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Английский, вариант 1 (WHAT IS BUSINESS?)

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Описание товара

1. 1. Supply the correct tense-forms.
1.Richard is a househusband, which means that every day his wife (go)________ off to work and (leave) _______ him at home to look after their two young children. Although the family (live) _______ in Oxford his wife (work) ________ in London so she (not usually get back)________ home before 8 p.m.
Richard (think) _________ the apartment is a good idea. “For the moment I (still enjoy) ________ the change in my lifestyle and I (not need) ________ to get the train to work every day, which is great! I(also learn) ________ lots of new things. For example, I now (understand) _________ how difficult it is to do the housework as well as look after two children.
This afternoon Richard (want) _________ to do some work on the book he (write) ________, but he (not think) _______he can do this. “I (find) ________ it difficult to concentrate. Even when the baby is asleep I often (feel) _________ too tired to write anything.

1.2. Write the verbs in brackets in the Passive Voice.
1.Millions of cars ________ (to export) from Japan every year.
2.The new strategic plan ________(to develop) a year ago.
3.The details ________ (to discuss) at the meeting that will take place at the end of the month.
4.Lots of goods ________ (to import) to our country every year.
5.The matter _________ (to discuss) at the conference last week.
6.The production of oil ________ (to increase) by 10% next year.
7.The production management _________ (to reorganize) when all the problems are solved.

1.3. Translate the following sentences paying attention to the Complex Object
1.He wanted us to visit the art exhibition.
2.I expect you to tell me everything.
3.I suppose her to be about 50.
4.The teacher does not consider him to be a good student.
5.The engineer expected the work to be done in time.
6.We expect you to show good results.
7.Many people like to watch the sun rise.
8.She saw her son fall.
9. He likes to watch his son play in the garden.
10.The students heard the bell ring.
11.You can’t make me believe that all these stories are true.
12.In spite of bad weather the instructor made the sportsmen continue their training.

1. 4. Open the brackets using the Complex Object.
1.Once in the plane he saw (как его жена и дети махали ему на прощание).
2.Those who stayed outside watched (как самолет набирал скорость для взлета).
3.It is very pleasant to find (что эти проблемы обсуждаются в вашем журнале).
4.Her parents wanted (чтобы она вышла замуж за этого человека).
5.They observed (как он осторожно входил в комнату).
6.Our manager heard (как мистер Браун обещал поставить оборудование во время).
7.We saw (как машина Президента подъехала к зданию).

1.5. Translate the following sentences paying attention to the Complex Subject
1.They are said to know Chinese very well.
2.He is reported to arrive tomorrow.
3.The boat was seen to disappear in the waves.
4.The English delegation is believed to come at the end of the month.
5.He was known to be a capable student.
6.They appeared to be satisfied with the results of the experiment.
7.He proved to be an excellent musician.
8.The water seems to be boiling.
9.I happened to be there at that time.
10.She is said to write a new novel.
11.They are likely to come soon.
12.She seems to be waiting for you.

1.6. Change the following sentences using the Complex Subject.
1.It is known that he is a good worker.
2.It was expected that the members of the committee would come to an agreement.
3.It was reported that our delegation has left London.
4.It seems that he knows French perfectly well.
5.It was expected that the delegates would not participate in today’s talks.
6.It is very likely that the prices for these goods will go up again in England.
7.It is unlikely that the meeting will be postponed.

Дополнительная информация

1.7. Translate the following text into Russian.
A dictionary and Thesaurus give many meanings of the noun "business":
•A trade or profession - for example, "What business are you in?"
•The purchase and sale of goods and services - for example, "Smith and I do business together"
•A commercial or industrial establishment — for example, " This business employs 400 people"
•Volume of commercial activity — for example, "Business is good at the moment"
« Commercial policy - for example, "Overcharging customers is bad business"
Other meanings exist, but they are not relevant here. So you can see the problem that needs to be cleared up before we start a study of busi-ness. What do we mean when we use the term "business"?
It is essential that our study examines all the internal and external pressures that affect the many organizations from which we earn or receive money, and all the organizations with which we spend our money either voluntarily or by compulsion.
But we cannot exclude local government which places planning and development restrictions on businesses, or national government which passes laws that affect every business, and collects taxes on profits. Trade unions influence the pay and conditions that employers provide, and pressure groups can cause firms to alter the way they make or package their products. Similarly, we must consider the impact of in¬ternational organizations such as the European Community and the International Monetary Fund.
So when we think about "business", we mean commercial and indus-trial establishments and everything that affects them.
Business studies is a blend of many specialized subjects. Economics is the basis of business studies and provides a firm foundation upon which to build. Money (as represented by finance and accounting) is the language of business, and needs to be controlled and kept secure. People make business, and their behavior must be understood and influenced when possible. Laws control business and protect society from its worst excesses. Communication is the lifeblood of business and pervades every aspect of it. Mathematics and statistics are the key to understanding, describing and solving many of the problems faced by business.
For example, a company thinking about developing a new product or service ought to consider if there will be sufficient demand for it and whether the level of demand would be affected by price (economics). Can the company afford to produce it and make a profit at the price customers would be willing to pay (finance)? Has it got people with the right skills and expertise to design and make the goods (people)? Is the product covered by any special legal regulations as the upholstery or toy industries are (law)? Ought the company do some marketing research to find out what people think before they spend too much money (mathematics and statistics)? In everything mentioned here, the company will be giving and gathering information and ideas all the time (communication).

1.8. Define whether the statement is true or false
1.There are many meanings of the word business.
2. When we use the term ´business´ we mean commercial policy.
3.Money is the language of business.
4.Anyone setting up a business has a choice of only way of conducting it.
5. The only way to limit the personal responsibility that sole traders and partners have for business liabilities is to form a corporation.

1.9. Put 5 questions to the text. Use 5 types of questions (general, special, alternative, disjunctive and question to the subject.


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