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Описание товара

I.Выберите русское словосочетание, соответствующее данному английскому.
1.in the same yeara) в том же году
b) в следующем году
2.proved of great importancea) доказало огромную важность
b) оказалось очень важным
3.means of communicationa) посредством связи
b) средства связи
4.drew attention of many countriesa) привлекло внимание многих стран
b) обратили внимание на многие страны
II.Из данных слов выберите то, которое закончит предложение. 5.Popov gave his country the best of his ….
a) assistance b) knowledge c) significance
6. Russian scientists further developed and … the radio.
a) improved b) recorded c) attached
7. By his … Popov made a great contribution to the development of communication.
a) reception b) transmission c) invention
8. The receiver … waves generated by lightning discharges.
a) recorded b) described c) expressed
9. Radio devices have made it … to obtain information about mysterious phenomena.
a) rapid b) possible c) important
III.Из предложенных слов выберите то, которое наиболее близко передает значение подчеркнутого.
10. Popov made an apparatus which became the greatest means of communication.
a) device b) invention c) achievement
11. He laid the foundation for further progress in the field of radio-engineering.
a) result b) experiment c) branch
12. The day when the invention was demonstrated is the date of the birth of the radio.
a) provided b) shown c) completed
13. The methods of radio-engineering are now used in various fields of science.
a) different b) immense c) important
14. The words “Heinrich Herz” were transmitted by wireless telegraphy in Morse code.
a) made b) realized c) sent
IV.Подберите к началу предложения из колонки А окончание предложения в колонке В. полученные предложения переведите.
15.The story of radio beginsa)was constructed near Moscow.
16.Popov lived and workedb)studied with the help of radio.
17.Distant areas of the Universe arec)with Joseph Henry, an American physicist.
18.In 1920 a powerful radio telephone stationd)made of some kind of radio equipment.
19.There is no branch of science where use is not e)under very hard conditions.
Для успешного выполнения заданий по грамматике необходимо проработать формы и функции герундия, формы и функции причастия, независимый причастный оборот. Упражнения на словообразование включают суффиксы –less, -al, -ly, -er/or, -y, -tion, -ist, -ance, -ant, -ment.
I. Используя суффиксы –ance, -er, -y, -ist, -tion, -al, -less, -ly, образуйте от данных ниже основ слова. Определите часть речи и переведите.
II. Закончите предложения, употребив существительные, образованные от следующих глаголов. To invent, to achieve, to communicate, to assist и переведите их.
9. Radio devices perform various … tasks.
10. Radio occupies one of the leading places among the greatest … of modern engineering.
11. A.S. Popov – the great Russian … - was born in 1858.
12. Popov carried out many experiments together with his … Rybkin.
13. The tsarist government did not give any … to Russian scientists.
III. Выберите предложение, в котором Participle II выполняет роль определения, и переведите его.
14. Heinrich Hertz proved by experiments the existence of electromagnetic waves.
15. Popov solved many technical problems such as the introduction of electricity into the Navy.
16. After many experiments the device constructed by Popov began receiving electromagnetic waves.
IV. Выберите правильный перевод выделенных слов с суффиксом –ing.
17. Creating new research institutes we develop our science.
a) создавая b) создание с) созданный
18. Measuring resistance is necessary in many experiments.
a) измеряя b) измерение с) измеренный
19. In solving problems it is necessary to distinguish between facts and hypothesis.
a) решая b) решение с) решенные

Дополнительная информация

V. Выберите подходящие по смыслу причастия. Предложения переведите.
20.While experimenting / experimented the scientist connected a wire to the receiver.
21.The first radio-receiving set was demonstrated / demonstrating by A.S. Popov in 1895.
22.Having connected / Connected wires to the receiver he increased its range (диапазон).
23.The experiments carrying out / carried out by Popov at sea were very successful.
VI. Выберите и переведите предложения, содержащие независимый причастный оборот.
24. He always carried on some practical work, solving many technical problems.
25. Popov has become the inventor of the radio, May, 7, being celebrated each year as “Radio Day”.
26. All the experiments having been completed, serious practical testing began.
27. In this way the future wireless communication between the continents was being prepared.
Понимание прочитанного
Прочитайте текст, вдумайтесь в его содержание, постарайтесь понять его, чтобы выполнить задания после текста.
The Invention of the Radio
1.On April, 25, 1895, A.S. Popov demonstrated his device. Having summarized the results of his experiments, Popov expressed his hope that the device, after being perfected, would make possible transmitting signals at a distance by means of rapid electrical oscillations. In summer 1895, Popov’s invention was successfully tested and in the same year he attached to the device an apparatus previously used for recording telegrams. In the following year this receiver was used at the electric power station in Nizhy Novgorod for warning about approaching thunderstorms.
2.The great Russian inventor did not make any secret of his discovery, describing it in the press and making reports about it at the meetings of scientific societies. In the same year he demonstrated the transmission of words over a wireless telegraph. This new demonstration proved of great importance as later on, in England, there appeared a person, Marconi by name, who claimed to be the inventor of this new means of communication.
3.The year 1898witnessed a new important invention made by Popov together with his assistants Rybkin and Troitsky, namely the reception of audible signals by means of a receiver. All these successful experiments having been completed, serious practical testing began. Popov’s radio telegraph helped to save the battleship “General Admiral Apraksin”.
4Popov’s work drew attention of many countries. The wireless telegraphy is the result of Popov’s experiments, this fact having been acknowledged by different representatives of foreign science, engineering and industry. Popov was offered immense profits from commercial side of his invention in case he leaves Russia, but he preferred to remain a true son of his fatherland. “I am a Russian and I must give all my knowledge, all my work and all my achievements to my native land”, were his words.
5It is impossible to say that nobody in Russia understood and appreciated the great work carried out by Popov. On the contrary, the leading representatives of Russian science realized the significance of his invention. However, the tsarist government did nothing to provide the training of specialists for the newly born branch of science and engineering. Neither was home production of devices for wireless telegraphy organized in Russia. Instead it was handed over to foreign companies. By 1914, the beginning of the first imperialistic war, the results of Popov work had been concentrated in foreign hands. Even the supply of the Russian army with radio devices depended upon a German concern in Berlin.
Прочтите пояснения к тексту.
electrical oscillations – электрические колебания
electric power station – электростанция
thunderstorm – гроза
audible signals – звуковые сигналы
battleship – линейный корабль
realized the significance … – поняли важность …
in case he leaves Russia – в случае, если он покинет Россию
I. Какое из данных утверждений выражает основную идею текста.


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