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Иностранный язык(83)(ОЮИ)

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Иностранный язык(id=83) - Иностранный язык.ztf
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A dog ran in front of my car and I ________ stop.
Are there ____________________ in the garden?
Ask him to go to the post office ____________________ some stamps.
Bob is _________________________in the class.
Everybody _________________________ready.
Everyone expected him to win but you never_________________ .
He ___________________________for half an hour.
He ____________________lives in the house where he was born.
He arrived late _____________________was annoying.
He carries __________________ as if he were the boss.
He has been _________________of murdering his wife.
He shook hands with his ________________before the match
He took no notice of me, __________________ the whole town was full of rumors.
He was left alone, with ________________to look after him.
He went on working without ________________________.
He went to the Xerox Center and ________________________.
Hello, Janice! Tell me what _______________here today.
He’ll _____________his nervousness once he is on stage.
How long have you been there?
How often _______________________ television?
I ________________ her on the platform.
I _________________ this letter for days without looking at it.
I _________________________my briefcase on the table.
I ___________________an answer to my letter within a few days.
I called him before __________________Rome.
I caught a ___________of the car before it disappeared
I don’t know whether I __________________or not.
I don’t like ___________________at me.
I have a ___________ paper in my desk.
I have often __________________ at this hotel.
I put the milk ____________________back in the fridge.
I spoke to _____________________ at the bus stop.
I used to go to school ______________________from home.
If he __________________on time, we wouldn’t have to hurry.
If you ____________fewer potato chips, you wouldn’t be ill now.
If you don’t know a word, look it ________________ in the dictionary.
It gave me a strange feeling to see my name ______________.
It is a pity you have had to wait. Now ____________________see if we can solve your problem.
It is five months ______________to our new house.
It is light enough without the lights. Let’s __________________.
It often snows _____________January.
It was difficult to __________________in the photo because it was taken from so far away.
Jill,____________________with us?
Kevin is _______________________.
Kim and Lynn were not the only people there. There _________.
Listen to ____________________sister.
Mary or Jill _________________in the play.
Mont Blanc, _______________we visited last year, is beautiful.
My mother _______________________ help her.
Next year ____________________to Canada.
Our family usually _____________________ home.
Pat and Jane are ____________________________her.
She chose some very pretty ____________paper for the present.
She didn’t want to buy it, _________________________.
She has been very kind, ____________?
She is pretty but this kind of face doesn’t ______________to me.
She left the room _______________________.
She made it _______________that she didn’t approve by throwing something at me.
Take ___________________scissors and cut the cloth.
The ___________________outside the house said “Private”.
The teacher told ______________________.
There are several landladies approved by the university who take in _________________________.
There is little snow there, as most of it seemed________________
blown off the mountain.
They have put the bird in a cage to _______________from flying away.
They live ________________the other side of the ro


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За положительный отзыв о купленном товаре продавец предоставит вам подарочную карту на сумму 4,95 руб..
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