Organization of the activity of the central bank, the t

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Organization of the activity of the central bank, the test, Movement II, 60 questions.
Exercise 1
Question 1. The main elements of the calculation of required reserves:
1. Backup base calculated in a billing period
2. The reserve ratio, calculated on a daily basis
3. 1. and 2. are true
4. there is no right answer
Question 2. The reserve requirement system is designed for the current regulation:
1. bank liquidity
2. the loan market and the issue of credit money commercial banks
3. Return 1 and 2
4. there is no right answer
Question 3. deposits is included in the reserved obligations include:
1. demand deposits of enterprises
2. deposits and other borrowed funds of non-resident banks
3. deposits (demand and time) Russian Ministry of Finance, the financial authorities of the RF subjects, extra-budgetary funds of all levels
5. Return all of the above items
6. there is no right answer
Question 4. The reserved obligations included borrowed funds:
1. The federal budget, regional budgets and local budgets, which are on bank accounts
2. The funds in bank accounts for other operations (amounts due to customers on uncompleted settlement transactions)
3. The funds of credit institutions´ correspondent accounts (residents and non-residents) in rubles and foreign currency
4. Return items 1-3
5. No right answer
Question 5. The calculated value of required reserves is equal to the amount of regulatory required reserves ... averaged their values:
1. minus
2. The extent to
Task 2
Question 1. Purpose of reserve requirements is to regulate:
1. The volume of bank liquidity
2. The scope and structure of the monetary aggregate M2
3. The actual amount and structure of the required reserves of credit institutions with the Bank of Russia
4. Return all p.1-3
5. No right answer
Item 2. Regulation of the required reserves include actions of an authorized institution of the Bank of Russia:
1. The elimination of the established during the monthly shortfall or regulation perevznosa values ​​based on material tests
2. align the actual and estimated on the basis of material tests
3. Control over the execution of duties by the credit institution averaging required reserves
4. Return all items 1-3
5. there is no right answer.

Question 3. The reserved obligations are now included:
1. The vast majority of the budget funds, banks, customer demand (not only included the balances on correspondent accounts with resident banks and non-resident banks in precious metals)
2. Determination of the funds, reflecting payments of customers and banks (not included a significant portion of accounts payable of banks)
3. a small portion of loans received by banks from other banks (applies only to loans received from non-resident banks)
4. Return all items 1-3
5. No right answer
Question 4. The methods of the interest the central bank´s policy does not cover:
1. direct
2. cyclic
3. indirect
4. Return all items 1-3
5. No right answer
Question 5. The main directions of the interest rate policy of the central bank:
1. deposit policy of the central bank
2. The regulation of commercial banks loans from the central bank
3. Return items 1 and 2
4. there is no right answer
Activity 3
Question 1: With the help of the central bank interest rate policy is able to:
1. The impact on supply and demand in the money market by changing the value of the loans
2. adjust the level of liquidity of commercial banks and the money supply in the country
3. credit institutions to provide emergency financial assistance
4. Return all items 1-3
5. No right answer
Item 2. Implementation of the Bank of Russia lender of last resort function is:
1. refinancing credit institutions
2. loans to legal entities
3. loans to individuals
4. Lending of the Russian Government

Question 3. The amount of interest rates on Bank of Russia loans:
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Additional information

Question 4. Loans Bank Russian commercial bank are:
1. The long-term up to 1 year
2. The medium-term up to 1 month
3. overnight
4. intraday
5. Return all the items 1-4
Question 5. The Bank of Russia sets the interest rates (the minimum bet) the following transactions:
1. credit "overnight"
2. intraday credit
3. collateral loans
4. The deposit and repo transactions
5. Return all the items 1-4
6. there is no right answer

Activity 4
Question 1. modern refinancing instruments do not include:
1. The loans granted by the Bank of Russia to commercial banks against securities
2. The short-term bilateral deals in the currency and stock markets (and REPO operations SWAP)
3. The long-term bilateral transactions in the foreign exchange and stock markets
Question 2. Loans to central banks, provided by commercial banks in the refinancing are classified:
1. The lending target orientation
2. The form and terms of ensuring
3. The nature of the initiation of loans
4. The instrument of temporary borrowing
5. Return all the items 1-4
6. there is no right answer
Question 3. The main areas of use are refinancing:
1. Refinancing holds the state represented by the Ministry of Finance, when one replaces the other obligations with a longer maturity
2. The refinancing of commercial banks carried out by replacing one another on the interbank loan
3. refinance using the central bank to maintain liquidity and regulation of money turnover
4. Return all items 1-3
5. No right answer
Question 4: The first group of tools refinancing system, secured (locked) securities not included credit:
1. intraday
2. long-term
3. Lombard
4. overnight
Question 5. The Bank of Russia extends loans secured by promissory notes, claims under credit agreements or guarantee for the term:
1. not more than 180 days
2. at least 180 days
3. there is no right answer
Task 5
Question 1. The requirement of the Bank of Russia which is not presented to the banks - potential borrowers of loans against securities:
Question 2. The market value of the securities (P) of all issues in the collateral portfolio, adjusted for the appropriate correction factor (Ki) is equal to:
Question 3: Depending on the type of collateral the Bank represented Russia are:
Question 4. The Bank of Russia loans interest rates are set at the rate of:
Question 5. The package of documents, which transmits the credit institution in the territorial agencies of Bank of Russia for the conclusion of the contract with him for a loan, including:
Task 6
Question 1. The main object of the open market policy include:

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