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THE GIANT OF MOBILE RESPONSE (перевод на английский)

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Oleg Sienko, General Director of the Uralvagonzavod Research and Production Corporation, thinks that Ural manufacturing companies have quite a few competitive advantages over foreign manufacturers, in terms of the Industrial Ural – Polar Ural Project.

Machines also have mentality. Just in the same way as a person who came from Africa feels uncomfortable even in warm clothes in snow-covered Ekaterinburg, so does equipment made in warm countries and put into work in the Sub-Polar Uralian climate. Even though it has been customized with consideration for local conditions, complete technological acclimatization is diffi cult to achieve. This factor must be taken into account when implementing such a large-scale project as Industrial Ural – Polar Ural, which will require a good deal of advanced and very reliable construction machinery.
Uralvagonzavod is one of the largest diversifi ed machine-building enterprises in the Russian Federation, notable for its vast technological capabilities and intellectual capacity. Today, Uralvagonzavod captains the vertically integrated entity that includes 19 manufacturing factories, research institutes and design bureaus. Due to virtually unlimited possibilities that can be capitalized on through application of defense technology in civilian production, the company is able to off er the latest and most advanced machinery. The wide range of commercial machines manufactured byUralvagonzavod can be used efficiently in the projects operations.
Uralvagonzavod designs and manufactures commercial high-performance road-building and service machinery: hydraulic full-circle swing wheel and track-mounted excavators, utility excavators, all-purpose small-size loaders with removable equipment.
The company engineers have designed a unique tractor power module for commercial production. The advanced design models include tow tractors and lumber tractors.
Together with Spetsmash JSC, Uralvagonzavod has designed two prototypes of the mobile unit for maintenance and overhaul of oil wells up to 6.5 km deep.
All the operations are cab-controlled through the computer, thus, ensuring high performance and uninterrupted operation. Our production subsidiaries specialize in design and manufacturing of all-terrain track vehicles. Snow and swamp-going vehicles, track-mounted bulldozers, high-mobility track-mounted cranes, pile-driving machines, air-cushion vessels for inland and water transportation – these are just some examples of the wide machinery range off ered by the Uralvagonzavod Corporation.
All the machines are customized temperature-wise and off er good value for money.
Besides, the company places a special emphasis on organization of its service maintenance. The participation of the machine-building giant located in the vicinity of the project operation area will help not only to ensure continuous monitoring of sophisticated equipment, but also will facilitate prompt response to any changes in the situation taking place at the construction sites. Consequently, this will hasten the construction and increase its quality.

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THE GIANT OF MOBILE RESPONSE (перевод на английский)


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