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Контрольная по английскому. Вариант IV

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Описание товара

Variant IV
Text 1
You are going to read an extract from the book Brave New World by
Aldous Huxley. It is set in the distant future where people are no longer
born but are «hatched» instead. «Alphas» are the most intelligent and
«Epsilons» the least intelligent. Read the passage and answer the
1. Why doesn´t Mustapha Mond want to make everyone Alpha-Double-Plus?
A Because it would be a joke.
В Because Epsilons would have nothing to do.
С Because it could be dangerous.
D Because the change would be difficult to introduce.
2. According to Mustapha Mond, Epsilons aren´t unhappy because
A they are used to making sacrifices.
В they enjoy their work.
С they realise unhappiness is a waste of time.
D they can´t think that way.
3. How does the Savage feel about Mustapha Mond´s explanation?
A Depressed.
В Amused.
С Fascinated.
D Astonished.
4. What point does Mustapha Mond want to make when he talks about the
A All people are essentially equal.
В You are happier out of the water.
С Society needs people below the water line
D Most people are happy with an undemanding life.
5. What happened as a result of the Irish experiment?
A Less soma was consumed.
В There was trouble.
С It was repeated elsewhere.
D People wanted to work even less.
«I was wondering», said the Savage, «why you had them at all, seeing
that you can get whatever you want out of those bottles. Why don´t you make
everybody an Alpha-Double-Plus while you´re about it?»
Mustapha Mond laughed.«Because we have no wish to have our throats
cut», he answered. «We believe in happiness and stability. A society of
Alphas couldn´t fail to be restless and miserable. An Alpha would go mad if
he had to do Epsilon work – go mad or start breaking things. Only an Epsilon
can be expected to make Epsilon sacrifices , for the good reason that for him
they aren´t sacrifices. His conditioning has determined the life he has got to
live. He can´t help himself».
The Savage sighed.
Text 2
Read the text below and look carefully at each line. Some of the lines are
correct and some have a word which should not be there. If a line is
correct, put a tick (V). If a line has a word which should not be there,
write the word.
Example: 0) V
Electronic noses!
0 Smell is probably the most undervalued of the five senses, the others
1 of which are as taste, touch, sight and hearing. The perfume of roses
either or
2 of a freshly-baked bread gives pleasure, but odours can also be
important in
3 that checking the quality of products coming off industrial production
4 lines or in detecting some disease. An electronic nose has been
5 that has twelve sensors to detect smells. They are very sensitive enough
6 to pick them up the difference between the smell of two types of white
7 The electronic nose is especially useful as well it can pick out "bad"
8 say, beer or perfume. Research suggests that people who suffer from
9 illnesses, such as the diabetes or lung cancer, give off characteristic
10 Doctors will hope that, in future, electronic noses might help early
Choose the correct item.
1 I’m going to buy ____ oranges.
A no B any C some
2 «Who was at the door?» «____».
A No one B Something C Anyone
3 There is ____ milk left in the fridge.
A not B no C any
4 I’m bored. There is ____ to do here.
A something B anything C nothing

Дополнительная информация

5 The earth ____ round the sun.
A moved В moves С is moving
6 Sarah ____ a new car last week.
A is buying В buy С bought
7 I ____ when suddenly the dog began to bark.
A study В studied С was studying
8 They ____ hard at the moment.
A are working B was working С worked
9 I ____ home from work when it began to snow.
A am walking В walk С was walking
10 Jane ____ the receiver and dialled the number.
A lifts В was lifting С lifted
Translate the sentences from English into Russian.
1 It may crash if there is not enough memory or if it has a bug.
2 Using the mouse, you can do a number of things by clicking on
different icons.
3 These programs are on disks, e.g. the hard disk inside the computer, or
floppy disks.
4 Some people also use graphics.
5 People often talk about the marketing mix.
6 One of the main objectives of a company is to make profit.
7 The money that they spend is called expenditure.
8 She does general paperwork.
9 Goods is the general word used for things that are made to be sold.
10 Money, which is called a mortgage, is often paid back over 25 years.
Think about the positive and the negative things about the Internet and
write a short essay (80–120 words). Answer the following question: Do
you think that the world would be a better place without the Internet?


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