Онлайн тест по деловому иностранному языку (СПбГТИ(ТУ)

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ДИЯ(ч1). Итоговый тест
результат - 100 баллов (прикреплён скан с результатом)

___ is written below the sender’s address, sometimes separated from it by a space.
1. the title
2. the date
3. the name

An alternative to including the recipient’s name or position in the address is to use an “_____”.
1. salutation
2. attention line
3. complementary close

If the letter is addressed to the USA, the name of a city or town should be followed by the name of the _____ .
1. state
2. district
3. country

The area that falls within the radius is called the ______ area.
1. Nearby
2. Zone
3. Catchment
4. Catch

If you know ___ of a person you are writing to, you write this on the first line of the address, preceded by a courtesy title and either the person’s initials or his/her first given name.
1. the first name
2. the name
3. the surname

How long should the business letter be?
1. as long as possible
2. very long
3. as long as necessary

If punctuation is used, each line of the address is followed by a comma, except the last line. But the majority of firms now use _____ punctuation, i.e. without any commas.
1. open
2. direct
3. closed

Most hotels find it difficult to coax hotel guests into the _______.
Выберите один ответ.
1. Setting
2. Hotel
3. Restaurants

Can the Managing Director be mentioned in the letterhead if he is different from the Chairman?
1. Yes
2. No

It is interesting to note that of the estimated $31.8 billion worldwide sales, about $15 billion are from outside of _______.
1. Russia
2. The USA
3. The UK
4. China

Always type your name after your _____ signature and your position in the firm after your typed signature.
1. typed
2. handwritten
3. copied

Envelope addresses are written in a similar way to _____ addresses.
1. inside
2. outside
3. sender’s
4. receiver’s

The abbreviation _____ is used to show that the company’s shares can be bought by the public.
1. Ltd
2. Plc
3. Inc

How is the main part of the letter called?
1. the general part
2. the body
3. the plot

When signing on behalf of the company, it is useful to indicate your ____ in the firm in the signature.

If your letter is very short and simple it can sound _____.

This is written below the sender’s address and the opposite side of the page.

If the letter is addressed to ____, the name of the city should be followed by a shortened name of the corresponding postal district: e.g. EC – East Central, NW – North West, WC – West Central etc.

Compared with other restaurants, some hotel restaurants offer greater degrees of ________.

In 1843 he organized the first _______ using a rented train and provided tourists with food and tickets for the races.

Not included in the area of tourism are people who travel someplace in order to take up _______ there.

The regular resort visitors became older; in general, the younger guests preferred the mobility of the _______ and the more informal atmosphere provided by the newer and more informal resorts.

Дополнительная информация

The term ____ is sometimes used in signatures and means for and on behalf of.

If the letter begins with a personal name, it will close with ___.

In the late 1800s, luxury resort hotels were developed to _______ the clientele that the railways brought.

Following Cook´s agency, Freims and Henry Lunn set up tourist offices in _____.

A tourist is distinguished by the length of his trip from an _________, who is away from his usual residence for less than 24 hours, or at most a weekend.

However, it was 1815 when the traveler and writer J. Galinyany organised the first joint tour in ____.

The sequence of writing an address in Great Britain should be:

Many firms leave out the abbreviation ___ after the date.


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