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Творческое задание

1. What is more important for you, work or family? Why?
It is typically believed that modern people divide into two separate and sometimes even opposite groups: those who prefer family over work and those who consider work the main sphere in their lives. The question of choice is rather philosophical. The answer depends on a number of different factors, such as age, gender, education, career opportunities or their absence, family budget, etc. These are objective causes which can determine which way to choose. There are also some psychological factors which also can play a huge role in setting personal values. For example, an ambitious person will always try to make a perfect career and become a well-paid professional.
Men are most likely to be more inclined towards work than towards family. When they are young they consider self-realization as their primary goal. These youthful ambitions may disappear with time, or may not. Of course, there are convinced bachelors, but the majority of men sooner or later find a couple and live happily. As a result, work fades into insignificance, and home values are cherished even more then career opportunities.
As for women, the majority of them certainly want to get married and bring up children. The main attraction for a homely woman is a happy household. However, there are also exceptions. Women (who might have been hurt in past) want to bury their inner pain under a big pile of work. I believe it is not the best solution. There are also avid supporters of feminism and equal rights of both men and women. Personally I don’t accept their position and life philosophy.
In my opinion, it would be great to combine work and family so that they stay on a kind of parity basis. There are working hours which should be devoted to fulfilling one’s duties. There are also off-duty hours which can be spend together with your loving ones. If there is a choice to stick to this equality I would choose it. Besides, I don’t mind when roles in the household are subdivided into feminine and masculine. As for me, it sounds right.


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