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Simply, closed systems (where laws of preservation, a constant are observed and other) strictly speaking, in the nature are not present, and there is their only approached representation of the flat world in which the observer and forms the representation about the Universe! And, not always correctly! And first of all - the beginning of all beginnings is concluded in detecting quantum’s EMR from various processes of the Universe, and, the picture of the world directly depends on properties of photons and transformation of their parameters, in process of distribution from a source and up to the detector. Actually, representation of a photon in five parameters in a complex plane do not leave any opportunity to present EMR in an image of primitive process of transfer of quantum of energy in the flat world. And approach of the flat world, processes of carry EMR, consist in neglect gravitational properties of photons while it is impossible to find that place where gravitational fields are absent in the Universe! As a result of the given assumption the major parameter physicists of space as red an galactic displacement of energy, lengths of a wave and frequency of photons have received incorrect interpretation, as has caused the whole cascade of erroneous conclusions which have laid down in a sub foundation of Astrophysics of XX century! For correction arisen патовой situations necessity was generated to lead unique operation is to return for ~100 light years back and from a position of the quantum theory of gravitation ЭМИ to adapt bases of Astrophysics of XX century in the world of full dimension of XXI century! Actually, for this purpose the Theory of Thrones also was created!


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