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Решение: Контрольная по английскому (вар 3, СибГМУ)

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Описание товара

Контрольная работа № 1
Вариант 3.
I.Подобрать русские эквиваленты к данным английским словосочетаниям:
a) ghost elements
b) ridiculous though it sounds
c) they are valued
d) they possess a unique feature
e) curious paradox
f) no further comments are necessary
1. нет необходимости в дальнейших комментариях
2. элементы- призраки
3. смешно сказать
4. любопытный парадокс
5. они ценятся
6. они обладают уникальной чертой

II.Сгруппируйте слова по их временным формам:
Simple Active, Simple Passive, Progressive Active, Perfect Active, Perfect Passive.

he uses  he is using  he used he has used;
he could call he can be called;
they named they were named  they have been named;
he measures  he has measured.

III.Определите сказуемое в следующих предложениях:
1.People tired to estimate the amounts of the separate elements our planet had stored away in the crust.
a)to estimate
b)tried to estimate
c)had stored

2.Hydrogen and oxygen account for 88.5 per cent of the human body, hydrogen supplying 63 per cent of the total and oxygen 25.5 per cent.
c)account for

IV.Прочитайте и переведите текст:
But what is there the least of on Earth?

There is very little gold and platinum. That is why they are valued so highly. But it is a curious paradox that gold was the first of the metals to become known to man. Platinum was discov¬ered before oxygen, silicon or aluminium had ever been heard of.
The noble metals possess a unique feature. They do not occur in nature as compounds but in the native state. No effort is required to smelt them from their ores, that is why they were found on Earth, precisely found, so very long ago. We could rightly call them ghost elements.
The geochemists tell us that the amount of polonium on Earth is only 9600 tons; the amount of radon is still smaller, 260 tons; there is 26 thousand tons of actinium. Radium and protactinium are giants among the ghosts: their amount is about 100 millions tons, but compared to gold and plati¬num this is a very small quantity. As to astatine and francium, they can hardly be called even as ghosts, because they are still less material. The terrestrial reserves of astatine and francium are measured, ridiculous though it sounds, in mil¬ligrams. The name of the rarest element on Earth is astatine (69 milligrams in all of the Earth´s crust). No further com¬ments are necessary.

V.Выберите утверждения, которые соответствуют содержанию текста.

1.Gold was the first of the metals to become known to man.
2.The terrestrial reserves of astatine are measured in milligrams.
3.There is very little gold and platinum on Earth.
4.Platinum was discovered much later then oxygen.
5.The noble metals do not occur in nature as compounds but in the native state.

VI.Составьте 5 вопросов к прочитанному тексту.

VII.Выберите правильный вариант сказуемого в активном залоге.
1.After foreign chemists ... gallium, scandium, germanium, Mendeleev was recognized the author of the Periodic Law.
b)had discovered
c)will be discovered
2.The chemical reaction just … the composition and characteristic or specific properties of this substance.
a)has changed
b)was changed
c)will change
3.By 1906 the famous Russian scientist M. Tswett … a new method of establishing impurities.
b)had developed
4.By the end of the 3d year we … to carry out qualitative analysis of chemical substances.
a)shall learn
b)shall have learned
5.For a long period a man … about the medical properties of plants.
a)has known
b)had known
6.Mendeleev … the term “periodic law” to express the relations between atomic weights of elements and their properties.
b)will apply

Дополнительная информация

VIII.Выберите правильный вариант отрицания и вспомогательного глагола для вопроса.
1.They … a new reagent in their experiment.
a)does not use
b)did not use
c)is not used
2.We … this metal with sulphuric acid to obtain hydrogen yesterday.
a) did not treat
b)do not treat
c)does not treat
3.The researchers … new substances last week.
a)did not obtain
b)does not obtain
c)were not obtained
4.Soon we shall receive a new laboratory equipment…?
a)shall not we
b)didn’t we
c)don’t we
5.The experiment was very difficult…?
a)won’t it
b)wasn’t it
c)isn’t it
6.… a concentrated solution contain a large amount of a dissolved substance?

IX.Поставьте глагол в соответствующем времени страдательного залога.
1.The boiling point (determine) after the experiment begins in half an hour.
2.The substance (dissolve) in nitric acid when the professor came in.
3.By the end of the next experiment the volume of liquid (measure) in a graduated cylinder.
4.The result of the reaction of sulphuric acid with potassium (obtain) yet.
5.Many experiments (carry out) by pharmaceutical students yesterday.
6.By the end of our practice many medicinal plants (collect) at the botanical stations.
X.Заполните пропуски, выбрав соответствующую грамматическую форму.
1.Geochemistry told wonderful stories such as … never before… to man.
a)were … known
b)had …known
c)had… been known
2.No effort … to smelt noble metals from their ores.
a)is not required
b)is required
3.Some elements … after the planets of the solar system, such as uranium, plutonium, neptunium, etc.
a)are named
b)will be named
c)were named
4.The versatility of the carbon atom is responsible for the millions of organic components… on the Earth.
a)are found
b)had been found
5.The principle positively… ions are provided by sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium.
a)are charged
6.Scientists … detected more than 70 different chemical elements in the human organism, including uranium.
7.People … to add platinum to the gold using it to make coins.
c)had begun
8.The principle analytical instruments of the chemists of the past … their sense organs.
c)had been


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