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Решение: Контрольная по английскому №5 (12 заданий)

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Контрольная работа № 5


Exercise 1Descriptions

Below there are three dialogues. Put one of the words in the box into each gap.

worstLatestmoreas (x2)funniest

AI started a new job today, working in an office.
BReally! How did it go?
AIt was OK. I was a bit nervous.
BWhat are the other people (a) __________?
AThey’re very nice. They seem (b) __________ than the people in my old job, and the job is much (c) __________ interesting.
BYou worked in a shop before, didn’t you?
AYes. Working in an office is better (d) __________ working in a shop, I’ll tell you! That was the (e) __________ job I’ve ever had. I hated it.

CWe went out for a meal to Luigi’s last night – you know, that new Italian restaurant.
DMm, I know. What (f) __________ it like?
CIt was (g) __________ best Italian meal I’ve ever had, and it wasn’t as expensive (h) __________ Giovanni’s, so I think we’ll go there again.
DYes. Giovanni’s used to be the (i) __________ popular restaurant around here, but then it started getting very expensive.
CAnd the service isn’t (j) __________ good as it used to be.
DWhat did you have?
CPaul and I both had veal, but mine was cooked in wine and herbs, and it was (k) __________ than Paul’s. But he liked it.
DIt sounds great.

EHave you read John Harrison’s (l) __________ book, Going Round the World?
FNo. (m) __________’s it like?
EI think it’s the (n) __________ book he’s written. I laughed out loud all the way through.
FI didn’t like The Truth and the Light, the one that came out last year.
ENeither did I. This one’s much (o) __________.
FCan I borrow it?

Exercise 2Correct the mistakes

In the following pairs of sentences, one is correct, and in the other there is a mistake. Tick (+) the correct one.

ExampleI have watched TV last night.
I watched TV last night.+

aI have lived in Chesswood for five years.
I live in Chesswood for five years.
bWe moved here after my daughter was born.
We have moved here after my daughter was born.
cBefore that we have lived in London.
Before that we lived in London.
dI am a teacher since I left university.
I have been a teacher since I left university.
eI went to Bristol University in 1984.
I have been to Bristol University in 1984.
fWe have studied English since three years.
We have studied English for three years.
gI never went to Russia, but I’d like to.
I have never been to Russia, but I’d like to.

Exercise 3Tenses

Put the verb in brackets in the correct tense. The tenses used are the Present Simple, the Past Simple, and the Present Perfect.

ExampleI got (get) up at 7.00 this morning.

Carla Brown has a job in advertising. It’s a good job, and she (a) __________ (earn) over £20,000 a year. She (b) __________ (study) marketing at college, and then (c) __________ (find) a job with a small advertising agency in Manchester. Since then she (d) __________ (change) her job several times. Now she (e) __________ (work) for Jerome and Jerome, which is a big company with offices all over the world. She (f) __________ (be) with the company for three years.
The company has clients in America, and she (g) __________ (be) there several times on business. Last year she (h) __________ (spend) six months there.

Exercise 4Have to or should?

Complete the sentences with a form of have to, don’t have to, should or shouldn’t.

Example:If you feel ill, you should go to bed.

aWhen you catch a plane, you __________ check in before you board the plane.
bYou __________ have too much hand luggage.
cYou __________ wear comfortable clothing.
dA pilot __________ train for many years.
ePeople who want to smoke __________ sit in certain seats.
fYou __________ wear your seat belt all the time. You can take it off.
gBut you __________ wear it at take-off and landing.

Дополнительная информация

Exercise 5Time clauses

Put the words in the right order to make sentences. Write the sentences into the table.

Examplebath I when home will get have a I
I will have a bath when I get home.






Exercise 6Tenses

Put the verb in brackets in the correct tense. The tenses used are the Present Simple and the will- Future.

aI __________ (call) you when lunch __________ (be) ready.
bIf you __________ (be) late, I __________ (go) without you.
cIf she __________ (pass) her driving test, she __________ (buy) a car.
dI __________ (go) home as soon as I __________ (finish) work.
eIf my neighbours __________ (not stop) making a noise, I __________ (go) round and complain.

Exercise 7Used to or the Past Simple?

Look at the profile of the singer, Andy Goodchild. Complete the sentences, using used to where possible, or the Past Simple.

ExampleHe used to live with his parents in Leeds.
He had his first guitar when he was six.

aHe _________________________ Bradford School.
bHe _________________________ football for the school.
cHe _________________________ songs with a friend called Keith.
dHe _________________________ with The Forwards.
eThe Forwards _________________________ in pubs and clubs.
fIn 1981 he _________________________ a number one record.
gHe _________________________ with a girl called Mandy.
hThe Forwards _________________________ the United States in 1982.
iAndy _________________________ in 1984.
jHe _________________________ a pop festival in Los Angeles the following year.

Exercise 8Questions

Write questions about the words in italics.

ExampleSomebody broke the window.
Who broke the window?

aThey are talking about somebody.

bPeter works for somebody.

cSomebody hit Lilly.

dSomething smells awful!

eJeremy lives with someone.

fMike and Polly are arguing about something.

gSh! I’m listening to something.

hSomeone gave me £100!

iSomeone told me Ann was getting married!
jSomething has just crept across the carpet!


Exercise 9Words that go together

Match a line in A with a line in B.

winthe drums
part-timein shifts
rushan award

Exercise 10Homophones

In the following sentences, the word in italics is the wrong homophone. The word sounds right, but the spelling is wrong. Correct the spelling.

ExampleI new Peter when we were at school. → knew

aI got a check for £50 in the post.
bWe red about the accident in the newspaper.
cHow much is the fair to Manchester?
dDo you like my shirt? I bought it in a sail.
eI didn’t mean to brake your bike. Sorry.

Exercise 11Adverbs

Put one of the adverbs from the box into each gap.


aI’m hungry. I __________ had a piece of toast this morning.
bI like the Impressionists, __________ Monet.
cIt is __________ three fifty-five and twenty seconds.
dPaul plays the guitar and sings, __________.
eEveryone liked the curry I cooked, __________ Malcolm, who usually hates hot food.

Exercise 12Opposites

Choose an adjective from the box. Write it next to its opposite.

Examplecheap – expensive


augly __________________fwealthy ______________
bannoyed _______________ghappy ________________
cnoisy _________________hnaughty ______________
dmean _________________iboring _______________


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