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Описание товара

1. Напишите предложения полностью, соединив части предложений из колонки А с частями предложений из колонки В.

If I knew his name, you could meet my brother.
If I had known his phone number we could have had a picnic.
If you came with me, you would have seen lots of sights.
If you’d come with me, he would have just spent it.
If the weather had been better, I would have sent you a copy.
If the weather were better, I’d have called him.
If you’d given me your address, we could go for a walk.
If I had given him the money, I would introduce you

2. Расставьте глаголы в предложения по смыслу.

ask, hurry, make, work, ship, take, arrive, be

1) If he calls I ……… him when he wants it.
2) If you go to San Francisco you ……… jetlagged for a few days.
3) She’ll get fired if she ……… late again.
4) They won’t have any problems getting here if they ……… a taxi.
5) If we don’t get payment this week we ……… the next order.
6) We won’t get the shipment out if we ……… overtime.
7) If we don’t accept this offer, they ……… a better one.
8) We’ll be late if we ……… .

3. Напишите предложения полностью, расставив все члены предложения в правильном порядке.

1) you/that/do/wish/I/wouldn’t.
2) years/wish/ten/I/younger/were.
3) repair/the/road/they/would/I/wish.
4) agree/do/I/it/wish/I/to/hadn’t.
5) the/speak/to/manager/to/wish/I.
6) coming/with/I/wish/you/was.
7) wish/stop/it/I/raining/would.

4. Прочитайте ситуацию и выберите правильное предложение a, b или c

1. Someone asks you to help them to translate a newspaper article into your language. Unfortunately, the newspaper article is in Chinese - a language you don’t speak or understand. What do you say?
a. I’ll help you if I can.
b. I’d help you if I could
2. Someone asks about your plans for tomorrow. You are not sure yet - you are either going to the beach or to the cinema - it depends on the weather. What do you say?
a. If the weather is good, I’ll go to the beach.
b. If the weather was good, I’d go to the beach.
3. You are on holiday at the seaside. The beach is very nice, but unfortunately the weather isn’t very good - it’s cloudy and the temperature is only 12C. What do you say?
a. I’d be happier if the weather were better.
b. I’ll be happier if we have better weather.
4. You invite a friend to go to a club with you, but she’s got an exam tomorrow, so she can’t come. What does she say to you?
a. I’ll come if I don’t have an exam.
b. I’d come if I didn’t have an exam.
5. A taxi driver is driving you very slowly to the station. You train leaves in five minutes. What do you say to him?
a. If we don’t go faster, I’ll miss the train.
b. If we didn’t go faster, I’d miss the train.
6. A friend asks you to drive her home from a party, but your car is at home, so you can’t help her. What do you say?
a. Sorry, if I have my car, I’ll take you home.
b. Sorry, if I had my car, I’d take you home.
7. You see a child crossing the road reading a book. What do you say to the child?
a. If you’re not careful, you’ll have an accident.
b. If you weren’t careful, you’d have an accident.

5. Прочтите текст. Расставьте слова и словосочетания в пропуски в тексте и переведите получившийся текст на русский язык.

the convergence/computer software/technology/a broad subject

What is Information and Communications Technology (ICT)?

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) or Information technology (IT) is ________ concerned with technology and other aspects of managing and processing information. In particular, IT deals with the use of electronic computers and ________ to convert, store, protect, process, transmit, and retrieve information. Today, ICT is used to describe ________ of Information Technology, Telecommunications and Data Networking Technologies into a single ________.

6. Прочтите текст. Найдите английские эквиваленты в тексте и образуйте из существительных глаголы

влияние -
исследование -
защита -
развитие -

Дополнительная информация

How is ICT making a difference to our life?

ICT has made a huge impact on almost every aspect of our daily lives - its power influencing engineering, health, aerospace, communications, education, research, banking, finance, defense, entertainment to name just a few. Over the past few decades ICT has contributed to real social, economic and cultural development in countries right across the world. Indeed, ICT has opened up opportunities for millions of people not only to earn a living but also to contribute to the social and economic progress of their respective communities.

7. Ответьте письменно на вопрос к тексту.

What aspects of our life do, according to the text, ICT influence on mostly?

8. Прочтите и переведите текст устно. Выполните задание № 9,10 к данному тексту.

Social media conquer the world

Social media serve as the communications infrastructure for the Internet users and are intensifying the shift in power towards increasing civic engagement and sovereignty. Small interest communities make the most use of social media on the the Internet. Status updates, microblogs, social bookmarks, video sharing, photo commentaries and other recommendations stimulate niche markets, a large number of which are dotted all over the net.
More and more Germans are using the the Internet. On average, in 2010 every German aged 14 and over surfed the web for 100 minutes a day. Almost 50% of over-50s and fully 23% in the 70+ age cohort regularly spend time on the the Internet. The ability to be contacted anywhere in the world is taken just as much for granted as exchanging large volumes of data at low cost. The parameters for all active the Internet users are short communication channels, the rapid viral spread of information, the decentralized organization of collective mobilization, and a wide range of options to participate in many spheres of everyday life. The technical means for people to create digital content themselves are becoming increasingly user-friendly, meaning that professional firms are no longer the only ones to offer digital content. As consumers evolve into ‘prosumers’, growth in the amount of user-generated content is unstoppable and networking is becoming ever more closely knit to span the globe.
Not all digital content is of (economic) value, however. There is a greater danger of information being misinterpreted because it often appears out of context. Comprehension in pattern form, i.e. following and understanding topics, trends and discussions, is easier in specific communities in which people work selectively and collectively on information. The consequences of this growing network density and the flow of real-time information in constantly new contexts are also apparent in rising degrees of complexity, reduced scope for control and rapid rates of change for business and society.

9. Переведите следующие словосочетания из текста на русский язык.

1. short communication channels ………
2. the rapid viral spread of information ………
3. the decentralized organization of collective mobilization ………
4. a wide range of options ………
5. user-generated content ………
6. growing network density ………

10. Распределите слова по четырем колонкам согласно части речи, выделяя аффиксы.

Complexity, collectively, density, selectively, discussion, specific, economic, closely, unstoppable, professional, user-friendly, digital, increasingly, organization, mobilization, communication, intensify, social, engagement, sovereignty.
существительное прилагательное глагол наречие


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