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Описание товара

I. Complete the key words in these definitions.

А good deal is the same as cheap or a fair price.

1. А good d _ _ _ is the same as cheap or a fair price.
2. A _ _ _ с _ _ _ _ is an amount of money taken away from the price of something.
3. If a shop or a company has certain goods in _ _ _ _ k, it means that the goods are available.
4. If a shop offers interest-free _ _ _ d _ _ , customers don´t have to pay extra if they pay over 12 months.
5. A _ _ p _ _ _ _ is a small amount of money that customers pay at the beginning.
(from Market Leader (Elementary Business English Course Book). Pearson Education Limited 2007. p. 61)

II. Match the words and expressions to the definitions. You may use the words more than 1 time.

street vendor

1. Someone who buys food in a supermarket. (3 expressions) ___customer, buyer______
2. Someone who sells goods or services. ____________________
3. Someone selling a house. (2 expressions) _________________
4. Someone buying a house. (2 expressions) _______________
5. Someone who sells hamburgers to tourists outside the Tower of London. ______________
6. Someone who uses a computer, even if they have not bought it themself, but their company has. _______________________

(adapted from Business Vocabulary in Use (Intermediate). Cambridge University Press. 2002. p. 47)

III. Read the three abstracts. Complete the chart below.

Bill: I buy a lot of clothes by mail order. I order by phone and the mail-order company posts the goods to me. I spend a lot, but I only order once every three months.

Mike: I do my food shopping on the Internet. It´s very convenient and only costs 6 euros for delivery. I do everything - order, pay and arrange delivery. Once a week I go online.

Jane: I love the January sales. I buy things like electrical goods because the discounts are so good. You can get some real bargains, especially in the high-street department stores. I go every year.

Product Place How often
Bill clothes mail order
Mike online
Jane once a year

(from Market Leader (Elementary Business English Course Book). Pearson Education Limited 2007. p. 50)

Where and how often do you buy products? Complete the chart below

Product Place How often
electrical goods

(adapted from Market Leader (Elementary Business English Course Book). Pearson Education Limited 2007. p. 50)

IV. Open the brackets. Use the Past simple of the verbs.

I (start) 15 years ago with capital of $A 50,000. We (have) one small restaurant in Sydney and now we have twenty throughout Australia. My shareholders (be) members of my family: my parents, brothers and sisters all put up money. They (not/receive) any dividends for the first five years: we (put) all our profits back into the company! Now we want to increase the amount of equity, so we are looking for outside lenders.
Lenders have been very helpful. We (obtain) $A50,000 of loan capital from a bank when we (start). Now we have paid off all the principal and interest after seven years. We have taken out other loans recently, but our indebtedness is not bad in relation to the size of the business.

(adapted from Business Vocabulary in Use (Intermediate). Cambridge University Press. 2002. p. 73)

V. Write an article (75 to 100 words) about Vicky Karra. Use the information below and the past simple.

Vicky Karra studied English and business at Athens University from 1987 to 1990. In 1990, she


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