Problems of Taxes (MEI)

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Problems of Taxes (MEI)

Value Added Tax (VAT)
Objective 1
Determine the amount paid (incoming) VAT deductible in the following cases: 1) the company acquired and capitalized production materials totaling 118tys.rub. (Including 18tys.rub. - VAT). At the reporting date 50% of the amount paid for the account of the supplier; 2) The company purchased equipment to install fixtures in their own home culture. Cost of equipment - 236tys.rub. (In Vol. P. 36tys.rub. - VAT). On the balance sheet date equipment was put into operation by the supplier is 80%. 3) The company has made an advance payment of 590tys.rub. (In Vol. H. 90tys.rub. - VAT) for fixed assets for production purposes. On the reporting date, fixed assets are not obtained. 4) the company acquired batch of imported goods worth 300tys.rub. When importing these goods into the customs territory of the Russian Federation has been paid 54tys.rub. VAT. Debts to suppliers at the reporting date is 150tys.rub. 5) the company held a training seminar in London. VAT on expenditure related to the seminar was 180tys.rub. All expenses are fully paid. Documents required for credit, are available for all these operations. The company is a VAT payer.
Task 2
The company during the reporting period has shipped products to 2400tys.rub. (VAT). The amount received by way of advance payment made 105tys.rub., The amount of VAT paid on advances and prepayments in the previous period - 5000 rubles. During the reporting period the company acquired: inventory items for industrial purposes in the amount of 120tys.rub. (Excluding VAT), in the amount of equipment 500tys.rub. (Without VAT). Determine: the amount of VAT payable to the budget.
Objective 3
The company during the reporting period has shipped products worth 1780tys.rub. The amount received by way of advance payment made 200tys.rub., The amount of VAT paid on advances and prepayments in the previous period, was -10tys.rub. During the reporting period the company purchased equipment worth 300tys.rub. and paid the material assets in the amount of 180tys.rub .. Determine the amount of VAT payable to the budget.

Tax on profits
Objective 1
Trading House sells animal feed. Proceeds from the sale of feed was 10mln.rub. (Without VAT). The acquisition cost of feed was 5mln.rub trading house. (Without VAT). Other costs of the Firm include: depreciation of fixed assets - 400tys.rub., Staff salaries trading house -800tys.rub., The unified social tax accrued on salaries - 200tys.rub., Rent retail space (excluding VAT) - 1 million. rub. Last year, the trading house had a loss in the amount of -1.4 million. Calculate the amount of income tax.
Task 2
The company sells products, which are purchased in another enterprise. The data on the financial results for the reporting period are as follows (excluding VAT): sold products worth 2000tys.rub., From customers for goods shipped was received 8200tys.rub., The cost of purchasing products made -5000tys.rub. Additionally paid 300tys.rub . their delivery to the warehouse. At the end of the year 20% of the products remained unsold. Workers engaged in the sale of these products, accrued salary -500tys.rub. The amount of the UST accrued salary -195tys.rub. Administrative staff accrued salary -200tys.rub., UST on this salary - 78tys.rub. Depreciation and amortization (depreciation) of commercial equipment made 228tys.rub. Depreciation of other fixed assets general economic purpose was 112tys.rub. The loss last year was -2500tys.rub. Calculate the income tax.
Objective 3
The company during the reporting period has shipped products to 4400tys.rub. (Excluding VAT) The cost of production amounted 3150tys.rub. During the same period, the company sold equipment for 230tys.rub., The amount of accumulated depreciation amounted 178tys.rub. During operation of the revaluation of fixed assets and the replacement cost of the equipment was 270tys.rub. Res

Additional information

Objective 1
The manufacturer sent to retailers 2 thousand. Liters of alcoholic beverages with a volume of ethyl alcohol 17%. For mandatory labeling of products acquired excise stamps in the amount 4tys.shtuk, the price of one brand -0,8rub. Determine the amount of excise tax payable to the budget
Task 2
The brewery sells beer. Cost of production - 10 rubles. for 1 liter. The organization expects to make a profit in the amount of not less than 30% of the cost. The rate of excise duty - 1,91rub. Determine the minimum price for a bottle of 0.33 liters in volume, excluding the cost of packaging.

Income tax on individuals
Objective 1
Employee organizations - took part in the liquidation of the Chernobyl accident - received in the workplace monthly salary in the sum 34tys.rub. The employee is also a disabled group 2 and has two dependent children -shkolnikov. Determine its total taxable annual income.
Task 2
During the year gr.U. have income taxed at stavke13% - 490 thousand. rub. This year, he paid for his studies on English language courses and training of his wife in the amount of 150 thousand. Rubles (75 thousand. Rubles each). Gr.U. transferred 100 thousand. rub. to charity and handed the orphanage books worth 50 thousand. rub. Identify social deductions, tax-free annual income and personal income tax.

Property tax of legal entities
Objective 1
The rate of property tax 2.2%.
Indicator Date
01.01 01.02 01.03 01.04
Fixed assets, thousand rubles 300 400 500 600
Depreciation of fixed assets, thousand rubles 50 60 70 80
Calculate down payment on property tax organization for the 1st quarter
Task 2
The value of assets in the company to 01.01. was -10310tys.rub., on 01.04.-10310tys.rub., on 01.07. - 11340tys.rub., On -11520tyslub 01.10, 31.12. - 11520. To determine the property tax of the enterprise in the 1st quarter; in the 1st half; 9 months and a year. The rate of property tax for the region -2%.

Personal property tax
Objective 1
Gr.T. owns a home inventory value 270tys.rub., garden house (insurance value 180tys.rub.). In September gr.T. declared invalid 11gruppy. Betting tax set maximum. Determine the amount of the tax on personal property, to be paid for the year.
Task 2
Citizen bought the house in February 2007 ,, inventory value 450tys.rub., In September of 2009 and sold it for the same price nephew, who since November of 2009 declared invalid 11 group. Determine the amount of the tax on personal property for 2009 for each taxpayer. Betting on the property of individuals in the region have been the maximum.

Transportation tax
Objective 1
The organization has on the balance of two cars and the engine power of 75 100l.s. and three trucks with capacity of engines, respectively 300, 400 and 450l.s. To determine the amount of vehicle tax, using the rate specified in the Tax Code.
Task 2
On an individual vehicle is registered with an engine 105hp In May, the car was stolen (there is evidence GBBD). In June, an individual has acquired and registered a new car with the engine power -120l.s. Calculate vehicle tax using the rate specified in the Tax Code.
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