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Описание товара

Задание 1:
Прочитайте и устно переведите текст. Письменно переведите 2, 3, 4 абзацы.
Lawyers’ work
Lawyers work to assure the principle of equal justice under law to the people of the state.
A lawyer is both an advisor and an advocate. As an advisor, a lawyer informs clients about legal matters or represents persons, businesses, and me government in such matters as contracts and commercial Transactions.
As an advocate, a lawyer acts for the client in court. A lawyer also advocates on behalf of clients in resolving disputes out of court.
Lawyers´ work can include defending or prosecuting those accused of committing a crime.
Lawyers research legal issues, draft contracts, wills and other documents, counsel, mediate, and negotiate settlements.
Some lawyers specialize in advising corporations working as in-house counsel. They also act for the company in court if a dispute arises.
Most lawyers practice in law firms that can be small or big, but usually have different areas to counsel clients on.
Usually, lawyers concentrate on a certain practice area: taxation or intellectual property, some practice public interest law, for example working to protect the environment.
Some lawyers may be appointed or elected to serve as judges. Judges preside in the courtroom They resolve disputes and give the judgments. In a jury trial they rule on points of law and tell the jury about the law that governs the case.
Lawyers also work for various government agencies and organizations.
Legal careers also include teaching law and research.
There are law-related jobs for which law degree qualification is not required. These are clerks, court reporters and secretaries.
Careers in Law Enforcement, in the USA for example, such as Private and Criminal detectives, FBI agents, Police officers, Customs officers are possible after obtaining a Criminal Justice degree.
Задание 2.
Переведите следующие предложения на русский язык на основе текста, и поставьте «+», если ответ правильный, и «-», если не правильный. В случае отрицательного ответа напишите правильный ответ на английском языке.
1.Attorneys and solicitors can bothwork as advocates and advisers.
2.A prosecutor either defendsthe accused orconducts criminal proceedings.
3.Lawyers can work for businesses and governments.
4.Lawyers don’t do any paperworkat all.
5. An in-house counsel, or a corporate lawyer acts both as an adviser and an advocate.
6. It’s important for a lawyer to choose an area of specialization.
7. Judges are appointed or elected.
8. Judges resolve disputes and administer justice in a criminal trial.
9. All law-related jobs require a law degree qualification.

Задание 3.
Прочитайте и устно переведите диалог. На основе перевода письменно сформулируйте на английском языке основные обязанности: a solicitor, a barrister, an attorney.
A: I have some problems and need to consult a lawyer. Can you tell me where to find a good attorney?
B: Attorney? You see, here, in London, we have solicitors or barristers.
A: Solicitors and barristers... Which one is better to approach?
B: A solicitor will help you from the start. But solicitors can’t represent you in court. This lawyer deals with clients, advises them and prepares legal documents. Barristers speak for clients in court. Solicitors do most of paper work for them.
A: I see. In America counseling and advocacy in lawcourt is performed by attorneys.
B: What is your problem? Anything serious?
A:Yes, rather. I think of bringing the action to court. So, I’d like to find a good barrister.
B : We’d better visit my solicitor first. He will have an interview with you, look into the matter and then introduce you to a barrister, if necessary.
A: Of course it will be necessary!
B: Is it a criminal case?
A: No, why?

Дополнительная информация

B: Because barristers speak in higher courts. Solicitors can speak for their clients in lower courts. Minor civil cases are decided in lower courts.
A: I see. Then we’d better make arrangements with your solicitor as soon as possible.

Задание 4.
Ответьте на вопросы на английском языке.
1) What is the major objective of lawyer’s work?
2) What legal jobs do you know?
3) Which of the following verbs refer to lawyer’s activity - to advise, to defend, to produce, to speak, to inform, to preside, to teach, to apply, to prosecute, to buy.
4) What does the lawyer do as an advisor?


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