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Контрольная работа № 2
Exercise 1 The past tense of the verb to be
What are the past tense forms of the verb to be? Exercise 3
Past Simple
Write the Past Simple of these verbs.
Positive Negative Regular Irregular
Example I was Wasn’t work _____ have ____
a you ______ _______ live _____ come ____
b He/she/it ______ _______ earn _____ give ____
c We ______ _______ move _____ go ____
d They ______ _______ stay ______ buy ____

Exercise 2. Can and can’t
Read the information, then complete the sentences with can or can’t and a verb
swim play tennis speak German speak Italian
Sylvia + - + +
Linda + + - +
Marianne - - + +
Example Linda can swim and she can play tennis.
a Sylvia can swim, but she ________________.
b Marianne ___________ and she __________.
c Linda __________, but Sylvia and Marianne can.
d Everybody ___________________________.
e Only Linda ___________________________.
f Sylvia and Linda ____________, but Marianne can’t.

Exercise 4. Past Simple / Present Simple
Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense and form: the Past Simple or the Present Simple.
My friend Jack is 40. He (a) _________(leave) Britain when he was 20 and (b) ______ (go) to Italy. He (c) ________ (work) in Naples for ten years, then he (d) _________ (move) to Rome. There he (e) _____ (meet) Antonella. They (f) _____ (get) married in 1982 and now they (g) _____ (live) in Florence. Jack (h) _________ (teach) English in a language school. And what (i) _____ (do) Antonella do? She (j) ________ (sell) computer software.

Exercise 5 Past Simple: negative
Make these positive sentences negative.
Exmple He bought a new shirt. →He didn’t buy a new shirt.
We enjoyed the film.
b I took a photograph of my sister.
c Angela wrote a letter to her friend.
d Charles Dickens became a journalist when he was 18.
e Germany won the World Cup in 1986.
f Her father died when she was 14.
g I lost 10 last night.
h People flew by plane 100 years ago.
i That book was very interesting.
j We arrived at school at eight o’clock.

Exercise 6 would like
Choose the correct sentence.
a A Would you like some fruit?
Do you like
B Yes. An apple, please.

b A Would you like windsurfing?
Do you like
B Yes, but I prefer swimming.
do you like
c A What for dinner this evening?
would you like
B Steak and chips.

d A Would you like Mr. Brown?
Do you like
B No. He’s not very nice.

e A Can I help you?
I like
B Yes. a bottle of mineral water, please.
I’d like

Exercise 7 Countable and uncountable
Write C next to the countable nouns and U next to the uncountable nouns.
Example book C
rice U
a pencil _____
b music _____
c rain _____
d flower _____
e apple _____
f money _____
g bread _____

Exercise 8 some, any, or a
Write some, any, or a in the gaps.
Example Do you have any rice?
a I’ve got __________ pens in the office.
b Can I have __________ can of Coke, please?
c There isn’t __________ sugar in the dining room.
d Have you got __________ photographs of Jim?
e I’d like __________ shampoo, please.
f Peter put __________ water and __________ glasses on the table.
g There wasn’t __________ petrol or oil in the car.

Exercise 9 How much and How many
Complete the questions with How much or How many
a _______________ soap is there in the bathroom?
b _______________ stamps do you need?
c _______________ oranges and apples are there on the table?
d _______________ Coke is there is the kitchen?
e _______________ money did you take to France?

Exercise 10 Comparatives and superlatives 1
Read about the castles.
Abergoran Castle Price: Ј200,000
Built: 1072
Rooms: 0

Footleby Castle Price: Ј10 million
Built: 1835
Rooms: 160

Haywood Castle Price: Ј2 million
Built: 14

Additional information

These sentences are false. Correct them.
Example Haywood Castle is more modern than Abergoran Castle. → No, it is not. It's older.
a Footleby Castle is cheaper than Haywood Castle.
b Abergoran Castle is bigger than Footleby Castle.
c Abergoran Castle is the biggest.
d Abergoran Castle is more expensive than Footleby Castle.
e Footleby Castle is the cheapest.
f Footleby Castle is older than Haywood Castle.
g Abergoran Castle is the most modern.

Exercise 11 Comparatives and superlatives 2
Complete this chart.
Adjective Comparative Superlative
more dangerous

Exercise 12 Ordinal numbers
Write the ordinal numbers in words.
Example 6th sixth
a 1st _______
b 2nd _______
c 3rd _______
d 12th _______
e 20th _______

Exercise 13 Opposites
Choose a word from the box and write it next to its opposite.
Example big small
interesting old buy before start
quiet east day new same
a boring __________
b stop __________
c night __________
d sell __________
e different __________
f noisy __________
g old __________
h modern __________
i west __________
j after __________

Exercise 14 Turn suggestions:
1. Can you speak Italian? 9. I started working when I was 16 years old.
2. Do you know how to speak Italian when you were 10 years old? 10. I like to drink coffee in the morning.
3. I called you yesterday, but you were not home. 11. I would like a cup of coffee.
4. He was not able to read up to 7 years. 12. Can I have a cup of coffee.
5. She was born in Moscow in 1978. 13. How much money do you have?
6. She cleaned the room in the house and looked after children. 14. Living in Moscow is more expensive than in St. Petersburg.
7. When the last time you received a gift? 15. Moscow is much more noisy city than St. Petersburg.
8. People do not watch TV 100 years ago. 16. Moscow - the largest city in Russia.


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