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Test book on the subject "Financial Management", the number of questions - 40.

Task number 1

1. The minimum price that you can install, should be a little ______ variable costs.
1. Less.
2. More.
3. Depending on the type of market.

2. Risk-free discount rate generally corresponds to:
1. Bonds.
3. State securities.

3. The cause of the conflict between shareholders and creditors are:
1. Dividend Policy.
2. Issuance of bonds.
3. All of the above.

4. If IRR> CC, then the project should:
1. Reject.
2. Accept.
3. That the project nor profitable nor unprofitable.

5. The level of the dual effect of the operational and financial leverage is defined ___________ force of impact of operating leverage and impact of financial leverage.
1. The quotient obtained by dividing.
2. difference.
3. Work.

Task number 2

1. The discount rate at which the value of income from the investment is zero, it is:
1. Opportunity costs.
2. The internal rate of return.
3. Cash flow.

2. If we write: S - implementation in terms of value; VC - variable costs of derivatives; FC - conventionally fixed operating costs; GI - gross revenue, the S can be expressed in the base formula:
1. S = VC + FC - GI.
2. S = VC + FC + GI.
3. S = VC - FC - GI.

3. Under normal return on investment (IRR) understand the importance of the discount rate at which the NPV of the project is:
1. Unit.
2. 0.5.
3. 1.5.

4. In developing the capital budget options are valued on the basis of:
1. Comparison of the estimated costs and potential benefits.
2. 3atrat - results.
3. Costs current - residual value.

4. The point of intersection of two graphs showing the value of the discount rate at which the two projects have the same NPV, is called:
1. Point Fisher.
2. Point Dupont.
3. Criterial point.

5. The average interest rate is calculated, as a rule, with an interest rate of ____ is mechanically taken from the credit agreement.
1. Matches.
2. It is not the same.
3. Depending on the conditions of the loan agreement

Task number 3

1. The quotient of the net income (net profit) for ordinary shares in the amount of equity - is:
1. Net return on assets.
2. Formula Dupont.
3. Commercial margin.

2. Dividend policy - is now accepted norm _____, showing what part of the balance sheet profit is paid on dividends.
1. Consumption.
2. Distributions.
3. Interest rate.

3. Towards a new short-term financing instruments include:
1. Insurance.
2. Forward and futures contracts.
3. All of the above.

4. The risk of the lender pronounced dependence of the differential value:
1. inversely proportional.
2. directly proportional.
3. logarithmically.

5. Science allocates ____ basic types of markets.
1. Three.
2. Four.
3. Two

Task number 4

l. Ha level of financial leverage (U4fl0) influence parameters: change in net income and changes in gross income, are based:
1. U4flO = TNI's TGI.
2. U4flO = TNI / TGI.
3. U4flO = TM - TGI.

2. The main sources of capital include:
1 Loan capital.
2. All the above.
3. The share capital.

3. If you are faced with a lack of basic resources, increase the sale of those goods or services that have contributed _____ limitiruemy resource.
1. deficit.
2. Medium.
3. Max.

4. To analyze the viability of the Company in financial management enough ____ performance.
1. Four.
2. Three.
3. Five.

5. Net working capital is current assets _______ and short-term payables
1. Work.
2. Difference.
3. Sum.
Setting №5

1. K problem of the possibility and expediency of capital structure management, there are _____ main approaches:
1. Three.
2. Two.
2. 3adacha reduce total overall risk associated with the enterprise, limited mostly to the choice of one of the _

Additional information

3. There ____ basic methods for determining the base price.
1. Five.
2. Four.
3. Three.

4. Among the criteria for selection of investment decisions is the absolute indicator:
1. NPV.
2. PI.
3. IRR.

5. The disadvantages of index payback period include:
1. It does not take into account the income of recent periods.
2. It does not distinguish between projects with the same amount of cumulative revenues, but in a different distribution of its data.
3. All of the above.

Setting the number 6

1. On production and financial leverage affect performance.
1. Revenue.
2. The net profit.
3. All named.

2. If the net effect is reduced (NPV) is less than zero, then the project should:
1. Accept.
2. The project nor profitable nor unprofitable.
3. Reject.

3. The advantage of the source of funding - debt financing - is:
1. Financial risk is not increased.
2. High cost of raising funds.
3. Control over the company is not lost

4. "The stock of financial strength" is defined _____ revenue from sales and profitability threshold.
1. subtraction.
2. addition.
3. division.

5. Any change in the revenue from sales generates an even stronger profit change. This leverage effect:
1. Production.
2. Operations.
3. Financial.

Target number 7

1. If the marginal revenue is less than marginal cost, profit:
1. increases.
2. reduced.
3. Slightly reduced.

2. Interest on the loan is fixed costs. The more they are, the risks to your company ____.
1. More.
2. Less.
3. Depending on the interest rate.

3. One of the two regulations that are suitable for making any financial decision reads as follows: the more the fixed costs, the risk of _____.
1. Less.
2. More.
3. Depending on the variable costs.

4. If the rate of return on investment (IRR) lower than the price advanced by capital (GC), the project should be:
1. Reject.
2. Accept.
3. Depending on the index of profitability.

5. The most common form of short-term loans when a bank transfers the agreed amount to the account of the borrower - a loan.
1. open account.
3. Term.

Task number 8

1. The method of analysis of investment activity, based on a comparison of the value of the initial investment to sheathe sum of the discounted net cash flows generated by it over the forecast period - this method:
1. Calculation of the rate of return investment.
2. The net present effect.
3. The definition of the term return on investment.

2. For the already formed market and sold here a relatively long time, goods and services can be distinguished _____ basic kinds of prices.
1. Seven.
2. Five.
3. Eight.

3. Among the least liquid current assets:
1. Inventories.
2. Cash.
3. Accounts receivable.

4. If the borrowed funds are not involved, the force of the impact of financial leverage is:
1. 1.
2. 0.
3. 1/3.

5. There ___ basic ways of external financing.
1. Four.
2. Five.
3. Three.


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