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Описание товара

The Types of Ships
Liners and Tramps
Vessels that have been designed to transport cargo or/and passengers are called merchant ships. They may be classified as liners or tramps.
A liner carries cargoes between two fixed destinations.
Her sailing schedule has been pre-arranged – she has a fixed homeport, port of destination and port(s) of call, and fixed ETA’s and ETD’s (Estimated Times of Arrival and Estimated Times of Departure). A liner-vessel is allowed to carry up to 12 passengers.
Freighters that carry cargoes according to schedules that are not fixed are called tramps.
Homeports, ports of destination, ports of call, ETA’s and ETD’s differ with every voyage.
A tramp is not allowed to carry any passengers.
Merchant ships may carry general cargoes, bulk cargoes, refrigerated cargoes, heavy cargoes, timber, and many many more.
General Cargo Ships
General cargo is cargo that has been packed in crates, boxes or bags, or cargo coming in pieces (unpacked cargo items).
Cargo is loaded and discharged by the vessel’s own derricks or by shore based cranes.
The conventional general cargo ship has several tweendecks.
Bulk Carriers
Bulk cargo is unpacked cargo of one commodity.
Dry bulk cargo, such as grain, ore, fertilizers, etc. is carried in specially designed vessels with holds that have been divided into compartments by longitudinal and transverse separations, so that the ship’s stability will not be affected by a full cargo.
Dry bulk cargo is loaded and discharged by cranes with grabs or by pumps.
Liquid cargoes such as crude oil, petroleum, edible oils, etc. are carried in tankers, for example in Very Large crude Carriers (VLCC’s), chemical tankers, such as Liquefied Petroleum Gas (сжиженный углеводородный газ) tankers (LPG carriers) or Liquefied Natural Gas tankers (LNG carriers).
Product tankers are small tankers that carry different sorts of oils.
For safety reasons tankers must be fitted with double bottom. These spaces also provide storage for fuel, lubricating oil and waters.
Container ships
Cargo that has been containerized is carried by container ships.
Containers are most often measured in Twenty Feet Equivalent Units (TEU’s) and are stowed in a cellular arrangement in Rows, Bays and Tiers.
The rows run abeam, or athwartship; the bays run fore to aft and the tiers are horizontal layers. The three-figure code on each container refers to this stowage system. Thus, each container can easily be found.
Container ships are sometimes equipped with their own gantry cranes that load and discharge the containers. Container ships may carry general cargoes, liquid cargoes or refrigerated cargoes.
Roll-on/Roll-off ships (RO/RO ships)
On a Ro/Ro ship cargo is rolled on and rolled off by lorries (грузовики) or trailers (тягачи).
The great advantage of this system is that no cargo handling equipment is required.
The loaded vehicles are driven aboard via ramps through special stern and bow doors and are properly secured for the passage. Upon arrival in the port of discharge, the vehicles are released and driven ashore to their destinations.
A coaster carries cargo along the coast or on sea voyages. Trans-Atlantic voyages are quite common.
A coaster is of limited length and tonnage.
Her engine room is situated aft. Often there are no tweendecks and the cargo spaces have no obstacles, so that a variety of cargo can be handled.
Refrigerated-cargo vessels (Reefers)
Refrigerated-cargo vessels are ships that carry perishable cargoes, such as meat or fruit. These cargoes require cooling and must be stored in spaces that have precise temperature-and humidity controls during the voyage.
Reefers, as these ships are also called, are equipped with refrigerating plants.

Дополнительная информация

“Lash” stands for “Lighter aboard Ship”. A Lash-vessel has a main deck that is flat and without any obstacles. A lighter is a container that floats in the water. The containers may be hoisted on board by the vessel’s own heavy derricks that stack them on board.
Another way of loading the containers on board id by submerging the vessel first (for this she must be equipped with a powerful pumping-system), then have tugs or push boats tow or push the lighters over the Lash-vessel, after which the vessel will emerge again and will “pick up” the lighters. This type of vessel is also referred to as a “Seabee”
Heavy-load vessel
Heavy-load vessels have been designed to lift and carry extremely heavy cargo on the main deck.
Their most prominent features are very heavy derricks (“booms”), masts and lifting-blocks (тали).
Their cargoes, such as drilling platforms, engines, yachts, trains, derelicts and wrecks, are loaded onto the main deck, which is free from any obstacles.
Timber Carriers
Timber is a raw material from which wood-products are manufactured.
Vessels that carry timber can easily be recognized by their tall derricks.
A timber carrier has been designed in such a way that she can carry a tall deck cargo.

Multi-Purpose Vessels
Cargo ships that carry both general cargo, bulk cargo and containerized cargo are called multi-purpose (or multi-loads) vessels. These ships are equipped with a variety of cargo handling gears to load and discharge the different types of cargoes.
An OBO-ship has been designed to carry oil/bulk/ore. She has been subdivided in such way that oil can be carried in the largest compartments and ore can be carried in the smaller compartments.
Passenger Ships
Passenger ships, such as cross-Channel ferries, have been designed to carry passengers and their vehicles on a prearranged route.
Their main features are more or less the same as the features of the Ro/Ro vessels.
Cruise ships have been especially designed to carry holidaymakers (отдыхающие).

1.7. Заполните таблицу.
Type of vesselPurpose she servesFeatures of design
1. General Cargo Carrier
2. Dry Bulk Carrier
3. Tanker
4. Container ship
5. Ro/Ro ship
6. Coaster
7. Reefer
8. Lash-vessel
9. Heavy-load vessel
10. Timber Carrier
11. Multi-load vessel
1.Вставьте вместо пропусков верный вариант из данных в скобках.
2.Вставьте вместо пропусков подходящие по смыслу слова.

1.Выберите верный вариант перевода.
2.Выберите верный вариант перевода.
3.В следующих фразах слова даны вразброс. Поставьте их в нужном порядке и переведите на русский язык.
4.Переведите предложения на английский язык.
Лексический материал.
At the Hotel

3.Напишите подходящие ответы.
4.Напишите вопросы, на которые можно дать следующие ответы.
5.Ответьте на вопросы.
6.Ответьте на вопросы администратора гостиницы.
7.Согласитесь или опровергните утверждения.
9.Вставьте подходящие по смыслу слова.
10.Переведите на английский язык.
1.Здравствуйте. Я хотел бы остановиться в вашей гостинице. Мне хотелось бы одноместный номер с ванной и телефоном.
2.Вы заказывали у нас номер?
3.Да, я послал вам телеграмму из Киева с просьбой зарезервировать для меня номер с 12 сентября. Вот письмо-подтверждение.
4.Да, все правильно. Заполните, пожалуйста, форму.
5.Я планирую пробыть в вашей гостинице неделю. Вы не будете возражать, если я оплачу счет, когда буду выписываться из гостиницы.
6.Конечно, как вам удобно.
7.Если вы говорите, что ваша гостиница переполнена, не могли бы вы порекомендовать мне другую гостиницу?
8.Конечно. Свободные номера есть в «Интуристе».
9.Я через полчаса выезжаю. Попросите, пожалуйста, носильщика отнести в вестибюль мой багаж и вызвать такси. И подготовьте счет.
10.Конечно, сэр.


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