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Решение: Variant VI

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Описание товара

I. Read and translate the text:
Leadership. It’s not a mystical quality, but a down-to-earth attitude and way of doing things that you can easily master – whether you are president of a huge corporation, an executive on the way up, or the captain of a football team.
To be a successful leader, you have to know how to use simple but very effective techniques to inspire those under you to want to do better, to handle different personality types – from workhorses to creative people, make sure you really communicate.
We all do these things, they are part of your social structure, and for the most part they are enjoyable.
The variety of experience has not changed my observation that some folks can run things and other folks just can´t. I used to think that it was something built in, sort of genetic. My conclusion now is that leadership can be learned, provided the individual wants to work at it.
Some people are natural leaders, whether they want to be or not. The rest of us have to be more methodical.
Leadership is a fascinating subject; all of human history revolves around it.
But leadership is a practical tool of everyday life.
Each of us leads something, even if it is only taking a reluctant animal for a walk each evening....
The leader causes the creation of the lifestyle of the organization. This can happen through direct positive action or indirect negative action.
Doing nothing also creates a lifestyle. In establishing the lifestyles that produce a successful operation, things have to be arranged, established, exampled, handled and done.
These are the basic actions that have to be taken in order to make any management job successful. The common entity in all operations, successful or not, is the leader.
Someone has to run everything, and that someone has the most influence over whether an effort will be successful.
This is not an attempt to provide a system of leadership that always succeeds.
I doubt that such a process could ever exist. If it did, all the fun would go out of the subject!
The title and visible signs that go along with the power do not produce power all by themselves.
The way the leader uses them to cause action determines their worth.
Getting people to cooperate enthusiastically - well, that is what leadership is all about!
II. Find the English equivalents of the following:
III. Transcribe these words:
IV. Using answers to these questions write a short presentation and retell it.
1. What do you think of the author´s observations on leadership?
2. Do you agree that an individual can learn to be a leader?
3. What is your viewpoint on the ability to lead?
4. What is your experience in this subject?
5. Do you agree that it’s a fascinating subject? Why (not)?
6. Do you agree with the author´s viewpoint on the role of the leader? Why (not)?
7. What do you think of the statement that «doing nothing also creates a lifestyle»?
8. Why is it so important to create a positive lifestyle in the organization?
9. What can you say about the lifestyle in your organization?
10. Is your leader working hard at establishing an effective environment? Does he succeed in doing so? Why (not)?
11. Do you agree that everything depends on the leader in making group efforts successful? If not, what do you think about it? Why do you think it’s so important to get people cooperate enthusiastically? Is it an easy task?
12. Do you see the ways to stimulate your colleagues for better performance? What are they?
13. What do you think is the most important thing in leadership?
V. Grammar.
Open the brackets:
Complete the sentences using modal verbs:
VI. Put the verb into the correct form (use -ing and the Infinitive):
VII. Read an advertisement for a job:
a) define the requirements for the job;
b) speak about the advantages and disadvantages of the position;
c) write possible questions for a job interview with an applicant.


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