Question 1. Which of the following definitions are

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Lesson 1.
Question 1. Which of the following definition does not apply to the basic requirements of dialectical logic?
1. comprehensive coverage of the subject thinking
2. The existence of abstract truth
3. The treatment of the subject in his "self-movement"

Question 2. What methods are used by the theory of state and law in the process of learning the state-legal phenomena?
1. The general scientific and chastnonauchnogo
2. Delphi and chastnonauchnogo
3. The general logic and rotational

Question 3. chastnonauchnogo methods include:
1. Modeling
2. Interpretation
3. analogy

Question 4. Application of due materialistic dialectical totality of certain theoretical principles, methodological techniques and special methods of investigation of state-legal phenomena - it's ...
1. The sign of TGP
2. Methodology TGP
3. The principle of TGP

Question 5: Who belongs to the work of the scientists, "The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State"?
1. Engels
2. Marx
3. L. Morgan

6. Question period to the era of barbarism does not apply:
1. The Stone Age
2. Bronze Age
3. Iron Age

Question 7: The government is different from the generic?
1. The generic principle of the organization
2. The presence of the public authorities, whose interests do not coincide with the interests of the population
3. there is no difference

Question 8. How many major forms of occurrence of the state allocates Engels?
1. The five forms
2. four forms
3. Three forms

Question 9: In what century was extended contract territory?
1. XVII-XVIII centuries
2. VII-XI centuries
3. XV-XVI centuries

Question 10. Who is the founder of the theory of violence?
1. Hobbes
2. JJ Rousseau
3. L. Gumplowicz

Question 11. The largest representative of the organic theory of the origin of the state is:
1. Spencer
2. Karl Kautsky
3. Freud

Question 12. At what age according to the laws of XII tables allowed drinking?
1. 26 years
2. 18
3. 30

Lesson 2.
Question 1. Under the internal form of the state (according to DA Kerimov) means:
1. Bureaucracy
2. The specific organization of political power
3. Democracy

Question 2. Define the form of government.
1. reflection of ways of organizing public authorities of a particular State
2. a form of government in which state power is exercised by elected bodies
3. The kind of form of government

Question 3. Which of the following does not apply to legal properties of the monarchy?
1. The activity of the throne by inheritance
2. Use the power of life
3. representation in foreign relations of suretyship

Question 4. What is the maximum period may be selected monarch in Malaysia?
1. 10 years
2. 5 years
3. 2 years

Question 5. The Prime Minister is appointed, usually ... is responsible for its activity to ...
1. The president, government
2. The head of state, parliament
3. The Head of State, President

Question 6. What are the main types of state regime.
1. The political and autocratic
2. The political and democratic
3. democratic and anti-democratic

Question 7. Define the state apparatus.
1. The part of the mechanism of the state, which is a combination of state bodies with governmental authority to implement state power
2. governmental organizations carrying out immediate practical actions to the functions of the state
3. The management body

Question 8: What are the authorities provide and maintain stability, integrity, emerging under the influence of the state and law of social relations, including the organizational and material apparatus of coercion?
1. executive
2. The law enforcement authorities
3. The legislative power

Question 9. The representative and legislative body of the Russian Federation is:
1. The State Duma
2. The Government of

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