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Choose the right item. (это задание для пунктов А1-А20)
А1. Francisco Goya … in Zaragoza, where he was born, and later moved to Madrid.
a) Was studing
b) Was studying
c) Studied
d) Had studied

А2. The exam was particularly … as he knew his future career might be at stake.
a) Frightened
b) Frightening
c) Frighten
d) Frightlfull

А3. Martha was fourteen and she still … to swim.
a) Didn’t learn
b) Hadn’t learnt
c) Hasn’t learnt
d) Wasn’t learning

А4. The sky … by flashes of lightning and the thunder was deafening.
a) Lit up
b) Was lit up
c) Lighted up
d) Was lighted up

А5. All the lights went out and the electrical appliances stopped … .
a) Working
b) To work
c) Work
d) Works

А6. If you wait five minutes, he … and pick us up.
a) Will come
b) Comes
c) Come
d) Came

А7. She pushed forward into the sea and started to make swimming movements. To her amazement, her body … up by the water.
a) Hold
b) Was held
c) Was hold
d) Held

А8. Look! I …!
a) Swim
b) Swimming
c) Am swimming
d) Swam

А9. More …, we’ve discovered it’s because particles from the surface of the sun get into the earth’s atmosphere.
a) Recent
b) Recentive
c) Recentively
d) Recently

А10. People in the UK are used to … excellent customer service in the shops.
a) Having
b) Have
c) Had
d) Has
А11. I remember … hall furniture in our apartment in Russia.
a) Assembly
b) Assemble
c) Assembling
d) Assemblive

А12. The robot’s face is covered with a polymer developed with … comparable to human skin.
a) Elastic
b) Elastical
c) Elasticity
d) Elasticly

А13. Sometimes she remembered … a cake home.
a) Bringing
b) To bring
c) To bringing
d) Has brought

А14. She heard someone … her but she couldn’t make out what they were saying.
a) To call
b) Called
c) Calling
d) Had called

А15. He had revised the same things again and again, he wasn’t at all sure how … he would be.
a) Success
b) Successfull
c) Successful
d) Succeed

А16. He is expected … home at eight.
a) To return
b) Return
c) Will return
d) Returning

А17. I felt somebody … my shoulder.
a) Touch
b) Touching
c) Touched
d) To touch

А18. I want you … there in time.
a) To be
b) Be
c) Are
d) Will be

А19. They watched him … .
a) To approach
b) Approach
c) Had approach
d) Approaches

А20. Jane was heard … .
a) To cry
b) Cry
c) Cried
d) Had cried

Аудирование. Дорожка 10 класс .
Задания А21-А27.
Вы услышите разговор продавца книжного магазина с покупателем. Определите какие из приведенных утверждений соответствуют содержанию текста, какие не соответствуют и о чем в тексте не сказано. Задание начинается с 10-ой минуты звуковой дорожки
Listen to the tape and choose the right item:
А21. The customer was only interested in buying dictionaries.
a) True
b) False
c) Not stated

А22. The customer studies phonetics of the foreign language at college.
a) True
b) False
c) Not stated

А23. The shop assistant suggested that the customer should buy a fantasy book for his friends.
a) True
b) False
c) Not stated

А24. The customer likes detective stories by British authors.
a) True
b) False
c) Not stated

А25. Best-sellers are always available in that book s

Дополнительная информация

А25. Best-sellers are always available in that book shop.
a) True
b) False
c) Not stated

А26. The shop assistant helped the person to find a detective story to his taste.
a) True
b) False
c) Not stated

А27. The book shop offers the service of ordering books for customers.
a) True
b) False
c) Not stated

Задания уровня B (по 2 балла)
В1- В7 Find the right title to the extract:
В1. Find the right title to the extract:
The meal times are scheduled in the daily programmes. Menu for the day is posted at the entrance of the restaurant. During the cruise you will enjoy cuisine variety in the restaurant. If for some reason you are on a special diet, please, inform the reception staff about it. Tea and coffee are included with each meal. Bar drinks can be purchased from the bartenders in the bar or in the restaurant during meal time.
a) Room service
b) Information
c) Restaurant
d) Entertainment

В2. Find the right title to the extract:
You can purchase stamps, envelopes and postcards at the Reception Desk. Mail will be sent from the nearest port. Pay phone cards to make a local, distant or international call are available at the Reception Desk. The Receptionists will show you the location of the pay phone on board.
a) Information
b) Post office and telephone
c) Reception Desk
d) Entertainment

В3. Find the right title to the extract:
Most of tours involve a considerable amount of walking, thus comfortable walking shoes are advised. Dress code on board is generally casual. A visit to Orthodox churches or monasteries requires observing certain regulations, such as wearing trousers for gentlemen, no shorts, long skirts or pants and head scarves for ladies. For Captain’s Dinner you might prefer to have a dressier outfit.
a) Entertainment
b) Dress code
c) Excursions
d) Churches and monasteries

В4. Find the right title to the extract:
You can contribute to environmental protection by lessening the damage caused by detergents. Your towel will be changed when you drop it down on the floor of your bathroom. If you leave it hanging, we would assume you are intending to use it again. Generally bath towels are changed every third day, hand towels every day.
a) Information
b) Environmental problems
c) Room Service
d) Different types of towels

В5. Find the right title to the extract:
If you would like to extend your programme we are pleased to offer you a number of optional tours. Bills for optional tours will be added to your ship account. In every port of call you are requested to observe the departure time of the ship. Make sure you are on board no later than 15 minutes before the ship disembarks.
a) Excursions
b) Safety on boards
c) Entertainment
d) Information

В6. Find the right title to the extract:
Schedules are delivered daily. Route information is posted on bulletin board. Radio announcements for guests will go over the passengers address system. The staff is open to your questions and happy to accommodate you.
a) Excursions
b) Reception Desk
c) Entertainment
d) Information

В7. Find the right title to the extract:
You are traveling on a ship conforming to security standards accepted in the world. The crew of the ship is well trained for emergency action. In case of emergency situation on board follow the instructions of the crew members. Use your life vest which is stored under your bed. When walking along the desks be very cautious as decks may be slippery when wet, be very careful on the steep staircases.
a) Information
b) Safety on boards
c) Entertainment
d) The crew


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