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Онлайн тесты по 11 лекциям (кроме 4) на сайте zfem.ru

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Описание товара

Онлайн тесты по 11 лекциям (кроме 4) на сайте zfem.ru

Онлайн тесты по 11 лекциям на сайте zfem.ru (кроме 4 лекции) + 2 промежуточных теста + итоговый тест (отчет прилагается)
Лекция 1 – E-commerce
Лекция 2 – Getting a job
Лекция 3 – Money
Лекция 5 – Plastic money
Лекция 6 – Banking system
Лекция 7 – Foreign exchange market
Лекция 8 – The stock market
Лекция 9 – Insurance
Лекция 10 – Financial planning
Лекция 11 – Consumers in a market economy

Is there an exact defenition of e-commerce?
Disadvantages of e-commerce are:
It´s not enough to get an online order for a product, it´s also necessary to have this product and to deliver it to the _________.
To build an e-commerce site first of all you need that your _________ will be:
What are the categories of e-commerce?

The way you apply for a job and present your qualifications can greatly influence an employer´s impression of you. Therefore, you should know _________.
Getting a job is a very hard period in the life of most people. Companies choose an employee from hundreds of candidates according to __________, that´s why there´re special ´typical´ factors, influencing on employer´s choice.
One of the most common ways to learn about job opportunities is by________.
___________ is a summary of your history and professional qualifications.
In interests and skills you write about _________.

Almost every society now has a money economy based on _______ and ________ of one kind or another.
When only _____ goods are produced, only one exchange rate must be determined, but as the number of goods produced in the economy increases, the number of exchange rates grows sharply.
Money may not function well as a medium of exchange because there is too little money, too much money, or because the price system is not allowed to ______.
_________ is the name given to coins whose face value exceeds their metallic value.
Another way a bank could create claims against itself was to issue bank notes. In London, goldsmith bankers introduced bank notes about the same as they introduced checks. Bank notes were pieces of paper that promised to pay the bearer a specific amount in _____when presented to the issuing bank for redemption.

A bank plastic card is a commonly and widely used tool of _____ payments, the so-called electronic purse, with the help of which one can pay for goods and services and withdraw cash from ATMs all over the world.
Visa Classic is one of the most popular cards in the world! More than a million of ATMs and ____ millions of retail shops and service outlets all over the world accept the cards for payment.
______ cards allow their holders use only the money they have on their account.
The international identity card for students is called: ______ .
For sure ________ is the most popular card of the payment system.

This is because, first of all, banks nowadays perform the main part of the work of _______ money from a customer to a seller, by operating the system of payments in the economy.
You should plan to open both a checking and savings account at the same bank, simply because it will be more _______ for you.
Mortgages cover no more than ____ % of the cost of real-estate.
The _______ of money: this is the most profitable activity of the banks and the one which provides most of their income.
Most countries have a central bank, which is responsible for the operation of the banking system. The central bank in the UK is___________, which was taken into public ownership in 1946.

Trade and payments across national borders require that one of the parties to the transaction contract to pay or receive funds in a foreign _______.
The exchange rate for any foreign currency depends on a multitude of factors reflecting economic and financial conditions in the country issuing the currency. One of the most important factors is the status of a nation´s ________ position.

Дополнительная информация

It is known that each national government has its own system or policy of exchange-rate changes. Two of the most important are _______ and fixed exchange-rate systems.
The phenomenal explosion of activity and interest in foreign exchange markets reflects in large measure a desire for __________ by businesses, governments, and individuals.
The foreign exchange market is extremely _________ so there are many participants, none of whom is large relative to the market.

The stock market is the financial nerve center of any_____ . It reflects any change in the economy.
If the company makes profits and the directors decide to pay part of these profits to shareholders as dividends, a stockholder has a right to _____ his proportionate share.
Commission Brokers, usually floor brokers, work for ______ firms.
The phrase «the stock market» is often used to refer to the biggest and most
important stock market in the world, the_______ , which is as well the oldest in the
US. It was founded in 1792.
What is located at 86 Trinity Place in downtown Manhattan?

The idea of insurance is to obtain ______ in the event of any happening that may cause loss of money; insurance is against risk.
A somewhat different kind of insurance provides for money to be paid to a person at a certain age as an income or as a lump sum, or to be paid to the person´s heirs on his or her death: this is life insurance, now generally known in _____ as assurance.
In Britain the rate is quoted as so many pence for every £ 100 value: 25p% is 25p premium for £100 of merchandise covered. As an example, to insure furniture (against an ordinary fire risk) the quotation % of value is 25p, but for items which are more easily damaged or stolen, such as cameras and jewellery, it is ___%.
The ______ is the name given to the sum of money paid by the firm insuring its goods, and it is quoted as a percentage.
A ______ is a small document issued by the insurance agents to their customers, to tell them that their goods are insured, and to give proof of this until the policy is ready.

Financial planning (like all planning) begins with the establishment of
_____ and objectives.
How many primary sources of funds are there?
The second type of funding is ______ capital, which is money received from the sale of shares of ownership in the business.
Finally, financial planners must identify available sources of financing and decide which to______.
The second type of funding is ______ capital, which is money received from the sale of shares of ownership in the business.
Accordingly, the financial manager should establish a means of monitoring and evaluating financial performance. Interim budgets (weekly, monthly, or quarterly) may be prepared for comparison purposes. These comparisons point up areas that require additional or _____ planning.

Consumers in both market and command economies make many of the same kinds of decisions: they buy food, clothing, housing, transportation, and entertainment up to the limits of their budgets, and wish they could afford to buy ______.
If, as in many countries today, there are rapidly growing numbers of people reaching retirement age, those changing spending patterns will affect the overall market ______ and output levels for these products and for many others that retirees tend to use more than most people, such as health care services.
International trade, when it is permitted to operate with relatively few barriers or import taxes (called tariffs), can give consumers wider choice and allow producers to offer more ______ prices for a wide range of products, from oranges to automobiles.
Consumer spending represents the basic source of demand for products sold in the marketplace, which is half of what determines the market prices for goods and services. The other half is based on decisions businesses make about what and how to __


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