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Переведите письменно существительные (1-10). Выберите о

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Вариант 4

I. Переведите письменно существительные (1-10). Выберите определения
(a – j), соответствующие существительным:
1) budget a) a general direction in which situation is changing or developing
2) brand b) the ability to do something well
3) IPO (initial public offering) с) a person or a company that somebody owes money to
4) save d) a decrease in amount, number, etc.
5) trend e) the reason why somebody does something or behaves in particular way
6) skill f) the act of a company selling its own shares on the stock market for the first time
7) motivation g) a set of products of a particular type that are made or sold by a company
8) creditor h) to keep money instead of spending it, especially by putting it in a bank account
9) fall i) the amount of money that is available to a person or an organization and a plan of how it will be spent over a period of time.
10) product line j) a name given to a product by the company that makes it, especially a trademark
III. a) Выполнитетемы № 3, 5 вКОПР.
b) В следующих предложениях подчеркните глагол-сказуемое, определите его видо-временную форму и залог. Переведитепредложениянарусскийязык.
1. Before John celebrated his 26th birthday, he had started his own company.
2. The world’s leading gas and oil exporter has become one of the most attractive markets in the world.
3. The company has been dealing in car sales for many years.
IV. a) Выполните тему № 1 в КОПР.
b) В следующих предложениях подчеркните герундий и инфинитив. Переведите предложения на русский язык.

1. Banks are interested in keeping most of their money in circulation so that it should bring them profit.
2. In 1913 H. Ford began to use assembly-line techniques in his plant.
3. Many countries in Asia have an absolute advantage in manufacturing electronic goods.
V. Прочитайте и устно переведите на русский язык весь текст.
Письменнопереведитеабзацы 1, 2.

Russia is Taking the Global Step

1. Russian companies moving into Asian markets are often attracted to China primarily for its growth and size. But increasingly they are finding that investment opportunities in Southeast Asia are too good to be ignored and making the move. The future of Russian business will depend not only on Russia attracting international players to its markets, but also on Russian companies making greater inroads internationally. Russian corporates are increasingly taking this step. Only a decade ago it was only Russian energy giants, or resources producers, that had moved into the global marketplace. But more and more, they are being joined by infrastructure and construction companies, machinery and equipment manufacturers and lessors, and Russian mobile telecommunications operators. More Russian corporate players can be expected to follow.
2. When Russian companies step into a global marketplace, they find many of the same challenges and issues that international players coming to Russia find. The laws and customs and systems are different. The Russian companies looking to move into markets in Asia and Europe, and in emerging markets, will need to understand a different business culture and legal framework, and ensure they have good advice on how best to work in that marketplace.
3. The attractions of Southeast Asia are the rapidly growing economies of the region, which have posted strong economic growth as the major developed economies have remained mired in debt and weak demand following the global financial crisis of 2008. I fact, Southeast Asia is projected to grow at a robust 5.5 percent, supported by strong national savings rates, a focus in domestic demand, and an increasingly sophisticated workforce. Beyond the traditional leading regional economies of Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, Indonesia, which is setting ambitious infrastructure investment as the cornerstone of its economic growth plans, and Myanmar, which is coming in from decades of economic isolation, are getting increasing attention.
4. The ex

Дополнительная информация

VI. Определите, являются ли приведенные ниже утверждения:
a) истинными (true)
b) ложными (false)
c) в тексте нет информации (no information)

1. Only a decade ago it was only Russian energy giants, or resources producers, that had moved into the global marketplace.
2. Many businesses and clients do not try to replicate their business models from home in Asian markets.
3. Indonesia does not allow foreign investors to own land but it does provide generous leasing rights, and permits the repatriation of profits.
VII. Прочитайте абзац 3 (см. задание V) и ответьте письменно на следующий вопрос:

What are the attractions of Southeast Asian market?


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