Research of management systems test with the answers, 175.

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Research of management systems, test 175 questions.
Task 1
Question 1. What is based leadership as the art of government?
1. in informal reasoning and the development of alternative hypotheses;
2. on the formal arguments of the head;
3. only in the development of alternative hypotheses;
4. heuristic decision-making procedures;
5. on the experience of the manager.
Question 2. What is the theoretical basis of research management systems?
1. Probability theory;
2. reliability theory;
3. Management;
4. The general systems theory, and based on its analysis of the system;
5. The theory of operations.
Question 3. From the totality of the proposed concepts, select those that define the top level of research management systems.
1. The element status, the motion;
2. The element communication, goal;
3. The rate criterion, the structure;
4. The structure, communication element;
5. The state of motion quality.
Question 4: What are the properties define the concept of "control system"?
1. The system is an integrated complex elements, each of which, under certain conditions, can be considered as a system and any system under study is a member (portion) of a higher order;
2. The properties of the system can not be reduced to the simple sum of the properties of elements and have some properties specific to it as a whole;
3. The elements in any system under study are significant links between them that are stronger than the connection with elements outside the system;
4. All of the above.
5. There is no right answer
Question 5. What are the relationship between a control system and the external environment?
1 may not have interactions;
2. their influence on each other can be one-sided;
3. Mutual;
4. In all these cases.
5. There is no right answer
Task 2 (one error)
Question 1: What does it mean to ask a specific management system?
1. specify its structure;
2. determine the input and output of the system;
3. To determine the motion control system from the initial to the final state;
4. specify the object and subject of management;
5. All of the above.
Question 2. Select the control system architecture definition:
1. a set of structures of the same management;
2. The set of structures of various management systems;
3. The set of technical structures;
4. The set of elements of the management system;
5. The set of relations management system.
Question 3 of the proposed set of concepts, select the ones that determine the average level of research management systems:
1. The input, output, motion;
2. The goal state elements;
3. communication, structure, index;
4. indicator criterion element;
5. The input, output, status, movement.
Question 4. What determines the degree of organization of the control system?
1. The number of links in the system of governance;
2. The complexity of the connections and relationships in the control system;
3. The variety and level of the organization;
4. In all the above cases;
5. There is no right answer.
Question 5. What are directional control system?
1. Opening;
2. without inputs and outputs;
3. neutral;
4. All systems;
5. there is no right answer
Activity 3
Question 1. From the totality of the proposed concepts, select those that define the lower level of research management systems:
1. The quality index criterion;
2. The purpose of the problem, the quality;
3. The state of the movement, the goal;
4. The objective of the problem, the quality index, the criterion;
5. problem, quality indicator.
Question 2. What is governance?
1. The return of orders and instructions leader;
2. The motion control system from one state to another;
3. The impact on the management system in order to achieve this goal;
4. The activity of the subjects of management;
5. All of the above.
Question 3. What is t

Additional information

Question 4. Select the main types of formal target the existence of real control systems:
1. The desired end state Zkon system;
2. the required procedure for changing conditions - movement Z (t) of the system;
3. desired "direction" of the movement system without fixing a specific endpoint;
4. All of the above types.
5. There is no right answer.
Question 5: What is the law of control?
1. usually achieve management objectives;
2. The aggregate of the Governing single exposure;
3. The collection of reusable control actions;
4. The continuous exposure to the object management;
5. The actions of the head.
Task 4 (one error)
Question 1. From the totality of the proposed concepts of "governance" to select the desired:
1. The degree of approach to management objectives;
2. compliance control assigned tasks;
3. alternative management options;
4. All of the above concepts.
5. There is no right answer
Question 2. What is meant by the resistance movement control system?
1. reliability and efficiency;
2. The ability of the system to return to the original;
3. reliability, survivability;
4. The property retains some quality traffic in the management in the presence of disturbances.
5. There is no right answer
Question 3. When used program-targeted management?
1. in the absence of information on the impact of the environment management system.
2. when there are no analytical methods for the control.
3. when the influence of the environment is fixed;
4. when the influence of the external environment does not have a fixed value;
5. In all the above cases.
Question 4. What characterizes the complex control system?
1. The large number of components,
2. The variety of connections,
3. The structural elements of heterogeneity and diversity of their nature
4. all of the above.
5. There is no right answer
Question 5. The control system is characterized by large?
1. a particularly large size of the system,
2. complex hierarchical structure,
3. The circulation system of large information, energy and material flows,
4. The high level of uncertainty in the description of the system;
5. all of the above.
Task 5
Question 1: What are the characteristics of technical systems management?
Question 2. What are the characteristics ergatic management control systems?
Question 3. What are the characteristics of biological control systems?
Question 4: What is special about public management systems? etc.

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