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Описание товара

1. When sellers quote prices in their offers they usually state on what ________________ they will deliver the goods.
A) transfers B) terms C) letters D) companies

2. In foreign trade transaction various modes of ___________________ are practised, among which the most popular is a banker’s transfer.
A) payment B) shipment C) delivery D) price

3. Transportation documents are usually attached to commercial ____________ as a proof of shipment which also enables the buyers to receive the goods.
A) bills B) goods C) invoices D) values

4. Since sea and river shipments are considered most economical, they are most often used and ______________________ are thus most popular transportation documents.
A) damages B) bills of lading C) ports D) vessels

5. Insurance policies state what goods are _______________________, in whose name, against what risks, for what amount, at what premium and so on.
A) enabled B) issued C) used D) insured

6. Very often contracts stipulate that the buyers are to provide a first-class bank _____ to avoid failures in payment.
A) guarantee B) claim C) basis D) license

7. The _____ of payments is a measure of Britain’s trading position in relation to the rest of the world.
A) import B) service C) balance D) export

8. All member countries of the EEC contributed to a common ____ for certain purposes, based on relative total output of goods and services, or gross national product.
A) currency B) customs C) court D) budget

9. The difference between a country’s earnings for its visible exports and ex-penditure for its visible imports is called its balance of ______.
A) deficit B) surplus C) trade D) amount

10. The European Union (EU) was to become a reality through the establish-ment of economic and monetary union, including the creation of a single ____ (the euro) and the introduction of Union citizenship.
A) output B) currency C) duty D) mail

Задание: Поставьте глаголы, стоящие в скобках, в правильной форме, откройте скобки и перепишите все предложение:
1. When the sellers quote prices they usually (state) on what terms they (deliver) the goods.
2. They also state at what prices the goods (deliver).
3. If the goods (offer) on fob terms the price will cover the cost of the goods and transportation expenses to the port of shipment.
4. A lot of documents (involve) in business transactions.
5. Among insurance documents there (be) insurance policies and certificates.
6. There (be) a certain difference between these two terms.
7. Sometimes these terms (use) interchangeably.
8. It gives me great pleasure (to introduce) our guest.
9. Commercial invoices generally (contain) some information.
10. The WTO (establish) in 1995.

Сопоставьте эквиваленты:
1. organized market a. хеджировать
2. commodity b. товар
3. produce exchange c. товарно-сырьевая биржа
4. traders d. наличные товары
5. to transact business e. опцион
6. actual f. трейдер
7. spot market g. заключать сделку
8. forward market h. фьючерсный рынок
9. futures market i. форвардный рынок
10. option j. рынок по ценам спот
11. to hedge k. организованный рынок
12. equity capital l. расходы
13. shareholder m. выпуск акций
14. face value of a share n. приток поступлений
15. rights issue o. акционер
16. inflow of receipts p. аукционный капитал
17. outflow of payments q. номинальная стоимость акций
18. expenditure r. получение доходов

Дополнительная информация

19. receipt of income s. отток платежей
20. to borrow money t. контролировать национальные золотые запасы
21. to manage the national debt u. заимствовать средства
22. to control the national gold reserve v. управлять государственным долгом
23. certified accountant w. счета кредиторов
24. trial balance x. стоимость по торговым книгам
25. book value y. дипломированный бухгалтер
26. accounts payable z. пробный баланс

IV Задание: прочитайте текст делового письма и письменно ответьте на вопросы по его содержанию.
Moscow, 24th Feb., 20…
Dear Sirs,
Peroxide of Manganese Ore

We thank you for your fax of the 24th February reading as follows:
In reply we have pleasure in offering you, subject to receiving your confirma-tion within 8 days from today:
1,000 tons (10 per cent more or less at our option) of Manganese Ore contain-ing minimum 85 per cent MnO2 in the dry, at the price of $50 per English ton of 2,240 Ibs. in bulk c. i. f. London for March shipment. Three per cent will be de-ducted by us from the weight as compensation for moisture. Payment is to be ef-fected in cash against shipping documents in London. You are to submit, within 5 days of the date of signing the agreement, a letter of guarantee of a first-class Brit-ish bank for the full contract value of the goods as security of the fulfillment of the contract.
Sampling and analysis will be carried out by our laboratory at the port of load-ing, and the result of the analysis shall be considered4 final and binding upon both parties.
Our General Conditions are stated in the enclosed Form of Contract.
We look forward with interest to your answer.
Yours faithfully,
Enclosure: Contract Form.

1. Where is the letter from?
2. When was it sent?
3. When was the fax sent?
4. What is the subject of the fax?
5. How many tons of Manganese Ore do the Buyers require?
6. What is its price?
7. What are the terms of delivery?
8. What is the date of shipment?
9. What are the terms of payment?
10. What must the Buyer submit within 5 days of the date of signing the agree-ment?
11. Who will carry out sampling and analysis?
12. What is enclosed to the letter?


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