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Контрольная по английскому №1. Вариант 2

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Вариант № 2.
(Выполняется студентами, фамилии которых начинаются с букв И – О).

1. Vocabulary and Grammar Exercises.
1.1. (20 x 1 point) Supply the articles where necessary. Write your answers (a, an, the or ‘−’) in the boxes.

a) On ___(1)___ 21st of September Mr. White came to ___(2)___ Ministry of ___(3)___ Foreign Economic Relations to have ___(4)___ talks with Smirnov of Rossimport.
b) It’s ___(5)___ enquiry from ___(6)___ company. ___(7)___ company is interested in ___(8)___ telephone equipment. They know we are selling ___(9)___ new model of ___(10)___ equipment.
c) There is ___(11)___ heavy demand for ___(12)___ tools of ___(13)___ new model.
d) Blake & Sons are not ___(14)___ very big company, but they’re ___(15)___ very popular on ___(16)___ world market.
e) Rossexpot’s goods are of ___(17)___ high quality. ___(18)___ Rossexpot’s goods meet ___(19)___ requirements of their customers.
f) Passengers for the flight to Spain, please collect your hand luggage and go to ___(20)___ gate 4.

1.2. (20 x 1 point) Supply the prepositions where necessary. Write your answers in the boxes.

a) Many customers come ___(1)___ Rossexport to discuss business matters ___(2)___ the engineers of the company. They usually discuss prices and terms ___(3)___ payment.
b) Mr. Blake phoned ___(4)___ the Hove hotel and reserved rooms ___(5)___ advance.
c) When he came ___(6)___ London he made an appointment ___(7)___ Mr. Morris ___(8)___ Brown & Co ___(9)___ Wednesday ___(10)___ 10.
d) Mr. Smith, a representative ___(11)___ Bell & Co who deals ___(12)___ these goods, got instructions to place an order ___(13)___ 30 motors ___(14)___ the Russian company.
e) The customers must complete the construction ___(15)___ the plant ___(16)___ the end ___(17)___ the year.
f) Fine. It suits ___(18)___ me. Our driver will pick you ___(19)___ ___(20)___ the hotel.

1.3. (20 x 2 points) Supply the correct tense-forms. Write your answers in the boxes.

a) His office hours ___(1)___ (to begin) at 8.30.
b) The manager of GML ___(2)___ (to phone) Bell & Co in London before their representative ___(3)___ (to go) on business there next month.
c) – You ___(4)___ (to show) this equipment to the French businessman this week?
– No, I ___(5)___ .
d) When I ___(6)___ (to arrive) in London, it ___(7)___ (to rain) heavily.
e) – I ___(8)___ (to fly) to the USA one of these days.
– You ___(9)___ (to make) a reservation for a flight?
– Yes, I ___(10)___ (to do) it the other day.
f) – You ___(11)___ (to open) the window, please?
g) – What you ___(12)___ (to do)?
– I ___(13)___ (to be) an engineer.
h) We just ___(14)___ (to discuss) the time of delivery with White & Co. The Seller ___(15)___ (to start) shipping the goods nine month after we ___(16)___ (to sign) the contract.
i) Mr. Brown ___(17)___ (to come out) of the hotel at 7.30. The car ___(18)___ (to wait) for him. He ___(19)___ (to get in) and ___(20)___ (to go) to the Ministry.

1.4. (10 x 1 point) Change the following sentences in Direct Speech into Reported Speech. Write your answers in the boxes.

1. Mr. Black asked, “Has Mr. Taylor gone?”
2. The immigration office asked, “What’s the purpose of your trip?”
3. Mr. Black said, “We require the machines in July.”
4. Mr. Black said, “We must clarify the matters as soon as possible.”
5. Mr. Black asked, “Are you busy all day, Mr. White?”
6. Mr. Black asked, “Did you go to the Seller’s plant, Mr. Brown?”
7. Mr. Black said, “I don’t know when he will call back.”
8. Mr. Black says, “Fill in a form, please.”
9. Mr. Black said, “Don’t sell goods at this price!”
10. Mr. Black said, “Your friend will miss the train if he doesn’t come in 5 minutes.”
1.5. (10 x 2 points) A word or phrase is missing in each of the sentences below. Four answer choices are given below each sentence. Select the best answer to complete the sentence. Write your answers (letters A, B, C or D) in the boxes.

