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Для выполнения контрольной работы № 3, необходимо усвоить следующий грамматический материал:
1. Сложные предложения. Согласование времен.
2. Косвенная речь.
3. Условные предложения.

Задание 1. Прочитайте и переведите письменно текст на русский язык.
Text 1. MONEY
Money is indispensable in a society in which commodity exchange takes place. In commodity exchange money plays the role of a universal equivalent, that of commodity ex¬pressing the value of all the other commodities.
Gold is the generally accepted money commodity. Because of its natural properties gold is the most convenient substance to carry out the social function of money. It can be easily broken into pieces and melted and «recombined» without any loss of value. It can also be kept safely as it does not become oxidized. In addition it has relatively small volume for its weight while denoting a considerable value.
Money performs a number of functions. First of all, it serves as a measure of value; that is, it is used to measure the value of all other commodities. Each commodity is sold for a certain sum of money, which expresses its value. The value of a commodity in terms of money is called its price.
Money is an ideal unit for expressing the value of all other commodities. What this means is that to measure the value of commodities it is not necessary to have cash. As acts of sale and purchase (i.e. the exchange of commodities for money) are repeated many times, the seller and buyer mentally equate the commodity to a certain amount of money (or gold) corre¬sponding to its value.
When commodities are exchanged with the aid of money, the latter also serves as a means of circulation. To perform this function money has to be real, not ideal. What is important is that anyone receiving these symbols of value must be assured that they will be accepted from him too, when he pays for other commodities. That is why states declare paper money to be legal tender.
Money also serves as a means of accumulation or a way of hoarding trea-sures. This function stems from the fact that money can buy any commodity. Therefore, money is a universal embodiment of wealth and a means of accumulating it. Taken out of circulation, however, money becomes treasure only if it is gold, or money converted into articles of gold, silver and other precious metals or stones.

Задание 1.1. Дайте письменно эквиваленты выделенным в тексте словам.

Задание 2. Прочитайте и переведите устно текст на русский язык.

Most of us fantasize at one time or another about starting our own business, but few of us have the courage to make it happen. The prospect of going into business for ourselves, while appealing, is a risk few of us are willing to take.
But times have changed. More people than ever before are leaving their 6-figure salary jobs and starting their own businesses. In fact, experts estimate that some 1.500 new businesses are launched every day and that by 2000 70 percent of all businesses will be entrepreneurial.
Choosing the business that´s right for you is probably the most important business decision you´ll ever make. Maybe you already have a great idea for a product or service. Or perhaps you´re still exploring some ideas. In either case, before you launch your business you´ll need to assess your strengths and weak-nesses, your likes and dislikes.
It may help to make a list of what you like and dislike. You´ll also want to consider your non-tangible attributes, such as stamina, determination and resourcefulness. These qualities alone may be the determining factor of whether your business succeeds or fails......

Дополнительная информация

Задание 2.1. Дайте письменно эквиваленты выделенным в тексте словам.

Задание 2.2. Ответьте письменно на вопросы:
1. What things should be done to start your own business?
2. Can you prove that the following qualities are essential (or not needed) for a businessman: stamina, determination, resourcefulness, tenacity, self-discipline, willingness to take risks, confidence?
3. What recommendations would you give to those who would like to start their own business?

Задание 3. Переведите предложения письменно на русский язык, об-ращая внимание на согласование времен.
1. He said he had forgotten the code.
2. She said she had been trying to get through.
3. She said they would never agree.
4. She said that Martin had sent them the invoice.
5. She said that she should go.
7. He asked me how much it had cost.
8. They asked how many people would attend the confenence.
9. She advised her colleague to keep quiet.
10. He warned me not to sell my shares yet.
11. She wondered if I had received a message.

Задание 4. Переведите предложения письменно в косвенную речь.
1. Tom said, ‘If I were you, I’d wear a new tie for the interview.´
2. ´We´ve decided to spend our holidays in Jordan,´ they told us.
3. Jill said, ‘I´ll go to the bank tomorrow.’
4. Keith said, ´There is a letter for you on the table.´
5. ´They delivered the letters this morning,´ she said.
6. He said, ‘Don’t forget to type the letter to Mr Brown.’
7. Jane said, ´I haven´t finished my homework yet.´
8. ´My mother is coming to visit us,´ I said.
9. She told me, ´You must leave early tomorrow.’
10. She said to him, ‘Send the report just now, please.’

Задание 5. Употребите правильную форму глагола в условных предложени-ях.
1. It rained all day. If the weather (not be) so bad we (go out).
2. We expect Mary to be here soon. If she (not arrive), we (phone) her.
3. I sleep badly. If I (not get) enough sleep I (not get) much work done.
4. We went to Paris. If we (not go) to Paris, we (not have) such a good time.
5. My brother doesn´t do any work. If he (work) harder, he (pass) his exams.
6. Jane and John like each other. If he (ask) her to dance, she (say) yes.
7. This is an old computer. If you (not press) ´Save´ you (lose) your work.
8. I did German at school. If I (do) English, I (get) a better job?
9. There´s a bus. If we (get on) that one, we (arrive) in time.
10. I can´t see a bus. But even if we (catch) a bus now, we (be) late.

Задание 6. Переведите письменно на английский, употребив правильную форму глагола в условных предложениях.
1. Мы сумеем купить машину при условии, что они не поднимут цены.
2. Если бы я знал в то время, что процент так высок, я не брал бы кредита.
3. Если бы я мог, я бы поехал в Европу этим летом. Но у меня слишком много работы.
4. Позвони мне, как только узнаешь результаты экзаменов.
5. Ты узнал бы его, если бы встретил его сейчас?
6. Вы должны быть в офисе пораньше на тот случай, если шеф придет к девяти.
7. Если бы он не учился в то время в Оксфорде, он бы не встретил Мери.
8. Он закончит всю работу, прежде чем начнется конференция.
9. Если не будешь тренироваться много, ты не выиграешь это соревнование.
10. В случае если вам понадобится помощь, обращайтесь к полицейскому.
11. Позвонишь мне, когда будешь в городе?

Задание 8. Подготовьте устное высказывание по теме «My future profession». Будьте готовы к активной беседе с преподавателем по данной теме.


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