Neuropsychology test answers 40 questions

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Neuropsychology test, 40 questions.

1 Who are the famous domestic psychologists laid the foundations of neuropsychology?
1. Leontiev
2. P. Galperin
3. S. Rubinstein
4. Vygotsky

2 What is the role of Vygotsky in the creation of domestic neuropsychology

1. Learn the basic neyropskholgicheskie syndromes
2. formulated the principles of localization of higher mental functions
3. Describe the main forms of visual agnosia
4. Create child neyropskhologiyu

3 Creation of methodological and methodical apparatus of domestic neuropsychology by:
1. Luria
2. O.S.Adrianov
3. E.D.Homskaya
4. NA Bernshtein

4 Main Luria importance in the creation and development of domestic neuropsychology is:
1. The study of hemispheric brain asymmetry
2. The creation of neuropsychology elderly
3. The creation of methodological and methodical apparatus of neuropsychology
4. The development of psycho-physiological methods in neuropsychology

5 Which of the basic general psychological problems is central to neuropsychology?
1. The study of the structure of VPF
2. The layered organization of APF
3. The problem of "brain and mind"
4. The role of the social and biological in the human psyche

6 The concept of mental function as irreducible components on a single psychic "abilities", which should be fully correlated to specific brain regions reflect such research areas as:
1. ekvipotentsionalizm
2. dualism
3. narrow localizationism

7 The approach, according to which the brain, especially the cortex of the brain, is a homogeneous whole, equal and equivalent to mental functions in all its departments, called
1. ekvipotentsionalizm
2. dualism
3. narrow localizationism
4. all the answers are not true

8 Who are the researchers did not apply to the representatives of the "narrow localizationism"?
1. Brock
2. Wernicke
3. Lashley
4. Kleist

9 The best-known proponents of "narrow localizationism" were:

1. Brock
2. Kleist
3. Lashley
4. Goldstein

10 The best-known representatives of ekvipotentsionalizma yavyalyutsya:

1. Lashley
2. Flourans
3. Wernicke
4. Gall

11 Fundamentals of dynamic localization of higher mental functions, which are based on domestic neuropsychology, were laid:

1. Bekhterev
2. Sechenov
3. Pavlov
4. Ukhtomskiy

12 How do scientists developed the theory of systemic dynamic localization of higher mental functions in the domestic neuropsychology?

1. Bernstein
2. Ukhtomskiy
3. Anohin
4. Luria

13 Which of the following statements correctly reflects the essence of the theory of systemic dynamic localization of higher mental functions?

1. Mental functions associated with uniformly throughout the brain, any brain damage leads to a proportionate amount of the pathological focus violation of all mental functions simultaneously.
2. Any higher mental function is provided by the brain as a whole, however, this unit consists of a low-grade sections, each of which contributes to the implementation of the function
3. The brain is a collection of different centers, each of which is associated with a specific function, loss of a center leads to permanent impairment of the corresponding function

14 Which of the allocated blocks Luria brain is related to the activation of the regulation?

1. Power unit
2. Block the reception, processing and storage of information exteroceptive
3. Programming unit, regulate and control the progress of mental activity

15 According to the ideas Luria power cord unit is related to:

1. The activation process
2. The information processing certain modality
3. mental activity regulation

16 According to the ideas Luria receiving unit, processing and storage of exteroceptive information includes:

1. divisions cortical visual, auditory and kinesthetic analyzers
2. The frontal lobes of the brain
3. subcortical brain structures

17 motor, premotor and prefrontal frontal lobes are part of:

1. Energy Unit
2. Block the reception, pro

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