Дополнительная информация

1. Its a company custom to _________ to work in casual clothes on Fridays.

(A) come (B) be (C) dress (D) attend

2. We could call the TV stations and _________ the opening of our new store.

(A) publicity (B) public (C) publicize (D) publisher

3. Neither Ms. Chen _________ Mr. Martinez was able to attend the seminar.

(A) nor (B) and (C) neither (D) or

4. We’re _________ waiting for a fax from the head office.

(A) already (B) yet (C) every day (D) still

5. If you _________ how to use the word processor, ask any one of us.

(A) won understand
(B) don understand (C) understood
(D) not understand

6. I get too many e-mails. I can read _________ all.

(A) them (B) myself (C) mine (D) its

7. Shopping on the Internet is for those consumers for _________ going to malls has become a nightmare.

(A) who (B) whom (C) which (D) that

8. The company hired a public relations firm which _________ improve their image.

(A) will have (B) ought to have (C) may have (D) could

9. The benefits are _________ now than last year.

(A) good (B) better (C) best (D) the best

10. Our staff is smaller now because two people in our department _________ this year.

(A) are terminated
(B) terminate (C) had been terminated
(D) have been terminated

1.6. (10 х 2 points) Translate into English.

1. – Где г-н Смит?– Он сейчас занят. Он разговаривает с г-ном Бэлом. Они обсуждают условия отгрузки товара.
2. – Когда вы заключили контракт с фирмой “Bell & Co”?– Мы заключили с ними контракт в этом месяце.
3. Три месяца назад г-н Уолтон посетил Москву. Он был заинтересован в продаже последней модели оборудования российским фирмам.
4. – Мы бы хотели получить скидку с цены.– Вас устроит 5% скидка?– Да, мы можем согласиться с вашим предложением.
5. Товар этой фирмы высокого качества и отвечает требованиям заказчиков.
6. В офисе 5 менеджеров. Трое сейчас принимают заказчиков, остальные изучают каталоги.
7. У нас много заказов на товар по этой цене.
8. Пусть секретарь перепечатает отчет.
9. Если Покупатель не может обеспечить транспортные средства, Продавец должен поставить товар на условиях СИФ.
10. Мы не можем поставить моторы заказчику в августе, т.к. наш товар пользуется большим спросом.

2. Business Communication. Telephoning and Business Letters.

2.1. (7 x 1 point) Choose the best responses. Write your answers in the boxes.

1. How are you? (A) Pleased to meet you.
(B) Im fine.
(C) Good afternoon
2. Can I speak to Bella? (A) At the moment.
(B) Thats right.
(C) Sorry, shes out.
3. Do you have a moment? I need to talk to you about something.
(A) Really?
(B) Sorry about that.
(C) Of course.
4. Whos speaking? (A) I am Fred Bentley.
(B) This is Fred Bentley here.
(C) Fred Bentley is speaking.
5. When can I reach you? (A) One hour.
(B) When you want.
(C) Ill be in all evening.
6. I live in Paris. What about you?
(A) Im a fashion designer.
(B) Well, I come from the North.
(C) I work from home.
7. My husbands in the Production Department.
(A) Im in the Sales Department.
(B) Not a bad job.
(C) Oh yes, I think Ive met him
1 2 3 4 5 6 7

2.2. (7 x 1 point) The following dialogue is in the wrong order. Rearrange it to make a natural flow of conversation.

(A) Im sure. I hope to get back here again.
(B) Thats a pity. Theres a lot to see.
(C) Good. Are you here on business then?
(D) Are you staying long?
(E) Really? Thats interesting. What line are you in?
(F) No, just a couple of days.
(G) Yes, we
e thinking of setting up an office here.

2.3. ( 10 x 1 point) This task refers to the following two e-mails. Put the correct word or phrase in each blank. Choose from the following list. Use each item once only. Write your answers (letters A, B … or J) in the boxes.

A. would appreciate
B. look forward to
C. be staying
D. Fw:
E. Thats all for now F. Id like to
G. am forwarding
H. In fact
I. lets say
J. on Saturday


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