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About Moscow
Moscow is the capital of Russia. It was founded in 1147 by Yury Dolgoruky. It is situated on the Moskva-river. Its population is about 15 million people Moscow is an important political, administrative and cultural center. It is the seat of the Russian Government, President and the Federal Assembly.
Moscow is a big industrial center. There are a lot of factories and plants there.
Moscow has many educational establishments: academies, universities, institutes, colleges and schools.
There are many theatres, cinemas, museums in Moscow. They are the Bolshoi Theatre, the Maly Theatre, the Tretyakov Gallery, etc.
There are also a great deal of monuments to famous people in the city. You can see the monuments to Peter the Great, Pushkin, Timiryazev and many others. There are many different means of transport in Moscow. They say Moscow Metro is the most beautiful in the world.
Moscow is a Hero City. During the Great Patriotic War Muscovites defended their city heroically.
Our capital is dear to all Russian people.

Great Britain is situated on the British Isles. It is washed by the Atlantic ocean, the Irish Sea, the North Sea and the English Channel. Great Britain consists of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
The climate of Great Britain is mild because of the Gulf Stream.
Great Britain is a highly developed industrial country with such branches of industry as textile, mining, ship-building, engineering and chemical. The most important industrial centers are London, Liverpool, Manchester and others. Agriculture is also highly developed.
The capital of Great Britain is London. Its population is 9 million. Great Britain is a constitutional monarchy. The power of the queen is limited by Parliament. The main political parties are the Conservative and the Labour Parties.

I am a correspondence student of the Academy of the Federal Penal Service of Russia. It was opened in October, 1970.
It trains workers for corrections (correctional institutions). The students may become lawyers, investigators, economists, book-keepers, psychologists and social workers. There are three main departments at our Academy: the Law department the Psychology department, the Economics department. I study Law (Psychology, Economics). We have a lot of subjects:
1) Criminal Law, Civil law, Penal Law, Administrative Law, the History of the State and Law, the Theory of the State and Law, Criminology, Criminalistics, Detective Activities and others.
2) Psychology, Anthropology, General Psychology, Physiology, History of Social Work, Social Psychology and others.
3) Economic Geography, Morey/Credit/Banks, the Theory of Economics, Management, Marketing and others.
A foreign language (English, German or French), Philosophy, the History of the Country, the History of Culture, Biology, Computer Science, Russian, Mathematics and some other subjects are obligatory for all the students of all departments.
Once a year the students come to the Academy for credit tests and exams. Every day the students must attend lectures, seminars and tutorials.
It is difficult to work and study at the same time. But I study every day. I work hard to be a good specialist.


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В целях противодействия нарушению авторских прав и права собственности, а также исключения необоснованных обвинений в адрес администрации сайта о пособничестве такому нарушению, администрация торговой площадки Plati ( обращается к Вам с просьбой - в случае обнаружения нарушений на торговой площадке Plati, незамедлительно информировать нас по адресу о факте такого нарушения и предоставить нам достоверную информацию, подтверждающую Ваши авторские права или права собственности. В письме обязательно укажите ваши контактные реквизиты (Ф.И.О., телефон).

В целях исключения необоснованных и заведомо ложных сообщений о фактах нарушения указанных прав, администрация будет отказывать в предоставлении услуг на торговой площадке Plati, только после получения от Вас письменных заявлений о нарушении с приложением копий документов, подтверждающих ваши авторские права или права собственности, по адресу: 123007, г. Москва, Малый Калужский пер. д.4, стр.3, Адвокатский кабинет «АКАР №380».

В целях оперативного реагирования на нарушения Ваших прав и необходимости блокировки действий недобросовестных продавцов, Plati просит Вас направить заверенную телеграмму, которая будет являться основанием для блокировки действий продавца, указанная телеграмма должна содержать указание: вида нарушенных прав, подтверждения ваших прав и ваши контактные данные (организиционно-правовую форму лица, Ф.И.О.). Блокировка будет снята по истечение 15 дней, в случае непредставления Вами в Адвокатский кабинет письменных документов подтверждающих ваши авторские права или права собственности.

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