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Решение: Контрольная по английскому №6 (13 заданий)

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Описание товара

Контрольная работа № 6


Exercise 1Irregular past tenses

Here are twenty verbs. Ten are regular and ten are irregular. Write in the Past Simple and Past Participle for the irregular verbs only.

Past SimplePast Participle

Exercise 2Active or passive?

Underline the correct form in the following sentences.

ExamplePortuguese speaks / is spoken in Brazil.

aThat’s the third time he has failed / has been failed the exam.
b‘Hot Lips’ wrote / was written by Celia Young.
cA lot of trees cut down / were cut down to build that house.
dThey don’t grow / aren’t grown bananas in Scotland.
eSome pictures have taken / have been taken from the museum.

Exercise 3Passives

Put the words in the right order to make sentences.

aworld is English the all spoken over

bsince has nylon 1932 made been

cMary’s invited I to wasn’t party why?

dwill when be new the bridge built?

easked car design were they to new a

Exercise 4Second Conditional

Use each verb in B once only and make five sentences from the chart.


If Iliveda dictionary


I wouldn’tgo to see her.
look up the word.
knewin Brazil
marry George.
hadmore money
learn Portuguese.
wereMaria’s addresssave it.
Write the complete sentences here.

Exercise 5Second Conditional and might

Read the text about Jane. Then complete the sentences below.

Jane’s unhappy at home and unhappy at work. She has a boring job and she doesn’t earn much money. Her boss says that he will perhaps give her a pay rise next month, but he isn’t sure yet. She doesn’t have a car and she goes to work on crowded buses every day. She doesn’t have a flat, she lives in a small room above a noisy restaurant in the centre of town. She finds it difficult to sleep because the restaurant doesn’t close until after midnight. She thinks that she will perhaps go and live with her friend Wendy but she isn’t sure yet because she likes living on her own.

ExampleJane wouldn’t be unhappy if she lived in a quiet flat.

aJane ____________________ happier if she _______________ a more interesting job.
bHer boss might _________________________.
cIf she ___________________ a car, she ___________________ to work by bus.
dIf she ___________________ live above a restaurant, she ____________________ it easier to sleep.
eShe might ________________ her friend Wendy.

Exercise 6Present Perfect Simple and Continuous

In the following pairs of sentences only one is correct.
Put a plus (+) next to the correct one.

aI saw her five minutes ago.
I’ve seen her five minutes ago.

bWe are here since last Saturday.
We’ve been here since last Saturday.

cHow long have you known Wendy?
How long have you been knowing Wendy?

dWe haven’t made coffee yet.
We didn’t make coffee yet.

eHe is waiting to see the doctor since nine o’clock.
He has been waiting to see the doctor since nine o’clock.

fWhen did you buy your new car?
When have you bought your new car?

gMary isn’t home. She’s been to work.
Mary isn’t home. She’s gone to work.

hI’ve run in the park, so I’m tired.
I’ve been running in the park, so I’m tired.

iI’ve run round the park three times.
I’ve been running round the park three times.

jThey already had their dinner.
They’ve already had their dinner.

Exercise 7Present Perfect Continuous

Ask questions to find out How long…?

Example- I’m learning English.
- How long have you been learning English?

a- I’m waiting for a bus.
- …
b- Tom’s saving up to buy a boat.
- …

Дополнительная информация

Exercise 8Reported statements and questions

Put the following sentences into reported speech.

Examples‘They live in Oxford,’ she said. → She said (that) they lived in Oxford.

‘Do you live in Oxford?’ she asked them. → She asked them if they lived in Ox¬ford.

a‘Do you often visit your aunt?’ she asked him.
She asked him ________________________________
b‘I visit her every Sunday,’ he said.
He said that __________________________________
c‘I took her some flowers for her birthday,’ he said.
He said that __________________________________
d‘What did you do at the weekend?’ he asked her.
He asked her _________________________________
e‘I’ve forgotten,’ she said.
She said that _________________________________

Exercise 9Had or would?

All the following sentences have ‘d in them. Write it out in full to show if it is had or would.

ExampleHe’d left before I arrived. = had

aI told him that I’d like to come.
bWhen we’d had tea, we went for a walk.
cWhy did you tell her that I’d broken the vase?
dIf I had a car, I’d drive you there with pleasure.
eShe said that he’d just given it to her.
Exercise 10Tenses and verb forms

In the following newspaper article put the verb in brackets in the correct tense or verb form. Sometimes you will also have to decide whether the verb is active or passive.

ExampleI asked John to do (do) the shopping but he hasn’t done (not do) it yet.


Exercise 11Multi-word verbs

Match a line in A with a line in B.

I didn’t know the word,but I picked it up quite easily.

I used to enjoy smoking,I’ll look after it.

People say French is difficult,so I looked it up.

Don’t worry about the cat,but I gave it up.

Exercise 12Prepositions

Put the correct preposition into each gap.

aI’ve been reading a story __________ two girls who travelled round the world.
bI sold my car __________ £2,000.
cIf that machine weren’t __________ of order, I’d get you a drink.
dDo you believe __________ UFOs?
eHe said that she was too young to buy alcohol and that it was __________ the law.
fLet me pay __________ the drinks.

Exercise 13Words that go together

Match a line in A with a line in B.

weara liftgetglasses
waitthe truthsunin computers
detectivea uniforminterestedheavily
give someonemind


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