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Вопрос 1
She … to the bank when I met her.
A. goes;
B. is going;
C. was going;
D. will go.
Вопрос 2
My friend … for a job since last year.
A. is looking;
B. looks;
C. has been looking;
D. will look.
Вопрос 3
They . . . this report when I came in.
A. are discussing;
B. discussed;
C. were discussing;
D. have discussed.
Вопрос 4
A new school … in our district by the time your son goes to school.
A. will be built;
B. will have been built;
C. will built;
D. is built.
Вопрос 5
They … play golf every day.
A. don’t;
B. doesn’t;
C. hadn’t played;
D. wasn’t.
Вопрос 6
They … since last holidays.
A. haven’t met;
B. didn’t meet;
C. don’t meet;
D. had met.
Вопрос 7
By the time she returns from her business trip the experiment … .
A. will have been finished;
B. finihes;
C. is finished;
D. will be finished.
Вопрос 8
What new words . . . ?
A. did you learn;
B. you learnt;
C. you have learnt;
D. have you learnt.
Вопрос 9
If I get the tickets, we ... this performance.
A. shall see;
B. see;
C. have seen;
D. saw.
Вопрос 10
I ... him for three years.
A. know;
B. was known;
C. have known;
D. has known.
Вопрос 11
He usually … to the institute 10 minutes before ten.
A. comes;
B. will come;
C. come;
D. is coming.
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Вопрос 12
She ... no letters from him lately.
A. has received;
B. received;
C. receives;
D. shall receive.
Вопрос 13
He … playing tennis tomorrow, because he is ill.
A. will not;
B. is not;
C. are not;
D. was not.
Вопрос 14
The students said they … less time on the translation of this text than the previous one.
A. had spent;
B. spend;
C. spent;
D. were spending.
Вопрос 15
I hope the next mail … news from home.
A. brings;
B. will bring;
C. will have been brought;
D. will be brought.
Вопрос 16
If it … raining we will go for a walk.
A. stops;
B. will stop;
C. will have stopped;
D. stopped.
Вопрос 17
When we came home our son … on the computer.
A. was playing;
B. played;
C. has played;
D. is playing.
Вопрос 18
An interesting problem ... at the conference tomorrow.
A. will be discussed;
B. will discuss;
C. has discussed;
D. was being discussed.
Вопрос 19
The operator assured us that a new program … the following week.
A. will be installed;
B. installed;
C. would be installed;
D. installs.
Вопрос 20
He said that he … met that man before.
A. had not;
B. did not;
C. is not;
D. has not.


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