Test on economic theory, option 1

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1. Which of these activities will increase the demand for labor:
A) an increase in the retirement age
B) The inflow of foreign capital
B) reduction of life in the army
D) reduction of the unemployment benefit

2. Wages citizen increased over the year from 10,000 to 11,000 rubles. If during this period the inflation rate was 15%, the real wage:
A) increased by 5%
B) increased by 8.5%
B) decreased by 5%
D) has not changed

3. Piecework wages - is:
A) salary after doing all the work
B) the salary at the end of the working day
B) the amount of the premium
D) monthly salary depending on the number of products

4. The composition of the economically active population does not include:
And) working pensioner
B) operating a teenager under 16 years old
B) conscripts
D) unemployed job seeker

5. What type of annuity pays the tenant the worst in fertility of the land:
A) Differential rent I type
B) a differential rent II species
B) monopoly rents
D) absolute rent

6. The two equal area of ​​land leased to the following conditions: a site with poor soil fertility for $ 500 per year, and with good fertility - for $ 1,500. Five years later, the owner of the site 2 raised the rent to $ 1800. Differential rent I kind of was:
A) $ 300
B) $ 500
C) $ 1,000
D) $ 1500

7. Rent a piece of land is $ 100 per month. Determine the minimum favorable price of land, if the bank interest on deposits - 5% per annum.
A) $ 500
B) $ 2000
B) $ 6,000
D) $ 24,000

8. Which of the following is not a capital:
A) privatized apartment where the owner lives
B) the sum of 100 rubles., Placed in a bank account
B) share, par value of 10 rubles. and a dividend of 1 rub. in year
D) the equipment used in the manufacturing process.

9. The student has 10 thousand. Rub., Which he can spend or put in the bank and get a year 11 thousand. Rub. Inflation rate - 11% per annum. The real interest rate is:
A) 10%
B) 1%
IN 1 %
D) 11%

10. In today´s economy the most significant share is:
A) mining industry
B) manufacturing
B) Agriculture
D) Service Industry

11. In 2007, nominal GDP was $ 300 billion. A year later, the GDP deflator rose by 1.2 times, while real GDP grew by 10%. Determine the nominal GDP in 2008 (2007 - base):
A) 396 000 000 000. $
B) 275 billion. $
B) 390 billion. $
D) 330 billion. $

12. The following table presents the data describing the magnitude of the nominal US GDP over three years (in billion. $).
Year Nominal GDP deflator
1939 104
91 1.21

What year is the base of the three?
A) 1929
B) 1933
B) 1939

13. Who of the following well-known economists advocated the need to enhance the role of the state in the economy:
A) FA Hayek
B) M. Friedman
B) S. Fischer
D) J. Robinson

14. Which of the following does not apply to government regulation purposes:
A) sustainable economic growth
B) providing a price reduction
B) providing full employment
D) positive balance of payments

15. Which of these factors increases the aggregate demand:
A) exports decline
B) reduction of wages
B) decrease in bank interest
D) reduction in public spending

16. Which segment of the aggregate supply curve is called the Keynesian:
A) Vertical
B) Horizontal
B) Intermediate

17. What will happen to the economy at full employment of resources, if the government lowers interest rates:
A) an increase in unemployment
B) inflation
B) increase in production

18. Determine how to change the aggregate demand, if the government increases the budget spending by 100 billion rubles, and the marginal propensity to save is 0.2..:
A) will decrease by 20 bn. Rub.
B) increase by 20 bn. Rub.
B) increase by $ 2 trillion. rub.
D) will increase by 5 trillion. rub.

19. Household income after taxes increased compared to the previous
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