Collection! Psychological effects.

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Collection! Psychological effects. Collection! Psychological effects. Collection! Psychological effects. Collection! Psychological effects. Collection! Psychological effects.

The sound produces in man a profound effect. But while there is no scientifically valid explanations of the impact of a particular sound on different aspects of our psyche.
The result of the influence of sound develops, among other things, and from subjective experience. Rain sounds in the forest will be more relaxing than the sound of running factory on many people, partly because more pleasant associations occur in people due to the perception of nature, not of production processes, because man is part of nature.
But there is a backlash when it comes to person, having pleasant memories of a childhood spent at his father´s factory, but the painful memories of how he got lost in the woods.
Binaural beats are two tones with slightly different speed (or frequency) and supplied separately in each ear. These rhythms are perceived as if they occur in my head.
This effect is produced in the brain, not the ears, as in the case of monaural beats. It is a mixed product of the activity of neurons located in the region of the ear, and the brain. Binaural beats are different from monaural rhythms that occur in the environment (external to the ear), it´s like if you hit simultaneously by two guitar strings, having a slightly different frequency.
With monaural rhythms, the musicians tune stringed instruments. As monaural and binaural beats, is the result of the arithmetic sum of the two tones volgofarm, whereas they complement or "deny" each other, becoming louder, then quieter and louder again.
Binaural beats were first discovered in 1839 by German experimenter H. Dove). Then binaural beats were considered a kind of monaural rhythms. Monaural and binaural beats are rarely encountered in nature, but in the objects created by man, occur frequently.
For example, two large motor running at different speeds, and send large waves of vibration through the deck of the ship or jet engine aircraft. The lower of the two tones is called the carrier, and a higher tone is called the successor. Fig. 2 shows how the monaural and binaural beats with a frequency of 24 Hz are produced by the mixing of two tones with a frequency of 143 Hz and 167 Hz.
When a person hears fewer than three binaural beats a second, the rhythms seem to move back and forth inside the head. Motion perception is the result of the way the brain processes sounds. For low frequencies the brain determines the rhythm of the sounds, noting the difference in phase angle between the sounds.
The brain cannot well handle the relationship between the phases at high frequencies and, thus, determines the difference between the amplitude of sound entering the ear at the same time.
This explains why one of the differences between the perception of monaural and binaural beats is that monaural rhythms can be heard at any speed, whereas binaural beats are perceived better at a lower speed and is best observed at a frequency of 440 Hz. (Binaural beats with a carrier frequency of 900 Hz is usually not observed.)
When two tones, used to obtain binaural beats, are very different in frequency, they are perceived as 2 different tones due to the fact that the difference in the relationship of the phases between the two tones appears too quickly to the brain was able to define their relationship.
There is a test to measure the range of binaural beats that can be perceived at a different frequency carrier. He found that with a quick rhythm that can be heard up to the moment when the brain will perceive it as two different tones, has a frequency of 25 Hz with a carrier frequency of 440 Hz.
In other words, if two different tones have frequencies more than 25 Hz apart, you will hear two different sound, and not as a binaural beat. When the frequency carrier is above or below 440 Hz, the perception of separate tones appears at a lower frequency rhythm.

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All mp3 files as MPEG-1 layer 3,145-256 KB/sec (VBR),44100Hz,Joint stereo.Files long-closed site.
1. DMT - 73:29 mins Psychological effects of DMT when exposed to extremely bright and intense. Most have experienced its effects, I agree with what a few minutes “travel” emotionally accommodate your whole life. Many people who took DMT, find astonishing is the fact that before the experiment they had no idea what unspeakable things beautiful and amazing mental constructs, can show them by their own brain under the influence of this psychedelic.
2. DXM - 45:00 min. dkhm can be so calm and relax that you will find that it´s hard to WANT to open your eyes during the trip.Dkhm legal now.
3. LSD - 66:00 min. the Beginning of the hallucinogenic action of LSD after 30-90 minutes after administration, duration - from 2 to 6 hours.
During this time may disrupt the ability to reason, changing the visual perception, hallucinations occur.
4. Absinthe - 45:00 min. absinthe evokes a new perception of the world, brings creative inspiration, unusual feelings and sensations. Even was a rumor that after drinking a glass of absinthe women are much more desirable.Absinthe became trendy and even received another name — “Green Fairy”, as confirmed the view that the absinthe brings to mind bizarre images.
5. Alcohol - 35:00 min. Has a stimulating effect is, for example, so-called drug-type stimulants amphetamines, etc. the Intensity and duration of the first phase of excitation (less intense and less prolonged than the second phase of inhibition).
6. Atomic explosion - 30:00 min. BUUUM!!! This is Your brain inside of a NUCLEAR BOMB! A bit of euphoria, which throws your body in a cold sweat, you begin to understand that soon something will happen... BUUUH! Takes you to the deepest places where there is no reality...
7. Your choice - 60:00 mins, First relaxes you, then make out through all your thoughts. A very good dose for that would take a break from work and relax your mind! After listening you will feel re-born!!!
8. Heroin - 30:00 min. Accompanied by a sedative effect, decreased level of consciousness, a sensation of warmth, drowsiness and euphoria and a very intense experience pleasure, comparable modality effect with sexual orgasm (primary anesthesia can cause subjective discomfort).
9. Cocaine - 35:00 min. Cocaine acts directly on the brain, especially the limbic system that contains centers responsible for the condition of instinctive pleasure. Cocaine produces a euphoric effect by blocking the reabsorption of dopamine and repeated cocaine use can exhaust the reserve of dopamine, which causes withdrawal symptoms that are felt by the end of the action of the drug.
10. The masochist - 30:00 min. This is not for the faint of heart! Can bring you to maximum pleasure... You should at least once to try it...!!!
11. Marijuana - 45:00 min. Marijuana has on the body stimulating and sedative impact, supplemented at higher doses, hallucinogenic effects.Euphoria, sense of well-being.Carefree condition.Relaxation...
12. Morphine - 30:00 min. Causes euphoria and a pleasant drowsiness accompanied by a sense of relaxation and serenity. Thoughts can be very rich and informative, but they cannot be managed. The person feels confident and secure, the feeling of fear is forgotten. The lowering of the threshold of inhibition triggers mental reactions the ability to make quick decisions.
13. On the edge of the abyss - 35:00 min., 14. Nicotine - 30:00 min., 15. Nitro - 10:00 min., 16. Opium - 30:00 min., 17. Orgasm - 15:00 min., 18. The touch of God - 30:00 min., 19. Reset (reset total) - 20:00 min., 20. Sleeping angel - 25:00 min., 21. Happiness 5HTP - 25:00 min., 22. Black light - 35:00 min., 23. Ecstasy - 15:00 min., 24. Energizer - 30:00 min.


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