Test of English with answers. 40 questions

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1. Schools ___ pay ___ attention to examination ___ and more attention ___ child.
a) may, a few, successes, to a
b) can, little, successes, for the
c) must, few, successes, on a
d) should, less, success, to the

2. Can you play ___ violin? - Yes, and I think ___ violin is more difficult than ___ piano.
a) the, the, the
b) a, a, a
c) a, ___, ___
d) the, the, a

3. The Prime Minister left this morning for a tour of ___ Far East. He will visit ___ Singapore and ___ Malaysia and then go on to ___ Philippines where he will make ___ speech about the environment.
a) ___, ___, ___, the, a
b) the, the, the, ___, the
c) the, ___, ___, the, a
d) ___, ___, ___, ___, ____

4. The King Juan Carlos of the Spain arrived in London today for ___ visit to ___ United Kingdom. He ___ by ___ Queen and drove with her to ___ Buckingham Palace.
a) three days, the, met, the, ___
b) three days, ___, was being met, ___, the
c) a three day, the, was met, the, ___
d) a three day's, the, was meeting, ___, ___

5. When my rich uncle died, he left ___ half of his fortune to his cat and ___ other half to a distant relative!
a) a, ___
b) ___, a
c) ___, the
d) the, the

6. There are ___ new houses, but they have no ___ local character; you can see the same style ___ in the country.
a) a few, a, everywhere
b) less, ___, somewhere
c) some, the, nowhere
d) a few, ___, anywhere

7. Do you happen ___ which is the ___ planet in our solar system? - Pluto, ___ it? I know it is the ___ away from the sun.
a) to know, smallest, does not, farthest
b) to know, smallest, is not, furthest
c) knowing, smaller, does not, farther
d) to have know, small, is not, far

8. In spite of the fact that Jean always ___ she's short ___ money, she ___ to have a very ___ paid job.
a) says, of, is said, well
b) tells, for, says, good
c) says, on, talks, good
d) tells, in, is told, well

9. We used to ___ bed at ___ midnight or later. Now we are asleep by ten because with our baby we've had to get used to ___ up at five o'clock.
a) go, the, wake
b) go, ___, waking
c) going, ___, waking
d) going, the, wake

10. We ___ to finish the project by the end of the month but we keep ___ by changes in the plans.
a) hope, to delay
b) have hoped, to be delayed
c) hoped, delaying
d) hope, being delayed

11. I did not much speak English ___ because I could not think of the words ___ enough, but lately I ___ much ___.
a) first, quick, became, fluent
b) at first, quickly, have become, more fluent
c) firstly, quicker, had become, fluenter
d) the first, more quickly, became, more fluenter

12. I think it's a pity Rebecca had her hair ___ short because she looked much ___ before.
a) to cut, nicer
b) cutting, more nice
c) cut, nicer
d) to have cut, more nicely

13. I do not mind ___ at by him. He threatened ___ me last week, but he apologized ___ me very politely then.
a) shouting, to sack, at
b) being shouting, sacking, in front of
c) be shouted, to have sacked, to
d) being shouted, to sack, to

14. I've ___ the problem with her, but she always ___ she is too busy. I've even tried ___ her ___ lunch with me but she refused ___.
a) to discuss, says, asking, to, to go
b) to discuss, tells, to ask, for, going
c) discussing, says, to ask, for, going
d) discussing, tells, to ask, for the, going

15. I ___ rather she ___ a chat with him. How long ___ like this?
a) would, has, was he
b) had, would, have, is he
c) would, had, has he been
d) had, had, had he been

16. His wife who ___ their baby daughter into the bed ___ in the parlour ___ socks.
a) have just put, was sitting, darning
b) had just put, was sitting, darning
c) just put, sat, darned
d) just put, had been sitting, to darn

17. ___ I knew of the inmates of Moor House, ___ I liked t

Additional information

18. The miles appeared ___ so long that they sometimes thought they ___ the road.
a) being, had to miss
b) to have been, must miss
c) to be, I must have missed
d) having been, were to miss

19. Harry was the first ___ that his brother ___ forward ___ the candidate for this district.
a) to suggest, be put, as
b) suggesting, should put, as
c) suggest, should be put, like
d) to have suggested, were put, like

20. I always used to arrive ___ at the office, but since Laurie was born my secretary ___ used to ___ me hard at work by the time she gets in.
a) late, has got, finding
b) late, had got, finding
c) lately, got, finding
d) later, was got, find

21. I ___ him for a year and more, but he looked up at me as if I ___ in yesterday.
a) have not seen, was
b) did not see, were
c) had not seen, had been
d) have not seen, have been

22. Can he ___? - Yes, and even turned red. He was worth ___ at.
a) get embarrassed, to look
b) have got embarrassed, being looked
c) have got embarrassed, looking
d) has embarrassed, to have looked

23. He wished he ___ there longer. He had looked forward to ___ the sights of this old town.
a) has not stayed, seeing
b) did not stay, to see
c) stayed, having seen
d) had stayed, seeing

24. ___ nineteen he made a petty tour with his mother, father and sister: ___ Brussels, ___ Rhine, ___ Switzerland, ___ Italian Alps and, of course, Paris.
a) aged, ___, the, ___, the
b) aging, the, ___, ___, the
c) age, ___, the, ___, ___,
d) having aged, the, ___, the, ___

25. The sightseeing came to an end, and ___ to ___ Hague.
a) neither our visit was, ___
b) so did our visit, the
c) so our visit did, the
d) neither was our visit, ___

26. "If you do not want to be late for lunch, you ___ better ___ and have bath," ___ Mother said ___ a loud voice.
a) would, go, ___, with
b) had, go, ___, in
c) would, to go, the, in
d) had, go, the, with

27. "It looks as if we ___ going to have ___ good flying weather tomorrow", said Mr. Sunbury.
a) are, a
b) will be, ___
c) would be, the
d) were, ___

28. The past flood is reported not ___ ___ damage to the crops.
a) caused, many
b) to have caused, much
c) to cause, much
d) having caused, many

29. Looking back upon that time, I thought that all ___ different ___ for the interference of my parents.
a) might have been, were it not
b) may be, were it not
c) might have been, had it not been
d) may be, had it not been

30. And I began to see that ___ man must not live for ___ any more. He's got ___ of ___ others.
a) ___, him, to think, the
b) a, himself, to think, ___
c) the, oneself, thinking, ___
d) ___, hisself, to think, the

31. Why are you talking ___ loudly and making ___ much noise? It is high time you ___ ___ business.
a) such, such, got, to
b) so, so, I got, to
c) such, so, got, down to
d) so, such, have got, over

32. If he takes ___ alcohol and gets ___ your nerves they will be grateful ___ you if you let them ___.
a) up, to, for, to know
b) on, on, to, to know
c) to, on, to, know
d) at, upon, for, know

33. After ___ a bad match the team captain insisted that they ___ things ___.
a) so, should take, easily
b) such, would take, easily
c) so, take, easy
d) such, should take, easy

34. I do not remember ___ that they have moved ___ another flat.
a) them, to mention, to
b) their mentioning, to
c) their mentioning, at
d) them to have mention, into

35. It will be so kind ___ you if you can get this banknote ___ for me.
a) to, cashed
b) of, cashed
c) from, to cash
d) on cashing

36. I am right, ___ I? He has not come. So there has been nothing to discuss, ___?
a) are not, has not there
b) amn't, has there
c) are not, has there
d) amn't, has not there


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