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Control Work №3, вариант 3

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Control Work №3
Variant 3

Text 1
Read the information about the houses of famous people. Decide what type of dwelling they have got. For questions 1-6, write a letter A-F next to each person.
2Mick Jagger
3Elvis Presley
4Tina Turner
5George Michael
6Gloria EstefanA.A two-storey building with a tiled roof.
B.A huge old stone house with big towers.
C.A classical four-storey building.
D.The house bears the name of his mother.
E.An unordinary building with a garage up at the top.
F.A white house in the countryside with a flat roof.

1Cher’s house is big and white. It’s in a beautiful valley in California and there are lots of palm trees everywhere. There’s a large verandah on one side of the house. This house has a flat roof.
2Mick Jagger has several homes. This is a very grand house in the country somewhere in Oxfordshire. It´s called Stargrove. It’s a very old stone house and it looks like a castle with all its big towers. It looks big enough for about ten families. It has a large garden and the front of the house looks onto a big lawn.
3Elvis Presley’s house is called Graceland. His mother’s name was Grace. Now it’s a museum and a place of pilgrimage for Elvis’s fans. It has white stone lions near the front steps and a very classical facade with white columns and steps up to the front door.
4Tina Turner’s house is in London. It’s a classical house with four storeys. It has a basement and a small balcony at the front. The windows on the ground floor are in the shape of arches.
5George Michael’s house is in London. It’s a very modern style. It’s an unusual house because the garage is up at the top of the house and the living space is underneath. Many of its windows are in the roof.
6Gloria Estefan’s house is on an island in Miami called Star Island. It has a red tiled roof. Most of the house is on just two storeys. It has a swimming pool, palm trees, lawns, and a small jetty where she keeps her powerboat.

Text 2
Read the article about a man who opened a restaurant, and then answer the questions. For questions 1–7, mark A, B or C. The example is given (0).
Twelve months ago Robin Parker left his job at an insurance company. He now runs a restaurant which is doing very well since it opened four months ago.
Opening a restaurant was a big change for Robin. He loves travelling and all his favourite television programmes are about cooking. One day, he read in a newspaper about a doctor who left her job and moved to Italy to start a restaurant. He thought, ´I can do that!´ His wife wasn´t very happy about the idea, and neither was his father. But his brother, a bank manager, gave him lots of good ideas.
Robin lived in Oxford and had a job in London. He thought both places would be difficult to open a restaurant in, so he chose Manchester because he knew the city from his years at university. He found an empty building in a beautiful old street. It was old and needed a lot of repairs, but all the other buildings were expensive and he didn´t have much money.
Robin loves his new work. It´s difficult being the boss, but he has found an excellent chef. He says he enjoys talking to customers and some of them have become his good friends. He gets up at 6 a.m. and often goes to bed after midnight. It´s a long day but he only starts to feel really tired when he takes time off at the weekends.
Robin´s restaurant is doing so well that he could take a long holiday. But he´s busy with his new idea to open a supermarket selling food from around the world. He´s already found a building near his restaurant.

Дополнительная информация

Example: 0 – A
0.Robin’s restaurant opened ... .
A four months ago
B eight months ago
C twelve months ago
1.Robin decided to open a restaurant after he ... .
A visited Italy
B saw a TV programme
C read a newspaper story
2.Who helped Robin open his restaurant?
A his wife
B his brother
C his father
3.Where is Robin´s restaurant?
A in Oxford
B in London
C in Manchester
4.Robin chose the building his restaurant is in because ... .
A it was old
B it was cheap
C it was beautiful
5.Robin likes ... .
A meeting his customers
B being a good boss
C trying the chef´s dishes
6.Robin feels most tired ... .
A in the mornings
B at weekends
C in the evenings
7.Next, Robin wants to ... .
A take a long holiday
B open a second restaurant
C start another business

Choose the correct item.
1 Computers are ______ doubt a very useful invention.
A for B without C from
2 Bob’s message appeared on the ______.
A TV B keyboard C screen
3 There is a shop on the ______ floor of the building.
A one B earth C ground
4 Like many English houses mine is a two-storey brick building with a ___ around it.
A garden B garage C benches
5 I only work on weekdays, at ______ I rest.
A weekends B Sundays C holidays
6 Bill ______ TV when Ann came in.
A watched B was watching C have watched
7 He cleaned the carpets after he ______ finished his lunch.
A had B have C has
8 Vicky is ______ young to cross the street on her own.
A enough B too C much
9 ______ you climb a tree when you were six years old?
A Could B Had C Might
10 The Silver Palace is the ______ hotel in the city.
A tall B tallest C taller

Translate the sentences from English into Russian.
1 She’ll have started the computer-based training by the summer.
2 It’s important, career counselors say, to start thinking about your career as early as possible.
3 Don’t be late at work.
4 Career counselors recommend students take a few preliminary steps in the career exploration process during their first few months in college.
5 In a couple of decades companies will change; they will be organised more democratically.
6 More and more people will work for small, dynamic companies which can react quickly to changes in the market.
7 When Margaret Harman came into the living room, her seven-year-old son Terry and two friends were glued to the television.
8 The Internet is without doubt one of the most important inventions in history.
9 Our personnel manager will interview you for the job.
10 Mary is jealous of you because you earn more money.

You now live in a new house. Write a note to a friend about the house.
● where your house is
● which room you like best and why
Write 80–120 words.


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