Financial Mathematics RFEI 50 exam questions

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Financial Mathematics RFEI 50 exam questions

Questions for the final exam
COURSE "Financial Mathematics"
50 Questions
1. What it is not a product of the financial market?
and money.
b) Industrial Products.
c) Securities.
2. How else called securities - contracts
the supply of goods in the future?
a) futures.
b) Bonds.
c) Shares.
3. Issuer called
a) the organization, to issue securities
b) the owner, to invest in securities;
c) citizen exercising stock promotion
4. If you consider that K - initial capital or the amount of the loan,
S - backfilled amount or total cost of the credit to the
interest, then I - the income received by the lender
of the money borrowed will be determined
5. Credit 100 thousand. Rub. issued by the bank for one year
a simple rate of 20% per annum. Determine EXTENSIONS
a) 110 thousand. rub.
b) 140 thousand. rub.
c) 120 thousand. rub.

6. The Bank has issued a 2-year loan of $ 1 million. Rubles. by
simple semi-annual rate of 10%. Determine the period
a) One year
b) six months
c) 2 years.
7. On the basis of calculation of interest does not exist
a) simple
b) moving
c) complex.
8. Specify the wrong answer:
a) when dekursivnom the way interest is calculated in
end of period;
b) in the process dekursivnom accrual rate for one
the year is determined by the formula

c) if dekursivnom method, interest income
paid at the beginning of the period.
9. antisipativnom method of interest calculation
the discount rate for the calculation of the period of one year
determined by the formula:
10. What are the costs of the debtor, if the loan is in the amount of
250 thousand. Rub., Issued by the lender for a period of two years,
It must be returned in the amount of 372 thousand. rub.?
a) 105 thousand. rub.
b) 61 thousand. rub.
c) 122 thousand. rub.
11. The formula of simple interest given by views:
12. Commercial interest is obtained if the calculation
used time base equal
a) 360 days
b) 365 days
c) 366 days.
13. The factor compounding of simple interest given by
14. How long is a short term loan, if it is taken 26
February (non-leap year) and must be repaid 10
March of the same year.
a) 13 days
b) 12 days
c) 14 days.
15. What options do not calculate simple interest
a) The exact percentage with the exact number of days the loan.
b) Common interest with the exact number of days the loan.
c) the exact percentage with the approximate number of days
16. The financial margin calculation called
a) time-varying base rate and surcharge
To her
b) the difference between the initial amount and Accreted
c) interest paid at the beginning of the period.
17. As conventionally indicate on the commercial documents method
The exact percentage of the precise number of days the loan?
a) 365/365
b) 365/360
c) 360/360.
18. In some cases, the interest accrued discrete?
a) Discrete interest is charged only for six months.
b) the interest accrued for Discrete fixed in
agreement intervals.
c) Discrete interest is charged only for one year.
19. What kind of given discount factor?
20. We are given details of the bill denomination - 300 thous. Rubles., Date
issue - 10.02.2011, the repayment term - 02.10.2013. What
It will complete the returned amount of debt?
a) 500 thousand. rub.
b) 300 thousand. rub.
c) 600 thousand. rub.
21. If the rate of short-term bonds
(ICT) is 50, what will be its price?
a) 500 rub.
b) 1 000 rubles.
c) 750 rub.

22. Commercial Bank offers its permanent
customers with a loan of $ 100 thousand. rub. for three months
(September, October and November) at 17% per annum.
What formula will be set at the amount of backfilled
simple interest calculation method accurate?

Additional information

24. The client of the bank received a loan of 1 year in the amount of
100 thousand. Rub. with the condition of the return of 120 thousand. rub. To find
the profitability of operations for the lender in the form of interest
25. Accreted loan amount in the event of changing
time interest rates given view
(The second factor
(expression enclosed in parenthesis) right-hand side
Equality called
a) by a factor compounding
b) the magnification factor
c) normalizing factor.
26. What kind of process will be given reinvestment
using simple interest, if the periods
charges and rates do not change over time?
27. Specify the wrong conclusion, including the following:
a) compound interest work best if n is greater than a period
one year;
b) simple interest worst work within one year;
c) If the interest accrual period is 1 year, simple and
compound interest yield the same result.
28. Accretion on compound interest is given by:
29. We consider three ways of compounding
percent on the same initial capital, and one
the same period for the same rate. In which case
backfilled amount will be more?
a) In the semi-annual interest calculation.
b) If the quarterly interest calculation.
c) When the monthly interest.
30. What is the principle of equivalence?
a) achieve the same financial result in the
calculation of any rate.
b) obtaining values of the effective annual rate.
c) The possibility of determining the nominal rate.
31. What are the relations linked and nominal annual
The effective rate?
a) The nominal annual interest rate equal to the effective.
b) The nominal annual interest rate greater than the effective
c) The nominal annual interest rate is less effective.
32. What is called deflation in the economy?
a) The fall in demand for goods.
b) Control of depreciation of money.
c) Depreciation of money.
33. The cost of a ticket (weekday) in the Drama Theatre (stalls) in
last theater season was 400 rubles., and in this
theater season, it was 500 rubles. Determine
the price index.
a) 0.2
b) 0.8
c) 1.25.
34. If the index of purchasing power at some
goods amounted to 2, then what will be the price index?
a) 0.2
b) 0.5
c) 1.25.
35. The rate of inflation - is:
a) a relative price increase for the period;
b) the absolute growth in prices for the period;
c) the reciprocal purchasing power.
36. What does the fact of increase in the prices of some goods
a) The rate of price increase was 50%.
b) The rate of increase in prices amounted to 150%.
c) The rate of price increase was 100%.
37. What is the relation associated interest rate and
the rate of inflation if there is a phenomenon called
"Erosion" of capital?
38. How is called the interest rate adjusted for
a) margin.
b) The equivalent rate.
c) Gross rate.
39. Under the consolidation payments understand:
a) extension of the payments;
b) combining multiple payments into one payment;
c) the early repayment of debt on the loan.
40. What relations need to be linked
Consolidated cost of payments and the amount of S 0
discounted consolidated payments P 0 to
maturity n 0 is not turned negative number?
a) S0> P0.
b) S0 <P0.
a) S0 = P0.
41. If S 0 is a consolidated payment is late
All consolidated payments, which of
He presented the formulas will be determined?
42. The flow of payments, all of whose members are positive
the magnitude and the time intervals between installments
identical, called:
a) extinctive Fund;
b) annuity;
c) compensating the debt on the loan.


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