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Решение: Деловой иностранный язык. Вариант 4

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Описание товара

I. Прочитайте и устно переведите на русский язык весь текст. Переведите письменно первый абзац.

Different Cultures

In the Global Economy, it is more important than ever to know how they do things in other countries. Perhaps the key to a successful business trip is a genuine respect for other cultures. For the business traveller, the famous saying is certainly true: “Think globally, act locally”. Timing is everything in business. Western businesspeople, in particular, are obsessed with it – after all, “time is money”. But even in Europe, attitudes to timekeeping can still be regarded as local customs. In Germany or Switzerland, you should never arrive fifteen minutes late for a meeting, while in France, that is quite acceptable. If you agree to meet your Italian colleague at 12 o’clock and they arrive half an hour late, they probably won’t give you an excuse but will almost certainly have a great idea. And, as for the British, one cynical businessman has observed that they pretend to be German but, in fact, they would like to be Italian!

Cultures also view gifts very differently. In Anglo-Saxon countries, for example, businesspeople do not expect to receive presents from visitors, and anything more expensive than a small corporate gift like a pen could cause embarrassment. But in Asia, particularly in Japan and the Middle East, gifts have a much greater importance in establishing a personal and business relationship. Even there, gifts do not have to be very expensive, although they should be of a high quality.

But cultural stereotypes are rarely helpful when dealing with individuals. Nor all Americans are pushy and loud; not all English people are reserved and formal. The same is true of any culture. There are Italians who do not gesture and Japanese who never apologize. So, when you travel overseas, try to leave behind all ideas based on jokes and movies. Keep an open mind and you will meet individuals far more than cultural stereotypes.

II. Определите , являются ли утверждения:

а) истинными b) ложными
c) в тексте нет информации

1.Giving and receiving gifts is an important part of business life in the Middle East.
2.You should always take an expensive gift when you visit an American company.
3.It’s embarrassing for Russian people to receive gifts.

Внесите Ваши ответы в таблицу
III. Найдите лексические эквиваленты к выражениям из текста. Переведите слова и выражения из первого столбика на русский язык. Внесите Ваши ответы в таблицу.

1.cultural stereotypesa) world economy
2.to establish relationshipb) to build human relations
3.of high qualityc) ethnic traditions
4.global economyd)of superior grade
5.to apologizee)take a dim view of smth
6.a giftf)to be sorry
7.a customg)a present


8.stay objectiveh)a tradition
9.restrainedi)keep an open mind
10.to give up all believesj)reserved

IV. Определите основную идею текста .
1.Every country has its own culture, tradition and signs of difference.
2.Think globally, act locally.
3.When you do business abroad, it is important to give expensive gifts to businesspeople.

V. Расположите фразы диалога в правильной последовательности (cоедините цифры и буквы). Внесите Ваши ответы в таблицу. Перепишите диалог в правильном порядке.

a)Thank you very much. Bye!
b)Hold the line, please. …. I’m sorry, she’s in the meeting now. Can I take the message?
c)Thank you. I will give her the message.
d)Oh, hello. I’d like to speak to Alan, please
e)Good afternoon, Sales and marketing.

VI. Расположите части делового письма в правильном порядке (cоедините буквы и цифры). Внесите ответы в таблицу. Перепишите письмо в правильной последовательности.
a)Dear Ms.Wilson,
b)Ms. Wilson JBD Bank 56 Cheapside
23 June 2013
c)25 Wellington Road

d)I look forward to hearing from you.


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