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Shoppe Keep (Steam, RU region) + Подарок

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Описание товара

Shoppe Keep (Steam, RU region) + Подарок Shoppe Keep (Steam, RU region) + Подарок Shoppe Keep (Steam, RU region) + Подарок Shoppe Keep (Steam, RU region) + Подарок

Этот подарок может быть активирован только в этих странах: Армения, Азербайджан, Республика Беларусь, Грузия, Киргизстан, Казахстан, Республика Молдова, Таджикистан, Туркменистан, Узбекистан, Украина, Российская Федерация.
Для получения подарка напишите "Хочу подарок", "Подарок" или "Подарите подарок" и оставьте положительный отзыв. Рассылка случайной игры осуществляется в течение 1-3 суток на вашу почту, с которой была совершена покупка.

Об этой игре

***With the exciting announcement that Shoppe Keep has now moved from Early Access to full release comes further good news! Only today developer Strangefire has declared a number of significant game play enhancements and new and expansive content. We will continue with our planned seasonal updates, but the really exciting news is about the new Street Market and the Inn!
If you haven’t played Shoppe Keep yet, why not join nearly 100,000 gamers who are already enjoying this unique business management game, and create your own fantasy retail consortium! ***

The skill is to shrewdly set the price of each item and watch the money roll in - too expensive and you will find your stock shrinking as stealing increases. Deal with thieves quickly with a swing of your sword or a zap from a lightning spell!
Price your wares competitively and adventurers will travel from miles around to your one-stop shop to spend their gold.

Four memorable characters will visit your store, including a hardened warrior, magical mage, sneaky rogue and wise druid. Each of these character types will seek to purchase items relating to their skill set - a warrior will be hard pressed to take a flimsy magical robe into close quarter’s battle!

You have a daring clientele to add pressure to your role as a shop keeper. After beating up goblins and even battling the great ol’ Dragonclaw they can be a little aggresive. This might mean your displays can be spoilt and tables and shelves damaged. They are not too careful about bringing in dirt from the street either!

However help is at hand! As the owner of the store you’ll be armed with awesome tools for combating these issues. The broom will sweep away dirt brought in from your customers and the hammer will repair furniture damaged by these extraordinary visitors. A few sweeps and a couple of swings means your shop will be in tip top shape. Expand your empire and you can employ an army of “Helper Bots” – the latest in imaginary technology.

Set your prices too high and your customers may think twice about investing their hard won (or stolen) gold in your shop. They’ll throw the dice and attempt to steal it right under your nose! A quick swing of the sword or a zap of a magic spell can make quick work of these thieves. But be cautious not to hit any innocent bystanders or you’ll suffer the monetary penalty of paying a high fee!

And let’s not forget the Barbarians, they live on the outskirts of the city, regularly invading the town, and if your shop is popular enough will cause as much damage and destruction as possible. They will even fight you directly if you try to stop them. Eliminate a few dozen barbarians and they’ll invite a much larger friend to come and visit you.

It’s tough running a shop, as there are often not enough hours in the day to go out and procure new items. Thankfully, you can employ a champion that can be unlocked in the skill tree. Select a class, equip them with your finest armour and weapons, and send them out to bring back new wares. Some of these items can be sold, some are junk and others can be crafted into more powerful gear.
Your champion will need to gain experience. The first time out they may fall in battle, and whilst they will not return with any new goods, the experience will have taught them valuable skills that will improve their chances next time.

Дополнительная информация

1. Необходимо скачать и установить Steam http://store.steampowered.com/about/?l=russian;
2. Зарегистрировать новый аккаунт Steam или зайти в существующий;
3. Полученную после покупки ссылку, необходимо скопировать и вставить в ваш интернет браузер, под своей учётной записью зайти в Steam и принять подарок себе в библиотеку либо добавить в инвентарь Steam;
4. После активации игра появится в списке и вы сможете скачать ее со Steam либо будет хранится в вашем инвентаре, вы сможете активировать ее позже или подарить другу.

За каждый положительный отзыв вы получите денежный бонус на вашу следующую покупку и, если захотите, случайную дополнительную ИГРУ. Также предоставляется накопительная скидка постоянным покупателям. При возникновении каких-либо вопросов или проблем, свяжитесь со мной используя форму "Задать вопрос". Спасибо за покупку и хорошо повеселитесь!


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За положительный отзыв о купленном товаре продавец предоставит вам подарочную карту на сумму 1,37 руб..
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