cartoons.
They say, Disney seldom praised anybody and he didn´t like to show his feelings and emotions. But once when he saw a few episodes from Bambi and turned to the animators there were tears in his eyes. This was how Disney approved of their work. But it happened only twice in thirty-nine years.
Disney respected people who could make some¬thing with their hands. He especially respected the carpenter working in the studio. Although every¬one called Disney Walt and he called everybody by their first name, the carpenter was an exception to the rule. Disney always called him Mr. Rogers.
When Walt Disney was making a film, he al¬ways thought not only about children but also about grown-ups. That´s why he tried to touch up¬on the subjects of nature and life, he wanted to make people think about life, love, justice, about good and evil powers. There were episodes in Dis¬ney´s films that did not leave a dry eye in the cine¬ma. At the same time all Disney´s films are full of optimism and have a happy ending. A great num¬ber of people were brought up on Walt Disney´s films and they are grateful to him for these unfor-gettable moments in their childhood.
It may seem strange that after the success in animation, Disney directed his energies to a new field — constructing Disneyland. Everybody thought that it was impossible to realize this idea but Disney saw it as continuation of what he had been doing all his life. Disneyland (in California) and Disneyworld (in Florida) receive millions of visitors every year.

2. Ответьте на вопросы по тексту
1. Who was the greatest cartoon maker in the world?
2. When did Walt Disney produce his first cartoon film?
3. What film by Walt Disney do you know?
4. What film was a huge hit with international audiences?
5. Are all Disney`s films full of optimism?
6. What people did Disney respect?
7. Where did Walt Disney direct his energy after success in animation?
8. What did he wan to make people think about?
9. What parks of attractions did he create?
10. How many visitors do they receive every year?
3. Вставьте глагол tо be в Present Simple.
1. …your sister a doctor?
2. Where … you from?
3. He … at work.
4. What … the time? Two o`clock.
5. I …at home now.
6 … you a dancer? No, I … not. I … a singer.
7. How old … you? I … 19.
8. How …you? I …fine.
9. Where… your bag? It … on the table.
10. You … right.
4. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Present Continuous.
1. Mr. Jones (to clean) his flat.
2. I … (not to eat), I… (to read).
3. Who (to cook) dinner in the kitchen?
4. The girls (to sing) a song.
5. It (to rain). Take the umbrella.
6. She (to wash) her hair at the moment.
5. Поставьте глаголы в Present Continuous или Present Simple.
1. I ( to take) my sister to school now.
2. I (to take ) her to school every day.
3. At the moment they ( to go) to the river to swim.
4. They usually ( to go) to the river for a swim.
5. We ( to drink) tea now. We ( to drink) every morning.
6. I (not to sleep) now. I (not to sleep) in the day time. 7. What you ( to do) now? What (to do) at the lessons?

Дополнительная информация

6. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Past Simple.
1. On Monday we (to have) 6 lessons.
2. We ( to see) a very good film last night.
3. In the evening their children (to watch) TV and (to do ) homework.
4. They ( to spend) their holidays abroad last summer.
5. She ( to come ) home two hours ago.
6. He (to study) in London last year?
7. She ( not to go ) to school yesterday.
8. When you (to visit) your grandmother?
7. Вставьте глаголы в Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past Simple.
1. You ( to be) at the theatre yesterday.
2. My mother (not to work) in the garden now.
3. Everybody (to have) a good time every Saturday?
4. Where they ( to go) now?
5. What your brother (to do) yesterday?
6. What your brother ( to do) now?
7. What your brother (to do) every day?
8. Her English (not to be ) excellent, but she (to work) at it.
8. Вставьте артикли, где нужно.
1. …London is the capital of …Great Britain.
2. My brother is … pupil. He goes to … school.
3. What do you do when you come … from school?
4. …Thames is …short river.
5. There is …picture on …wall.
6. On …Saturday and on …Sunday he does not go to …work.
7. I go to …school in …morning.
8. What do you do after …breakfast.
9. My …aunt and my …uncle are …doctors.
10. …Pacific Ocean is very deep.


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