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Описание товара

II Put the words in the correct order to make sentences.
1. I / the local / in / an advert / put /newspaper.
2. last / declined/ share / sharply / prices/ week.
3. 2003 / industry / a record / was /handset /the mobile / year / for.
4. in / company /1982 / he / joined /the.
5. had / the / only / two / qualifications / of / applicants /the necessary.
6. job /Emma / bakery / finally / found / a / a Saturday /in.
7. tax/ were / profits / $262000 / after.
8. up / prices / last / house / went / by / 5 per cent / year.
9. we / shop / lunch / at / ate/ a / little / coffee.
10. Exxon / worked / for / year / she / until / last.

III. Choose a verb from the box to complete the sentences. Use the past simile.
charge go attract launch be retire pay reopen grow provide

1. Last week, Vodafone ….. its UK 3G services for mobile phones.
2. The advertisement …. a number of applicants.
3. Algeria … the industry to foreign investors in the late 1980s.
4. Agriculture … the backbone of the country’s economy.
5. In 2000, the food processing industry … nearly 1.7 million jobs.
6. I … for the jacket by cheek.
7. Petrol, diesel and kerosene prices … up by 23% in September.
8, The hotel … me £15 for a room for a night.
9. Bee sales volumes … 21% in 2001 and 19% in 2002, but only about 5% in 2003.
10. He … from Nestle in Jane 2001.

IV. Write the past simple form of each verb to complete the text
Bill Gates (write) his first computer program at the age of 13. He (spend) a lot of time using computers. But at that time computers (be) expensive: it (cost) $40 an hour to use one. Bill (work) during his school holidays. That is why, he (make) some money and he also (learn) a lot about using computers.

V. Are these sentences right or wrong? Make changes if necessary.
1. Was you in the office at 10 yesterday morning?
2. How much did be charge you for repairing the car?
3. The total value of the stocks were over £3 million.
4. How much did you paid for that watch?
5. Our people in marketing was not too happy with the packaging design.
6. Were our suppliers late in delivery?
7. The poll tax was a very unpopular form of taxation.
8 Sarah wasn´t come to yesterday’s meeting.
9. When they launched the new model?
10. Real income per head of population was at a low point five years ago.

VI. Rewrite the sentences in the past simple.
1. We do a lot of business on the phone.
2. He runs an accountancy firm.
3. The tax year begins in April.
4. The company gives me a travel allowance.
5. Does the restaurant accept cheques?
6. Your shopping comes to £39 altogether.
7. She holds one of the top jobs in the industry.
8. Laura doesn’t know how to manage difficult customers.
9. My uncle buys and sells antique for a living.
10. The government pays subsidies to farmers to produce particular crops.

VII. Complete the sentences using the past simple.
1. Sales (jump) 14.2% in October from a year earlier.
2. Senior management (hire) a consultant to do the study....

IX. Suggest an irregular verb to complete each sentence. Use the past simple.
1. The company m… hundreds of employees redundant.

Дополнительная информация

X. All the verbs in the text are in the present simple. Read the text and change the verbs to the past simple where necessary.
Late for work
Bill usually gets up at 7 a.m. He does his morning exercises for twenty minutes, takes a long shower, has a big breakfast, and leaves for work at o’clock. He usually drives his car to work and gets there at 8:30.
This morning, however, he doesn’t get up at 7 am. He gets up at 6 am. He doesn’t do his morning exercises for twenty minutes. He does them for only five minutes. He doesn’t take a long shower. He takes a very quick shower. He doesn´t have a big breakfast. He has only a cup of coffee. He doesn´t leave for work at 8 o´clock. He leaves for work at 7.
Bill rushes out of the house an hour early this morning because his car is at the repair shop and he has to take the bus.
He walks a mile from his house to the center of town. He waits fifteen minutes for the bus. And after he gets off the bus, he walks half a mile to his office.
Even though Bill gets up early and rushes out of the house this morning, he doesn´t get to work on time. He gets there forty-five minutes late and his boss gets angry and shouts at him.
Poor Bill! He really tries to get to work on time this morning.

XI. Answer these questions with negative statements. Then add a positive statement using the information below.
have a boring time
finish our homework on Saturday
go out with friends
watch it on TV
work all day until six o´clock
take the bus

1. A: We loved the party. Did you and Jams enjoy it?
B: No we didn´t enjoy it. We had a boring time.
2. A: I stayed home from work yesterday. Did you take the day off too?
3. A: I slept in all weekend. Did you spend the weekend at home?
4. A: I studied all weekend. Did you and John have a lot of homework, too?
5. A: Carl drove me to work this morning. Did you drive to work?
6. A: Kathy went to the baseball game last night. Did you and Bob go to the game?

XIII. Complete the sentences with was, were or did.
1. … the hotel far from the company’s office?
2. How much … you CD player cost?
3. …your holiday in Australia very costly?
4. … you in the office yesterday?
5. … they ask you about your qualifications?
6. Why …n’t you complain to the manager?
7. … you buy this vase in China?
8. … her second novel a best seller too?
9. … computers expensive at that time?
10. … she apply for the new post of training officer?

XIV. Read the dialogue between two colleagues and complete it with was, wasn’t, were or weren’t.
A: How … your vacation in Pent. Julia?
B: It … great. I really enjoyed it.
A: How long … you there?
B: We … there for two weeks.
A: … you in Lima alt the time?
B: No, we ….We … in the rnountains for a few days.
A: And how … the weather? … it good?
B: No, it … good at all. The city … very hot, and the mountains … really cold!


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