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Контрольная работа № 1

Exercise 1 Asking about people
Surname Smith
First name John
Country Britain
Age 30
Address 94 East St, Oxford OX1 9HJ
Job Teacher
Place of work School in Oxford
Married No
Free time Football

Read the information about John Smith.
Write the questions to the sentences. Example: His first name’s John. - What’s his first name?
1. His surname is Smith. _______?
2. He’s from Britain. _______?
3. He’s 30. _____________?
4. 94 East St, Oxford OX1 9HJ. ________?
5. He’s a teacher. _____________?
6. In a school in Oxford. _________?
7. No, he isn’t. He’s single. __________?
8. He plays football. ________?

Exercise 2 Word order
Put the words in the correct order.
Example: you from are Where → Where are you from?
a do at What weekends you do ________?
b work she does Where ____________?
c a television There photo is the on ________?
d near there chemist’s a Is here ________?
e Coke please I a Can have _________?
f children How they do have many ________?
g skiing in Hans Switzerland teaches _____?
h any Is milk the there fridge in _________?
i not work Rosy go by does to car __________?
j Sue going Dave and the opera like to ________?

Exercise 3 Questions
Match a line in A with a line in B to make a question. Then find an answer in C.
Who do you do on Sundays? At seven o’clock.
How much do you meet on Saturday evenings? To the theatre.
What do you go on Friday evenings? My friends, Dave and Paul.
Where do you get up? I play tennis.
How is a ham sandwich? By bus.
What time do you travel to work? 1.30.

Exercise 4 some, any, a, and an
Put some, any, a, or an into the gaps.
Example There are some flowers in the garden.
a There are __________ pictures on the wall.
b Can I have __________ apple, please?
c Are there __________ books in the living room?
d There aren’t __________ good restaurants in our town.
e There’s __________ newsagent’s opposite the post office.
f John has __________ trees in his garden.
g Are there __________ Japanese students in your class?
h There’s __________ orange on the table.
i There aren’t __________ photographs on the wall.
j There are __________ plates next to the sink.

Exercise 5 Present Simple
Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form.
I (a) __________ (have) two brothers, Simon and Chris. They (b) __________ (live) in London. Simon (c) __________ (be) a pilot and Chris (d) __________ (work) in a garage. Simon (e) __________ (like) flying, but Chris (f) __________ __________ (not like) mending cars. At weekends I (g) __________ (go) to London and I (h) __________ (stay) with them. We (i) __________ (go) to the theatre or to the cinema on Saturday evening, and on Sunday we (j) __________ (walk) in Hyde Park.

Exercise 6 be and do
Put a verb from the box into each gap.
Example Peter is a teacher.
a I __________ hungry. Can I have an apple?
b How __________ you travel to work?
c Rome __________ in Spain. It __________ in Italy.
d Mary and Sarah __________ like milk.
e __________ James have two jobs?
f Ben __________ like travelling by bus.
g We aren’t from Spain – we __________ from Portugal.
h __________ you like ice cream? - No, I __________.

Exercise 7 a, an, the, or nothing
Put a, an, the, or nothing in the gaps.
Example Madonna is a singer.
a I have __________ breakfast at eight o’clock.
b I read __________ Times every day.
c Peter goes to __________ school by bus.
d Can I have __________ chicken sandwich, please.
e Please close __________ window. It’s cold!
f What time do you go to __________ bed?
g Paul Newman is __________ actor.
h I like playing volleyball on __________ beach.
i Sylvia doesn’t go to wok by __________ car.
j David has __________ house in London.

Дополнительная информация

Exercise 8 Prepositions
Write the correct preposition in the gaps. Write one word on each line.
a There are two chairs __________ the living room.
b The sofa is __________ __________ the table.
c There’s a lamp __________ the sofa.
d There’s a picture __________ the wall.
e The chair is __________ the television.
f There’s a cat __________ __________ __________ the fire.
g The telephone is __________ the table.

Exercise 9 Choose the correct sentence
One sentence is correct, one sentence is wrong. Tick (+) the correct sentence.
Example Let’s go to home.
Let’s go home. +
Kate and Ann are students in Cambridge University.
Kate and Ann are students at Cambridge University.
Let’s go out to the pub!
Let’s go out at the pub!
On Thursday I get home at six o’clock.
In Thursday I get home at six o’clock.
Richard lives an London.
Richard lives in London.
To weekends I go swimming.
At weekends I go swimming.

Exercise 10 Which one is different?
Underline the different word.
Example Cambridge London Oxford Rome
a magazine pen newspaper book
b milk apple ice-cream ham
c house palace street flat
d actor dentist policeman teach
e boring interesting like funny
f father sister mother man
g house bathroom kitchen living room
h often near next to opposite
i France England American Hungary
j my We his Your

Exercise 11 Adjectives
Match the opposites.
Example small – big
difficult cheap
expensive horrible
hot right
lovely easy
wrong left
old young
new cold
right old

Exercise 12 Words that go together
Match a verb in A with line in B.
drive football
play a train
go tea
speak television
drink a car
travel to music
catch windsurfing
listen by bus
watch French

Exercise 13 Переведите предложения:
1. Я из России. 11. Что они делают в свободное время?
2. Мою сестру зовут Ира. 12. Мне нравится моя работа.
3. Я не женат. 13. В какое время вы выходите из дома утром?
4. Еда в Лондоне ужасная. 14. Сколько времени вы добираетесь до работы?
5. Сколько стоит чашка кофе? 15. Я прибываю на работу в 9 часов.
6. Я нахожусь дома. Мои родители на работе. 16. Летом я езжу в отпуск.
7. Он в отпуске. 17. Она принимает душ каждый вечер.
8. Это фотография моего друга. 18. В комнате есть стол и два стула.
9. Сколько у вас детей? 19. Есть здесь поблизости кинотеатр?
10. Он говорит на трех языках. 20. Банк находится напротив аптеки.


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