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Описание товара

1. Письменно переведите следующий текст.
Changing money
In the evening a few participants went to a bureau de change next to the hotel to change some dollars into pounds.
In London money can be changed either at banks, at bureaux de change or at customers´ services desks in big department stores.
Banks are usually open from 9.30 a. m. until 3.30 p. m. Some are open on Saturday, but never on Sunday. They accept plastic cards Visa, Access as well as Eurocheques, traveller´s cheques and, of course, cash. Many banks have cash dispensing machine services.
Bureaux de change are usually open for longer hours and every day. They often charge a bigger commission than banks.
The exchange rates are often shown in the running lines placed in the windows or on the walls of the bureaux de change for everybody to see.
Now Sergei comes up to the counter of the bureau de change:
Sergei: Good evening.
Cashier: Good evening, sir. Can I help you?
Sergei: Could I change two hundred dollars into pounds, please?
Cashier: Yes, certainly.
Sergei: How much will it be?
Cashier: About one hundred and twenty pounds.
Sergei: Good. Here you are.
Cashier: Thank you. And how would you like it, in twenties, tens or smaller notes?
Sergei: In tens, please.
Cashier: Fine. Here is the money and your receipt, please.
Sergei: Thanks. Excuse me, will you be open tomorrow, on Sunday?
Cashier: Yes. But we work shorter hours on Sundays. We´ll close at 7 p. m.
Sergei: Thank you. And one more thing. Can I change these coins of fifty cents each.
Cashier: I´m afraid 1 can´t take small change. We change only notes.
Sergei: Do you believe I can change them somewhere else?
Cashier: I´m afraid you can´t. This is a rule with banks and bureaux de change.
Sergei: I see. Thank you. Cashier: You are welcome.

2. Вставьте в предложения нужную форму глагола to be: am/is/are (настоящее) или was/were (прошедшее).
Пример: Last year she was 22, so she is 23 now.
a) Today the weather … nice, but yesterday it … very cold.
b) I … hungry. Can I have something to eat?
c) I feel fine this morning but I … very tired last night.
d) Don’t buy these shoes. They … very expensive.
e) I like your new jacket. … it expensive?
f) This time last year I … in Paris.
g) Where … the children? I don’t know. They … in the garden ten minutes ago.

3. Закончите предложения. Выберите глагол из списка и поставьте его в нужную форму.
Cost drive make meet speak swim tell think wake up win
a) I have made some coffee. Would you like some?
b) Have you … John about your yew job?
c) We played basketball on Sunday. We didn´t play very well but we ….
d) I know David but I have never … his wife.
e) We-were … by loud music in the middle of the night.
f) She jumped into the river and … to the other side.
g) "Did you like the film?" "Yes I … it was very good".
h) Many different languages are … in the Philippines.
i) Our holiday … a lot of money because we stayed in an expensive hotel.
j) Have you ever … a very fast car?

4. Закончите следующие предложения. Используйте can´t или couldn´t и один из глаголов. Eat decide end go go sleep
a) I was tired but I couldn´t sleep.
b) I wasn’t hungry yesterday. I … … my dinner.
c) Ann doesn´t know what to do. She …
d) I wanted to speak to Martin yesterday but I … … him.
e) Jim … … to the concert next Saturday. He has to work.
f) Paula … . to the meeting last week. She was ill.

5. Вставьте в предложения следующие вопросительные слова: what/which/who. Предложения переведите.
a) Which way shall wе go? Left or right?
b) You can have tea or coffee. … уou prefer?
c) «… date is it today?» - «Friday».
d) This is a nice house. … room is yours?
e) … is your favorite sport?
f) … is more expensive, meat or fish´?
g) … is older, Ann or George?
h) … kind of camera have you got?
i) … nationality are you?
j) A: Мary has got three cameras.
B: … camera does she use most?


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