Fundamentals of social security test with the answers, 42.

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Fundamentals of social security test, 42 questions.

Question 1
What is the share of social spending in GDP for the year 2007 in Russia?
1. 34.7%
2. 33.7%
3. 14.2%
4. 40.4%

Question 2
Which category of people allocated social security?
1. Children over 16 years.
2. workers.
3. soldiers.
4. Chernobyl victims.

Question 3
Forms of social protection of the population in Russia?
1. Charity.
2. Property insurance.
3. Social Assistance.
4. Insurance of financial transactions

Question 4
What state social insurance funds were set up?
1. FIUs.
2. UST
3. PIT.
4. FSS

Question 5
In capitalist society, economic fundamentals are:
1. Purchase and sale of goods, there is no choice of occupation and full responsibility for shaping their lives.
2. Private ownership of the means of production, ie, socially - oriented market economy.
3. The economic feasibility of proposed minimum investment.

Question 6
What is the interest of insurance for employers?
1.Access social protection.
2.Stoimost required insurance is labor costs.
3.Rabotodateli retain physical and intellectual potential of the labor force, preventing its degradation.
4. This is a specific form of the movement of the desired product.

Question 7
What is included in the category of social security?
1.Otrazhenie certain economic relations associated with insurance forms of social protection.
2.vklyuchayut a different terms of insurance payments.
3.Individualnoe functioning social security system for professional employers.

Question 8
What is the current set of wages in GDP in foreign countries?
1. 20-30%.
2. 50-60%.
3. 10-15%
4. 33-43%.

Question 9
Through whose funds formed insurance resources?
1.Sredstv employers.
2.Sobstvennyh means the workers themselves.
3.Sredstv from the federal budget.
4.Sredstv from the Social Insurance Fund.

Question 10
The minimum wage from January 1, 2009 in Russia?
1. 2300 rubles. 00 kopecks.
2. 1100 rub. 00 kopecks.
3. 4330 rubles. 00 kopecks.
4. 6000 rubles. 00 kopecks.

Question 11
What is the basis of payments of premiums?
1. payroll
3. FB RF
4. Employee

Question 12
What is insurance?
1. The material basis for the guarantee of the rights of the insured independent of fiscal policy.
2. The distribution of costs and revenues in the national projects.
3. Have the budget expenditures in the national projects.
4. There is no right answer.

Question 13
What impact on the amount of funds necessary to ensure social benefits?
1.Kolichestvo social risks for which social protection is provided.
2.Number of funds coming from the budgets.
3.Kolichestvo social groups, who are subject to social insurance.
4.Sotsialno and economic grounds for the establishment of preferential tariffs.

Question 14
What is the decisive factor in Russia to predict the payroll?
1. Dynamics of GDP.
2. Changes in the cost of rent.
3. Average number of employees in the enterprise.
4. Foreign nationals working in the enterprise.

Question 15
What is the budget of the Social Insurance Fund?
1. Form of education and spending of funds for social security.
2.Summa funds, which should arrive for the insured person to the budget.
3. The form of income funds for social insurance.
4.Denezhnye funds and property, which are in the operational management of all types of social insurance.

Question 16
What is the minimum consumer budget (MCB)?
1.Byudzhet providing human needs at the lowest accessible level.
2.MPB corresponds to a higher level of consumption than the subsistence minimum.
3. No right answer.
4. BCH corresponds to a lower level of consumption than the subsistence minimum.

Question 17
What repr

Additional information

Question 18
What is the principle of solidarity ???
1.Podderzhka and assistance of the state in social insurance.
2.Pereraspredelenie insurance funds between the territories.
3.Obedinenie insurance funds, the formation of insurance funds from contributions, solidarity allocation of loss.

Question 19
What proportion of the costs of financial payments to unemployment insurance by the employer in the Netherlands?
4. 9.7%

Question 20
What is the value of deductions for social security programs in Japan?
1.Zastrahovanye persons 13.47, 14.53 employers.
2.Zastrahovanye 8.89 persons, employers 33.91.
3.Zastrahovanye persons 45.62, 19.85 employers.

Question 21
The functions of social insurance is?
1. Not for distribution of an accident at the plant.
2.Pereraspredelenie income
3. Do not the distribution of income in the creative professions.
4.Protivorechie between social groups in capitalist society.

Question 22
What are the main factors in the development of social insurance?
1.Faktory derived from circumstances.
2.Fakto¬ry sociosystem to ensure the unity of the form, the relationship between pot¬rebnostyami and real resources.
3.Faktory not provide a form of real needs and resources.

Question 23
The resource base determines the economic possibilities of society to social security of the population. What is their source?
1.Naselenye points.
2.Broshennye village.
3.Obem and structure of the national wealth.
4.Trudovye resources and the level of employment.

Question 24
What state are minimum guarantees in social insurance?
2% of the work done.
3. The minimum size of pension payments on Survivors.

Question 25
Subjects fe¬deratsii can not build their social policy without taking into account financial and economic capacity of the regions. This allows such an approach?
1.Small creation of social security-based benefits system.
2. In a limited amount of compensation for the public and to account regio¬nalnyh factors.
3. Identify bottlenecks in the social sphere of regions, vy¬delit priority directions of its development.

Question 26
Who are the subjects of social security?
Question 27
What are the obligations of insured persons?
Question 28
What are the rights of the insurer?
Question 29
What are the responsibilities of the insurer?
Question 30
Social insurance are in a relationship with the socio-economic structure of society. The social market economy gosudars¬tvennoe regulirovanie- objective phenomenon. What follows from this?
Question 31
What is characteristic for insurance forms of social protection of the population?

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