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Решение: Вариант контрольного задания III семестра ГМУ

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Описание товара

I. Read the text and get ready to discuss it
A. What Is Management?
Managers are an important group involved in business activity. It is difficult to
define exactly what is meant by ‘management’. However, many agree that managers
are responsible for ´getting things done´ -usually through other people. The term
´manager´ may refer to a number of different people within a business. Some job titles
include the word ´manager’, such as ´personnel manager´ or ´managing director´. Other
job holders may also be managers, even though their titles do not say it. It could be
argued that managers:
• act on behalf of the owners - in a company senior management are
accountable to the shareholders;
• set objectives for the organisation, for example, they may decide that a long
term objective is to have a greater market share than all of the company´s
• make sure mat a business achieves its objectives by managing others;
• ensure that corporate values (the values of the organisation) are maintained
in dealings with other businesses, customers, employees and general public.
B. The Functions of Management
Henri Fayol, the French management theorist working in the early part of last
century, listed a number of functions or elements of management.
This involves setting objectives and also the strategies, policies, programmes
and procedures for achieving them. Planning might be done by line managers, who
will be responsible for performance. However, advice on planning may also come
from staff management who might have expertise in that area, even if they have no
line authority. For example, a production manager may carry out human, resource
planning in the production department, but use the skills of the personnel manager in
planning recruitment for vacancies that may arise.
Managers set tasks which need to be performed if the business is to achieve its
objectives. Jobs nerd to be organised within sections or departments and authority
needs to be delegated so that jobs are carried out. For example, the goal of a
manufacturing company may be to produce quality goods that will be delivered to
customers on time. The tasks, such as manufacturing, packaging, administration, etc,
that are part of producing and distributing the goods, need to be organised to achieve
this goal.
This involves giving instructions to subordinates to carry out tasks. The
manager has the authority to make decisions and the responsibility to see tasks are
carried out.
This is the bringing together of the activities of people within the business.
Individuals and groups will have their own goals, which may be different to those of
the business and each other. Management must make sure that there is a common
approach, so that the company´s goals are achieved.
Managers measure and correct the activities of individuals and groups to make
sure that their performance fits in with plans.
(Dave Kail, Rob Jones, Carlo Raffo. Business Studies. Изд-во Causeway
Press, 1994)
II Vocabulary Notes
1. getting things done - зд, чтобы работа выполнялась
2. job holder(s) - руководители
3. It could be argued [‘a:gju:d] that - зд. Считается, что ...
4. market [‘ma:kit] share [∫e∂] - доля в торговле (рынке)
5. make sure [∫u∂] that - зд. добиваться, чтобы
6. ensure [in’∫u∂] that - зд. обеспечивать (добиваться)
7. corporate [‘ko:p∂rit] value (s) - зд. общий авторитет
8. general public - зд. общественность, общество
9. in the early part of last century - в начале прошлого века
10. quality [‘kwoliti] goods - качественные товары (высокого качества)
11. common [´kom∂n] approach [∂´prout∫] - общий (единый) подход (к
III. Learn the following words and word combinations;

Дополнительная информация

IV.Give English-equivalents:
сделка, ответственный перед, поддерживать, долговременный, передавать
полномочия, подчиненный, возникать (появляться), прием на работу, ставить
цель, старший, акционер, рядовой управляющий, относиться (к..), генеральный
директор, даже если, теоретик, экспертиза, персонал (коллектив), от имени.
V. Match the words with the definitions
1. Recruit A To give part of your power or work to someone in
lower position than you.
2. Achieve В To appear from or out of a situation, event, etc
3. Delegate С To have the qualities that are suitable for a particular job,
occasion, purpose, etc
4. Involve D To find new people to work in a company, do a job, join an
organization, etc
5. Carry out E To do smth. such as a piece of work, a duty or a
6. Fit in (with) F To include something as a necessary part or result
7, Arise G To succeed in doing smth. good or getting the result you
wanted, after trying hard for a long time
8. Perform H To do something that needs to be organized and planned
VI. Make up sentences using the words given below
1. Performance, might, for, line, planning, who, be, managers, will,
responsible, will, by.
2. Company, is, delivered, of, time, quality, goal, to, goods, be,
manufacturing, produce, to, the, a, customers, to.
3. Employees, fits, measure, make, of, their, plans, to, correct, the, in,
and, performance, that, with, activities, managers.
VII. Complete the following sentences, using suitable words and phrases given
1. Authority needs to be ... to line managers.
2. Planning involves and strategies for achieving them.
3. The term manager may ... to a number of different people within a business.
4. This theorist.,, a lot of functions or elements of management.
5. This company sets long term... to capture new markets in Europe.
decide, setting programmes, objectives, delegated, correct, refer, listed,
VIII.Переведите на русский язык.
1. There is no need for the steamer to call at Tuapse.
2. It was necessary for him to return immediately.
3. There is no reason for us to change the terms of
4. There was no time for them to examine the goods that
5. It is too late for you to go there.
IX.Переведите на английский язык, употребляя оборот «объектный
падеж с инфинитивом» ( Complex Object)
6. Он хочет, чтобы вы пришли к нему сегодня.
7. Он хочет, чтобы его сын стал врачом.
8. Она хочет, чтобы ее пригласили на вечер.
9. Хотите ли вы, чтобы я вас помог?
10. Она любит, чтобы обед был вовремя.
11. Он не любит, когда его прерывают.
12. Он не любит, чтобы ему задавали вопросы.
13. Я хочу, чтобы его статья была опубликована


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