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When purchasing this product, you get a special key for EVE: The Second Decade Collector´s Edition. This key must be entered online Eve Online (Account Management). Next you will be asked to enter the delivery address and as soon as the address is confirmed, you will be sent a box with collector´s edition!

The list of countries for which it is available: https://store.eve.com/delivery-und-dispatch (You do not need to pay extra for shipping, it is included in the price of the lot).

Upon activating the received code on EVE´s Account Management website, you will be prompted to enter the shipping address; once the address is confirmed, your Collector´s box will be sent to you directly. List of countries this product is available to: https://store.eve.com/delivery-und-dispatch (shipping is free and included in this listing price).


Immediately after payment you will receive the key to the screen. It can also be viewed on the site http://www.oplata.info

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If you do not have a game account, you can create one for free, and thus to receive 14 days of game time. To do this, use the link:


«EVE: The Second Decade Collector´s Edition» - this is ten years of galactic history, compressed to the size of the gift set. Cokrovischam from this set will be glad to any true fan of EVE Online - because they will be able to boast at home and at work, at play and in the "real world." To relive the events of bygone days, to realize their importance and to prepare for a meeting with the new experiences will help pilots richly illustrated collection of historical materials and attached to it a collection of virtual gifts. Memorable game items (for EVE Online, and for DUST 514), USB-hub in the form of "Riftera", a board game, the release of which will finance the creation of the first version of EVE Online - these are just a small part of the grand anniversary set.

The Collector´s Edition includes:

• The album "Towards the second decade" (hardcover, 190 pages), devoted to the history of the world, "Eve."

• USB-hub on four slots in the shape matarskogo type frigate "Rifter" (model dimensions - 18 x 18 x 5 cm).

• A CD recording of "Symphony EVE» - a series of songs from the musical accompaniment EVE Online by the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra.

• A copy of the board game Danger Game (English) in a sturdy metal box with a commemorative overprint.

• The key to the secret of giving access to unique gifts: a "plex" to play EVE Online; cybernetic arm to your character; Fighter "Templar Mark 2 prototype."

• Activation key, giving the 60 days of game time when creating a new account.

In-game bonuses:

• «Gold capsule" - a standard pilot´s capsule, transformed into a luxury item.

• Drawing battlecruiser of the "Gnosis" (with permission to build five ships).

• A set of "time capsule" - a collection of objects, which depicts the history of the galaxy reflects the well-known jokes and significant events.

• Frigate like "Magneyt" in the color navy Tash Murkonskoy dynasty.

In-game bonuses for DUST 514:

• Amarrsky average landing spacesuit like "Templar".

• Amarr repair the suit of the "Templar".

• Amarr hard landing spacesuit like "Templar".

• Amarr Electrolaser gun.

• Amarr Electrolaser rifle.

• Amarr laser rifle.


- Go to http://www.eveonline.com/Activate and follow the instructions.


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