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Вариант 4
I.Прочитайте резюме и oпределите, являются ли утверждения (1-5) a) истинными или b) ложными:
Georgia Holley
9112 Rosewood Drive
Raleigh, NC 27614

Professional Profile
Innovative sales professional with a proven track‐record of effective management skills. Strong interpersonal skill.
Employment History
June 2008 – Current Preschool Prep Company Raleigh, NC
Market Research Consultant/ Copywriter
Market research specialist and contract copywriter for media company
specializing in preschool learning tools. Projects include website, newsletter and
advertising copywriting.
April 1999 - February 2003 DRM Davenport IA
Director of Marketing & Public Relations
Lead marketing strategist for international education firm.
Developed integrated approach to increase sales results, product awareness
and brand image. Created marketing strategic plan including staffing, training
and managing team of five marketers. Created integrated web-based marketing
strategy including online advertising and web development. Launched a national public relations campaign. Analyzed corporate sales reports and responded with tailored sales promotions. Managed a two million dollar budget.
June 1996 - April 1999 DRM Davenport IA
Sales Manager / Representative
Held both agent and managerial roles in the sales department. Responsible for
student recruitment in addition to managing and staffing team. Managed and motivated team of 11representatives and two supervisors.
2008 Oxford Seminars, Phoenix, Arizona
Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certification
2000 University of the Basque Country, San Sebastian, Spain
Certificate in Basque & Iberian Culture
1992-1996 University of Arizona, Tuscan, AZ
Bachelor of Arts - Journalism (Emphasis in Creative Writing; Minor in Spanish)

1.Georgia has great persuasive interpersonal skills.
2.Georgia created marketing strategic plan for a company.
3.She has no experience in working for a media company.
4.Georgia graduated from the University in San Sebastian.
5.As a sales manager Georgia was responsible for student recruitment.

III. Прочитайте деловое письмо и вставьте пропущенные словосочетания (a-j) в пропуски (1-10):

Dear Mr. Thomas,
I would like 1)…missing my interview on Wednesday, June 10 at 8:00 AM. A freeway accident stopped traffic completely for thirty minutes 2)…to the office, but that is no excuse. I should have left my home even earlier to ensure I would arrive 3)… .
As a 4) …., I understand that Extreme Public Relations Company values professionalism, which includes timeliness. Whether in a staff meeting or a client consultation, I understand that you would expect your employees 5) … .
I am currently taking steps to ensure that I am not late for a meeting again. I plan 6) … even earlier than I already do to ensure I

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I am currently taking steps to ensure that I am not late for a meeting again. I plan 6) … even earlier than I already do to ensure I am on time regardless of delays. I will also always 7)… before planning my driving route.
I demonstrated a 8) … on Wednesday. However, I would like to request another opportunity to interview with you for the position of 9)… at Extreme Public Relations Company. I know that, despite my embarrassing error on Wednesday, I am an ideal candidate for the position, due to my extensive experience and my ability to achieve quantitative results for my clients.
I will call you later this week to see if we can schedule a time to meet again. Again, I am very sorry for my actions. I 10) … meeting you and demonstrating to you why I am a strong candidate for the position.
Danial Craft

a) on my way
b) to be punctual
c) Communications Assistant
d) public relations firm
e) on time
f) to apologize for
g) lack of professionalism
h) to leave for meetings
i) check local traffic reports
j) look forward to

IV. Расположите слова в предложениях (1-6) в правильном порядке и прочитайте текст телефонного разговора:
1)department, Hello, you´ve the marketing reached .help I can How?
2)speak to please Yes can Roger Pitt, I?
3) calling please Who’s?
4)here Phillip Pen It’s
6)Certainly. hold Please on through and put I’ll you .

V. Подберите к названиям профессий (1-10) соответствующие им определения (a-j):

1.art valuer
2.beauty consultant
3.land property valuer and auctioneer
4.event organizer
6.financial advisor
7.market research interviewer
8.sales manager
9.image consultant
10. store demonstrator

a)a person whose job is to advise individuals and companies on all aspects of personal appearance and how to make an impact;
b)a person whose job is to give professional advice to individuals and businesses that buy, sell and rent land and property. They also organize and market auction sales.
c)a person whose job is to plan and run events such as trade shows. They also run exhibitions and conferences;
d)a person whose job is to buy books from publishers or wholesalers and sell them to customers. serving customers, dealing with money, giving advice, answering enquiries and ordering books for customers;
e)a person whose job is to help their clients choose the financial products and services that best meet their current and future needs. They could advise clients on the right investments, savings, pensions, mortgages or insurance products.
f)a person whose job is to collect information, using prepared questionnaires. They interview people in the street, in their homes, and over the phone.
g)a person whose job is to organize, coach and lead a team of sales representatives to work towards agreed sales targets. They could deal with recruiting and training sales staff, allocating areas to sales reps, developing sales strategies and setting sales targets, monitoring the team’s performance and motivating them to reach targets, providing feedback and coaching to team members, compiling and analyzing sales figures.
h)a person working in department stores, supermarkets and other retail businesses, introducing s to customers to help increase sales. They may demonstrate a wide range of different products including food and drink, toys, domestic appliances and gadgets, and cleaning, beauty and DIY items.
i)a person whose job is to help customers choose the right beauty products. They would also help customers make the most of their appearance.
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