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1. American money comes in bills (paper money) and coins. The denominations of paper money are $ 1, $ 2, $ 5, $ 10, $ 20, $ 50, $100, though 2 dollar bills are very rare. A slang word for a dollar is "buck". It is interesting that whatever the denomination is all bills are of the same color and size.
2. There are 100 cents (c) to the dollar. 1 cent is a small copper coin known as a "penny." A 5 cent coin is called a "nickel", a 10 cent coin is a "dime", and a 25 cent piece is known as a "quarter". Unlike the word "buck," these are standard terms. Half dollar and one dollar coins have no special name and are rather rare.
3. Note the proper way of naming a certain sum: 1.40 — "one dollar and forty cents" or "a dollar and forty cents" or "one forty." 3.60 — "three dollars and sixty cents" or "three sixty"
You can make your payments in cash, traveler’s checks, credit and banking cards, or checks.
4. When traveling the best way to carry your money is traveler’s checks. They are insured, and you can get your money back if they are lost or stolen. For this to be possible be sure to write down the check numbers. In order to have your checks replaced you will have to apply to a refund office where you will be asked to fill out a special form providing information, first of all, on their numbers and, if possible, on the date of purchase, as well as amount, date, location and circumstances of loss. The transaction is free of charge. The inconvenience of traveler’s checks is that they should be in dollars as banks in the US usually do not deal with foreign currency. Traveler’s checks can be bought at most banks but the service charge may vary. One can use traveler’s checks almost anywhere: in hotels, stores, or restaurants.
5. With Americans, the most common way of making payment is by credit card, the major ones being Visa, American Express, and Master card. Each company has its own logo, i.e., trade mark. You can often see them on the advertisements of different services, such as hotels, restaurants, car rentals, etc. To get a credit card one must meet certain requirements, such as permanent residence and a permanent job. It is common practice for an American to have various credit cards, as every company provides its customers with certain advantages. You receive a bill listing your expenditure from the credit card company once a month. Usually no interest is charged if you pay within thirty days.
6. Other ways of completing business transactions or making a purchase is by means of a check book and a banking card. They are given by your bank when opening an account. A banking card enables you to withdraw money from your account immediately. You slip the card into an automated teller machine (ATM, cash machine) that is connected to your bank computer and the amount of payment is instantly deducted from your bank balance.
Both credit and banking (ATM) cards are commonly called "plastic" money, or just "plastic".


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