English test #5 (12 tasks)

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English test #5 (13 tasks)

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Exercise 5 Time clauses

Put the words in the right order to make sentences. Write the sentences into the table.

Example bath I when home will get have a I
I will have a bath when I get home.

a hear if I news any you I phone will

b pay as you I back soon can I as will

c you feel stop better if will you smoking

d car Peter enough when he buy a has will money

e problem help I you have you a will if

Exercise 6 Tenses

Put the verb in brackets in the correct tense. The tenses used are the Present Simple and the will- Future.

a I __________ (call) you when lunch __________ (be) ready.
b If you __________ (be) late, I __________ (go) without you.
c If she __________ (pass) her driving test, she __________ (buy) a car.
d I __________ (go) home as soon as I __________ (finish) work.
e If my neighbours __________ (not stop) making a noise, I __________ (go) round and complain.

Exercise 7 Used to or the Past Simple?

Look at the profile of the singer, Andy Goodchild. Complete the sentences, using used to where possible, or the Past Simple.

Example He used to live with his parents in Leeds.
He had his first guitar when he was six.

a He _________________________ Bradford School.
b He _________________________ football for the school.
c He _________________________ songs with a friend called Keith.
d He _________________________ with The Forwards.
e The Forwards _________________________ in pubs and clubs.
f In 1981 he _________________________ a number one record.
g He _________________________ with a girl called Mandy.
h The Forwards _________________________ the United States in 1982.
i Andy _________________________ in 1984.
j He _________________________ a pop festival in Los Angeles the following year.

Exercise 8 Questions

Write questions about the words in italics.

Example Somebody broke the window.
Who broke the window?

a They are talking about somebody.

b Peter works for somebody.

c Somebody hit Lilly.

d Something smells awful!

e Jeremy lives with someone.

f Mike and Polly are arguing about something.

g Sh! I’m listening to something.

h Someone gave me £100!

i Someone told me Ann was getting married!
j Something has just crept across the carpet!


Exercise 9 Words that go together

Match a line in A with a line in B.

play work
alarm post
win the drums
part-time in shifts
traffic lounge
departure hour
sign clock
notice lights
rush an award
work board

Exercise 10 Homophones

In the following sentences, the word in italics is the wrong homophone. The word sounds right, but the spelling is wrong. Correct the spelling.

Example I new Peter when we were at school. → knew

a I got a check for £50 in the post.
b We red about the accident in the newspaper.
c How much is the fair to Manchester?
d Do you like my shirt? I bought it in a sail.
e I didn’t mean to brake your bike. Sorry.

Exercise 11 Adverbs

Put one of the adverbs from the box into each gap.

too exactly only even especially

a I’m hungry. I __________ had a piece of toast this morning.
b I like the Impressionists, __________ Monet.
c It is __________ three fifty-five and twenty seconds.
d Paul plays the guitar and sings, __________.
e Everyone liked the curry I cooked, __________ Malcolm, who usually hates hot food.

Exercise 12 Opposites

Choose an adjective from the box. Write it next to its opposite.

Example cheap – expensive

generous well-behaved pleased Tidy quiet
beautiful interesting modern poor miserable

a ugly __________________ f wealthy ______________
b annoyed _______________ g happy ________________
c noisy _________________ h naughty ______________
d mean _________________ i boring _______________
e old __________


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